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NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series Presents: Big Boi (Video)

Big Boi comes down from The Planet Of Stankonia to do a Tiny Desk Concert… ON IT!

The energy in the room was buoyant and vibrant from the moment they walked in the door. OutKast star Big Boi, Sleepy Brown of the prolific Atlanta production collective Organized Noize, and their eight-member backing band have been working together for 20-plus years, and their chemistry is instantaneous and undeniable.
– NPR Music

This the loudest I have ever heard a Tiny Desk Concert be. Dope!


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DJ Jaycee With A Dungeon Family x A Tribe Called Quest Mashup (Video)

I know DJ Jaycee to be one of the best mixmasters and turntablists out here. If you know him and/or know about the deejay scene (esp. in Atlanta), I am not telling you anything new. However, you may not have been blessed enough to have had this pop up in your Facebook traffic. Like me. So, I will share #BecauseSharingIsCaring #BecauseJayceeIsDope

Something eargasmic happens when I decide to put one of my favorite Andre3000 verses over one of my favorite ATCQ tracks #DJJaycee #WeDF #NativeTongues #SoEargasmic #NoShoesInTheDryer 😉
Jayson Reid aka DJ Jaycee


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Nappy DJ Needles – “A Tribe Called Kast” (Mixtape)


This close… thiiiiis close to calling this a ‘mashtape’ – as in a mashup of ATCQ and Outkast tracks. Whatever it’s called, this Nappy DJ Needles mix definitely has something to say. If it were up to us, it’d say #SpeakLifeToPhife

A timely tribute to two of Hip-Hop’s greatest families – Dayglow meets Dungeon. Too bad that actual Tribe and Outkast project Andre 3K spoke of at Phife’s farewell ceremony never came to be. But heads do have this. Enjoy.


BLITZ – 8/4/14: Dark & Alienated

BuIoeTNIEAA_JMoOutkast – “ATLiens” (1996)


Outkast, Eminem, Nas, & More Entertain Over 300,000 Fans At Lollapalooza In Chicago

Anonymous Declares Cyber War On Israel; Brings Down Mossad Site & Many Others

Millennials, Outraged Over Israel’s Role In Gaza Rejects Washington’s Reflexive Support

Cleveland Cavaliers Coach David Blatt Says Israel’s War Against Hamas Is Justified

Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Film Breaks Box Office Records With $94 Million Opening

Actor From HBO’s ‘The Wire’ Beaten & Stabbed Inside A Washington D.C. Nightclub

Indiana Pacers Star ‘Paul George’ Recovering After Gruesome Leg Injury In Las Vegas

400,000 People In Toledo, Ohio Told To Avoid Drinking Tap Water Containing Dangerous Toxins

Danny Trejo: From The Big House To The Big Screen (Audio)

Former Terror Squad Rapper ‘Remy Ma’ Plans To Restart Her Career After 6 Years In Prison

Africa’s Leaders Aim To Change The Perception Of The Continent

Anything You Spit Can Be Used Against You In Court: Rappers Arrested & Charged For Lyrics

Miami Heat’s Ray Allen Says He’d Be Content With Retiring, But Hasn’t Made a Decision

The Invincibility Streak Ends For USA Basketball Following Paul George’s Horrific Leg Injury

Europe’s Mars Rover Will Have A Sensor That Can Smell Life

HIV In America Has Disproportionately Hurt Blacks Even After Treatment

Elon Musk’s High Speed ‘HyperLoop’ Makes The Bullet Train Look Like A Loco-Motive

The Most Hated Sports Teams In America: The Complete SPORTS HATE MAP

People Are More Polyamorous Than You Think: Monogamy Believed To Be Rare New Concept

The Weird Reasons People Make Up False Identities On The Internet

The War on Sex Workers Escalates With FBI Shutdown Of MyRedBook

@Edwin_Lyngar: “I Was Poor, But A GOP die-hard: How I Finally Left The Politics Of Shame”

U.N. & Amnesty International Criticize U.S. Military Support For Israel

Rare Footage Of Big Boi (Of OutKast) Back In The Day, 1993 [Video]

Awwww… would’ya look at that. Young…young Big Boi behind the scenes rehearsing and clowning, then performing for the video shoot at Tri-Cities High School (ATL, of course) in 1993. Nice l’il look back in time. Great find!

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Outkast Performs for the First Time in almost a Decade at 2014 Coachella Festival (Full Video)

Last night one of the greatest hip hop duo’s in rap history reunited onstage for the first time in 10 years. Andre 3000 & Big Boi hit the stage at the Coachella festival as Outkast for the first time in years out in California last night. Check out the full set of the show thanks to the heads up from my homie DJ Lord who also happens to be the DJ for the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy. If you don’t have time to sit through the entire 1 hour & 35 minute set, we’ve included a few shorter quick clips & setlist after the jump…

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Stat Quo – “Outkast” (Video)

I’ve been banging this hot new song from Atlanta native & part-time Los Angeles based emcee Stat Quo for weeks on my radio show. It’s a quality nod to Atlanta’s most famous hip hop duo ‘Outkast’ in terms of the initial sound, but the story is completely Stat Quo’s own. I LOVE this song man! Without question it’s one of my personal favorite joints in the past few months. The only thing that would have made me any happier prior to today would have been to see a quality video for it.  And just like that today on April 10th,  Stat Quo drops a new visual on us. If you like the song you can find it on Stat Quo’s latest project “ATLA: All This Life Allows, Vol. 1” that’s available now via itunes, amazon, & a variety of other outlets.


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Asante – “Prototype” (SanteJazz Remix) [Prod. By Atu]


Asante blowing over an airy refix of Andre 3000’s “Prototype” done up by producer Atu. The track will be on Asante’s forthcoming release “Trilogy: The SanteJazz Trifecta Remix Series.” Is that beatboxing on the track, too? Gotta listen.


Coming Up on 20 Years: Big Boi, What’s Happening With Outkast? (Video)

Big Boy (Power 106 LA) sits down with Big Boi (OutKast ATL) to talk about the dearly departed, kids, his M.I.A. partner-in-rhyme Andre 3000 & plans for an Outkast reunion as they celebrate 20 Years in the game.
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Big Boi Politics: 1/2 Of Outkast Speaks On Why He Didn’t Vote For President Barack Obama (Video)

If you follow Big Boi on twitter like I do then you should already have an idea of his political views. Personally I find myself having more in common with Big Boi’s political views than most people which is one of the primary reasons I do follow him on twitter. I don’t follow many artists on twitter unless they do have something significant to say or if they are able to bring my attention to something important other than “entertainment”.   I’m an independent & I agree with many of the views of the Libertarian party although I don’t have any political affiliations with ANY political party. In the last presidential election my views fell in line more with candidates like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson more than President Barack Obama, but unfortunately the way the American political process works it was clear to me Jill Stein & Gary Johnson didn’t have a shot at actually winning.  Although more independent voices are cropping up over the past decade the reality is until there are significant campaign reforms, independent candidates many never have a real shot.  In an ideal world I would have voted for either of those two, but I feel wasting a vote on a candidate that is unable to actually win played a huge part in my personal decision & voting for Mitt Romney was entirely out of the question.  In a recent interview on HuffPost Live, Big Boi sets the record straight for people who “assumed” he voted for President Barack Obama in addition to a few other hot button topics. Check out more of the interview in the videos below after the jump…..
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Big Boi Puts Faith In The Atlanta Falcons On ESPN’s First Take (Video)

It’s a huge playoff game for the Atlanta Falcons this weekend as they take on the red hot Seattle Seahawks.  As of right now the Atlanta Falcons are a 2-point favorite to beat the Seahawks, but in their last playoff game they only scored 2-points total versus the Green Bay Packers.  No wonder people unwilling to give that vote of confidence in the Atlanta Falcons winning their first playoff game ever. Big Boi stopped by ESPN’s First Take & chopped it up with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless about Atlanta’s chances & believes they will do well if they stay out of the strip clubs before the big game.
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Andre 3000 Speaks On Outkast, Collaborating With T.I., & The Movember Campaign (Video)

Been a long time coming… two of the South’s premier rappers, T.I. and Andre 3000, gang up on a track entitled “Sorry.” Dope! Of course, Andre speaks on that, Outkast, and several other matters of importance; including raising awareness for prostate cancer (the “Movember” cause for the month). Good clip. Click above and watch.
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Big Boi Addresses A Few ‘Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors’ (Video)

In his interview with Montreality, Big Boi (of OutKast) speaks about everything from the key to success, his upcoming album “Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors,” and the legacy he wants to leave behind. Insightful. Check it out.

ATL Event: Stankonia Block Party


Big Boi – “The Crown Life: Europe” (Video)

“In celebration of Crown Royal Black’s partnership with Big Boi, cameras went behind the scenes to document Big Boi during his tour in Europe to capture moments of his life and career that showcase his definition of “The Crown Life.” The short film lets audiences into Big Boi’s life as he performed at Glastonbury in England and at Hove Festival in Norway, as well as a day off in Budapest, Hungary. The film is directed by Jacob Lincoln for Greenpoint Pictures.” – Crown Life

Throwback: Andre 3000 Freestyling in High School (Video)

Check out Andre 3000 kicking bars in South West Dekalb’s gym circa 1994. The video says this took place at SouthWest Dekalb High School, but if I remember correctly both Andre 3000 & Big Boi attended Tri-Cities High School. Guess it doesn’t really matter to most of you unless you live in Atlanta, but it’s still dope to check out this small piece of history. You can also see Big Boi in there chillin too. Dope Stuff!!

The Story Behind Diamond D’s Outkast Remix

Diamond D sat down with Complex to talk about the stories behind some of his most notable tracks. I found the Outkast remix to be of particular interest because I always felt that remix came out of left field and always wondered how and why it came to be. Diamond D had this to say about the remix:
“There was a mixed reaction [in New York to Outkast when they first came out], like any new artist. But I do know that the remix I did kind of helped break them in the New York market. Big Boi at one point was like, ‘Big Diamond’s remix helped us get a little footing up in New York.’

Big Boi – ‘The Crown Life’ Documentary (Video)

“This short film lets audiences into Big Boi’s life as he performed during the 2011 Grammy Awards weekend; inside his studio, Stankonia, as he prepares for his latest projects; and an evening out on the town in his hometown of Atlanta with stops at his favorite spots to unwind. This film is directed by Hudson Dusters for Greenpoint Pictures.”

Big Boi – ‘The Crown Life’ (Trailer)

“In celebration of Crown Royal Black’s partnership with Big Boi, Cameras went behind the scenes to document Big Boi in compelling moments of his life and career that showcase his definition of “The Crown Life.” The short film will let audiences into Big Boi’s life as he performed during the 2011 Grammy Awards weekend; inside his studio, Stankonia, as he prepares for his latest projects; and an evening out on the town in his hometown of Atlanta with stops at his favorite spots to unwind. The full film, directed by Hudson Dusters for Greenpoint Picture, will debut next week.”

Big Boi Performs ‘Atliens’ In NYC (Video)

Man I’m sick of waiting for another Outkast album on some hip hop sh*t like their second release. These cats don’t seem like they are never getting back together. We’ll just have to enjoy the memories & live peformances like these for now.