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J.Cole – “All I Ever Want” feat. Andre 3000

J. Cole and Andre 3000 make for one helluva a mash-up, right? For all y’all who are saying “All I Ever Want” is to know who put all this together… The answer is beat beast Will On The Soul.


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Andre 3000 x Madlib – “Otis Benjamin 2.0” (MadStacks) [Album]

WHO could have seen this coming? Not a dope mashup project from Altered Crates. That’s just what they do. Meaning who saw this particular combination working on wax (you know what I mean).

Andre 3000 & Madlib perfectly blended. Enjoy!

As the world continues to wait for Andre 3000’s solo album, Altered Crates delivers the next best thing; Otis Benjamin 2.0 – Blending together many of Andre’s standout verses and features, including unreleased acapellas, with the Californian beat-master and mad-genius, Madlib. The Outkast MC’s signature flow meshes perfectly with Madlib’s eclectic style. Includes appearances by Big Boi, Pimp C, Nas, Raekwon, Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude & Q-Tip.
– A-OK All Day



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Anderson .Paak – “Come Home” feat. Andre 3000

This is the collab that will draw most heads to the “Ventura” LP. My opinion. But probably facts by now. In fact, I’m betting you are going to give this a spin just to hear 3 Stacks go in on the feature for Anderson.


– @ojones1

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Andre 3000 Coming Back To The Big Screen In A Sci-Fi Thriller Called “High Life” (Trailer)

Well. This looks… ominous.

Okay, so don’t try to figure out everything that is going on in this trailer. There is enough meat in what is plain to see: Andre 3000 is back on the big screen (November 7 in France, in 2019 in the U.S.) with a box office hitter like Robert Pattinson (dude from the “Twilight” movies), in a sci-fi thriller that includes a space trip to a black hole.

Yeah, we good. See you next year 3 Stacks.

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DJ Jaycee With A Dungeon Family x A Tribe Called Quest Mashup (Video)

I know DJ Jaycee to be one of the best mixmasters and turntablists out here. If you know him and/or know about the deejay scene (esp. in Atlanta), I am not telling you anything new. However, you may not have been blessed enough to have had this pop up in your Facebook traffic. Like me. So, I will share #BecauseSharingIsCaring #BecauseJayceeIsDope

Something eargasmic happens when I decide to put one of my favorite Andre3000 verses over one of my favorite ATCQ tracks #DJJaycee #WeDF #NativeTongues #SoEargasmic #NoShoesInTheDryer 😉
Jayson Reid aka DJ Jaycee


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André 3000 – “Look Ma No Hands”

André Tré Stacks on bass clarinet with James Blake playing the piano. Vibe music. But still different than other Dré you’ve heard. Still keeping us listening and interested.

Dropped this extended play track on Mother’s Day, too, along with that “Me & My” song.


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André 3000 – “Me & My” (To Bury Your Parents)

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. André 3000’s beloved mother passed in 2013. He dropped this on Mother’s Day. Get your full issue of tissue, and get ready to get hit in the feels listening to this “Me & My” jawn. If you didn’t call or visit your mom this past Sunday, go do that now (if she is still with us on this plane).

Matter of fact: Just go holler at your parents… now. Go!


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Andre 3000 Surprises L.A. Reid During A Live Interview (Video)

If you’re L.A. Reid, and you’re interviewing, and a friend drops by, and you wave him in while you’re on air LIVE… Is it okay because you’re L.A. Reid, or because the ‘wave-in’ is Andre 3000??!!! Wowwwwww!

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Erykah Badu – “Hello” feat. Andre 3000


The heat! Erykah and he ex, Andre 3K, can still bring it on a track. Exhibit A: “Hello” is embedded below. Tried to find an active link to the “But You Caint Use My Phone” mixtape on which this appears; but it has been snatched from EVERYWHERE… including iTunes for some reason. Keep an eye/ear open for it though. Worth it.

(Another ex, the “Exhibit C” emcee Jay Electronica, also features on the mixtape. Seems like they all remain cool. Good.)


SCAD Founder Paula Wallace And André 3000 Benjamin In Miami With “I feel ya” (Video)

@ArtByOdell’s write-up on “I feel ya” and the Art Basel expo is good reading. You should do that soon (if you have not already). “I feel ya” is on tour, and we have the Miami stop here. Check out the sit-down chat between SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace and André 3K above. Video of a related panel discussion after the jump.

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“I feel ya” And Other Expressions Of Andre 3000 On Exhibit (Video)

When you describe Andre Benjamin as an artist it could mean multiple things. First he is a musician, also a visual artist, an actor and just a cool Southern gentleman. Not to mention Andre is known by many names – Dre, Andre 3000, 3 Stacks to name a few. So when you think about Art Basel it’s not surprising to see Andre getting involved with the yearly Exhibit/Event.

Andre Benjamin has teamed up with  filmmaker Greg Brunkalla (B.F.A., film and television, 2001) and painter Jimmy O’Neal (B.F.A., illustration, 1989) both graduates of SCAD (Savannah College Of Art & Design).  The exhibit is called “I feel ya” where all 47 of 3 Stacks black jumpsuits that he wore during Outkast recent tour.  His fashion statement became part of the live show where phrases like “Make Love Like War” and “Across Cultures Darker People Suffer Most Why?”

The display is accompanied by a short film titled “Trumpets” by Brunkalla and large paintings by O’ Neal.  If you are at Art Basel 2014 you can catch an early glimpse and it will continue to show at Savannah College of Arts & Design (SCAD) University summer 2015. Check out this video that features Paula Wallace president of SCAD talking with Andre 3000 regarding what inspired this fashion statement.

“I feel ya” provokes a socially dynamic conversation about language and context.

ArtbyOdell (Twitter / SoundCloud)

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“What’s It Like Playing Jimi Hendrix?” André 3000 Tells David Letterman (Video)

Actor/rapper André ‘3000’ Benjamin chats with Dave on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman.’ Benjamin has the lead, playing the late great Jimi Hendrix in the film “Jimi: All Is By My Side.” Talking about how he came to know about Hendrix, details about the movie’s retelling of his life story (including how ‘real’ parts of it were) and more. Great clip.

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André 3000 On Tour, On ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show,’ Having Fun (Video)

André 3000, as he and Big Boi set to wrap up the OutKast Tour in Atlanta (OutKastATLast), stopped through to chew the fat a minute and get a hug from his buddy Ellen. And she had a nice gift for him!

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NPR: André 3000 Says, “You Can Do Anything From Atlanta”

André 3000 aka André 3 Stacks aka André Benjamin (half of OutKast; ‘Stank’ you very much) is on NPR’s Microphone Check chatting with Ali Shaheed Muhammad (of A Tribe Called Quest) and Frannie Kelley. Next up for André: screening of the Jimi Hendrix biopic in which he stars. That, about his working with Aretha Franklin, about 20 years of OutKast and the Dungeon Family and Atlanta being that city of freedom (and more)… make for a great sit-down. Stream to listen above.


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BLITZ – 8/4/14: Dark & Alienated

BuIoeTNIEAA_JMoOutkast – “ATLiens” (1996)


Outkast, Eminem, Nas, & More Entertain Over 300,000 Fans At Lollapalooza In Chicago

Anonymous Declares Cyber War On Israel; Brings Down Mossad Site & Many Others

Millennials, Outraged Over Israel’s Role In Gaza Rejects Washington’s Reflexive Support

Cleveland Cavaliers Coach David Blatt Says Israel’s War Against Hamas Is Justified

Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Film Breaks Box Office Records With $94 Million Opening

Actor From HBO’s ‘The Wire’ Beaten & Stabbed Inside A Washington D.C. Nightclub

Indiana Pacers Star ‘Paul George’ Recovering After Gruesome Leg Injury In Las Vegas

400,000 People In Toledo, Ohio Told To Avoid Drinking Tap Water Containing Dangerous Toxins

Danny Trejo: From The Big House To The Big Screen (Audio)

Former Terror Squad Rapper ‘Remy Ma’ Plans To Restart Her Career After 6 Years In Prison

Africa’s Leaders Aim To Change The Perception Of The Continent

Anything You Spit Can Be Used Against You In Court: Rappers Arrested & Charged For Lyrics

Miami Heat’s Ray Allen Says He’d Be Content With Retiring, But Hasn’t Made a Decision

The Invincibility Streak Ends For USA Basketball Following Paul George’s Horrific Leg Injury

Europe’s Mars Rover Will Have A Sensor That Can Smell Life

HIV In America Has Disproportionately Hurt Blacks Even After Treatment

Elon Musk’s High Speed ‘HyperLoop’ Makes The Bullet Train Look Like A Loco-Motive

The Most Hated Sports Teams In America: The Complete SPORTS HATE MAP

People Are More Polyamorous Than You Think: Monogamy Believed To Be Rare New Concept

The Weird Reasons People Make Up False Identities On The Internet

The War on Sex Workers Escalates With FBI Shutdown Of MyRedBook

@Edwin_Lyngar: “I Was Poor, But A GOP die-hard: How I Finally Left The Politics Of Shame”

U.N. & Amnesty International Criticize U.S. Military Support For Israel

Jimi: All Is By My Side (Trailer)

A new Jimi Hendrix biopic (directed by “12 Years A Slave” writer John Ridley) entitled “Jimi: All Is By My Side” is due out in theaters September 26, 2014. And talk about perfect casting for the lead… Andre ‘Andre 3000’ Benjamin (of OutKast) plays Jimi Hendrix in this one. Check out the trailer above.

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Outkast Performs for the First Time in almost a Decade at 2014 Coachella Festival (Full Video)

Last night one of the greatest hip hop duo’s in rap history reunited onstage for the first time in 10 years. Andre 3000 & Big Boi hit the stage at the Coachella festival as Outkast for the first time in years out in California last night. Check out the full set of the show thanks to the heads up from my homie DJ Lord who also happens to be the DJ for the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy. If you don’t have time to sit through the entire 1 hour & 35 minute set, we’ve included a few shorter quick clips & setlist after the jump…

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Asante – “Prototype” (SanteJazz Remix) [Prod. By Atu]


Asante blowing over an airy refix of Andre 3000’s “Prototype” done up by producer Atu. The track will be on Asante’s forthcoming release “Trilogy: The SanteJazz Trifecta Remix Series.” Is that beatboxing on the track, too? Gotta listen.


Coming Up on 20 Years: Big Boi, What’s Happening With Outkast? (Video)

Big Boy (Power 106 LA) sits down with Big Boi (OutKast ATL) to talk about the dearly departed, kids, his M.I.A. partner-in-rhyme Andre 3000 & plans for an Outkast reunion as they celebrate 20 Years in the game.
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T.I. feat. Andre 3000 – “Sorry”

T.I. enlists the lyrical prowess of fellow Atlien Andre 3000 for this dope “Sorry” track slated to appear on his upcoming album “Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head” due December 18th. Not sure who’s singing the hook on this joint but it sounds official. Check out the artwork & tracklisting for T.I.’s album below….


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