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NFL Week 2: Raiders Smash The Jets (Game Highlights) [Video]

The Raiders keep rolling! Wonder how Raider Nation liked those FREE Skittles Beast Mode hooked up for them? Because they surely liked the outcome of the game. Oakland over the Jets, 45 – 20. Dominance!


(And if you REALLY know or wanna know about Marshawn Lynch’s turn-up at the game, hit the jump and watch. No spoiler alert. You just gotta watch!)

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Mike Vick’s First Interview as Quarterback for The New York Jets (Video)

I’m kinda sad to see Mike Vick no longer playing for my hometown Philadelphia Eagles, but I’m excited he’s still being given the opportunity to play in the NFL for head coach Rex Ryan & the New York Jets. I’m not a fan of the NY Jets, but I’m definitely a fan of Mike Vick & Rex Ryan. I believe they’ll make a good combination up there in New York City & I hope they do well this upcoming season except, if and when, they play my Oakland Raiders. Check out this new video from Mike Vick’s first interview as a NY Jet above. The reporter asks the standard run of the mill questions, but he missed a key opportunity to ask what number does Mike expect to wear this season considering both he & Geno Smith both like the number “7”. I’m sure there won’t be any beefs between Geno & Mike based on their mutual interests in helping to push each other, but just who will get that number “7” should be interesting.

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