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A First Look At Jon Gruden, The Oakland Raiders’ New Head Coach (Video)

Raider Nation, welcome your new coach… the $100 Million-Dollar Man, Jon Gruden!

Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden sits down on SC6 to discuss the new job after leaving the Monday Night Football booth for the NFL.

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Oakland Raiders 31-30 Victory Over The Kansas City Chiefs Highlights (Video)

The JAYFORCE.COM Sports team was in Oakland for the Thursday Night Football match up that featured the Oakland Raiders defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-30 in a down to the wire thriller. Check out the various highlights of what will eventually go down as one of the best games of the season. Check out more video interviews after the jump….

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‘Get Hyped’ For The Oakland Raiders’ 2017-18 NFL Season (Video)

People. PEOPLE! It is time to ‘get hyped’ about the Raiders. Right now. We are running out of room on the bandwagon, and you don’t wanna be ‘that’ fan… so late to the party that we call you on your b.s. for switching teams or not even being a real fan of any team at all.

Don’t want that for you. Buuuut if you are still an undeclared pro football fan, there is a vid clip above that will speak life to you. It will let you know there is only one nation to get you into your football groove. It’s [1, 2, 3] RAIDER NATION, BABY!!!

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Tired Of Seeing Beast Mode Dodge Defenders On-Field And Reporters Off-Field? How About A Day At The Spa With Marshawn? (Video)

Marshawn Lynch is gonna let the ladies play with his feet, but NO WEIRD SH!T. Just pedicures, champagne, and some real talk… aaaand maybe a milk bath. Hahaa!

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch goes from “Beast Mode” to “Relax Mode” by getting a gentleman’s pedicure and foot massage.

While he’s relaxing in his massage chair at the spa, The Assist’s host Johnno Wilson gets Marshawn to open up on topics ranging from why he is happy about not getting the ball at the goal line in the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, what frustrates him most about NFL postgame interviews, and where traveled and what he learned during his year off in retirement from the league.

The Assist is the newest series from DraftKings, who bring you the game inside the game, bringing fans closer to the games they love. Series host Johnno Wilson serves as the personal assistant to the stars, helping some of the biggest names in football run some of their daily errands. But when you’re a star athlete, your daily chores and shopping trips are a little outside the ordinary.

- DraftKings

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NFL Week 2: Raiders Smash The Jets (Game Highlights) [Video]

The Raiders keep rolling! Wonder how Raider Nation liked those FREE Skittles Beast Mode hooked up for them? Because they surely liked the outcome of the game. Oakland over the Jets, 45 – 20. Dominance!


(And if you REALLY know or wanna know about Marshawn Lynch’s turn-up at the game, hit the jump and watch. No spoiler alert. You just gotta watch!)

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Marshawn Lynch Shares Free Skittles With Oakland (Video)

Okay, you saw how we posted (here) on Marshawn Lynch handing out L’s to opponents on-field on the road, right? So what does Beast Mode hand out at home? Well, off-field… skittles!

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NFL Week 1: Raiders Vs. Titans (Game Highlights) [Video]

Start the tape with Beast Mode in BEAST MODE, chewing up all the green on his first official carry of the NFL season (about to be plenty more, easy)! Then end with every team’s favorite play, the VICTORY formation to finish on top 26-16. RAIDER NATION baby! And you know we have the highlights for you. Just click the pic above or the link below to play.


Watch The Return Of Marshawn Lynch To Pro Football And To His Home Town (Documentary)

A man among boys… an apropos description for the kid from Oakland who would become the man known as Beast Mode! Watch the Sway-narrated mini-documentary on Marshawn Lynch, who has now come full circle. Home to play in the Bay Area!

#BeastModeIsHome #RaiderNation

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NFL Preseason: Raiders vs. Cardinals (Game Highlights) [Video]

In case you missed the first preseason game of the Oakland Raiders. Here are some of the highlights from last Saturday. Just click the pic and play ’em on the Tube.


Former Lions’ Receiver Visits With The Raiders In Camp (Video)

Oh… So he is visiting the Raiders as a ‘special guest’ huh? Is that what they are calling it nowadays? Hahaaa! Yeah, the Raiders are probably looking a might sight better than Calvin “Megatron” Johnson’s former squad.

So how do you lose Megatron? That is the question NFL fans might have posed to the Detroit Lions organization when Calvin Johnson announced his retirement in 2016. Maybe pride would have kept them from giving a frank answer, but Calvin can now give his answer: Nine years in a brutal league on a losing team that was not making any real moves to win.


Can’t blame the man though. He was a marquee player putting in world class work; the kind that kept him on highlight reels… in spite of lackluster Lions team performance. Watch the ‘puff piece’ above, and read the real talk the NY Daily News got from Johnson via the link below.


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Marshawn Lynch Talks To The Press, About His Comeback, In The Most ‘BeastMode’ Way (Video)

If you saw this, you immediately said or thought: “Okay, BeastMode. Gotcha.” And really understood what he was saying (well enough to ‘translate’ for anyone who did not ‘get it’ right away). Stuff like this is why the press always presses Marshawn Lynch to say something…ANYTHING.

#RaiderNation #EngageBeastMode

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Las Vegas Is Pushing For A Sports Dome… And For The Raiders To Call It Home (Video)

What’s lacking is a professional sports team. What’s particularly lacking is the Las Vegas Raiders.

Wow. Now, that’s a pitch video! Las Vegas is putting it out there. The entertainment capital of the world wants a Dome now: For major events AND FOR A PRO FOOTBALL FRANCHISE! Well, will the Raiders ‘happen’ in Vegas? Because you know: What happens in Vegas…


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Jerry Rice: NFL Hall Of Fame Receiver… And Undercover Lyft Driver (Video)

That one guy though. Really dude? You are an all-time, all your life, 49’er fan and you did not recognize the guy you’re sitting next to? One of the team’s… check that…the WORLD’S all-time greats?? Actually… Jerry’s disguise is pretty solid. He can go shopping low-key. Still hilariously wonderful though.

See what happens when Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice turns on Driver Mode for a day and takes a few unsuspecting Lyft passengers for a ride around town.

Watch the whole song and dance above.

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The 1983 Los Angeles Raiders: A Run To Remember (Video)

You should know by now that I’m an Oakland Raiders fan to the fullest. Of course I still support & will always support my hometown Philadelphia Eagles & other Philadelphia sports teams because I’m a proud Philly native, but the Raiders have always personally resonated with me since I was a young kid. The last 10 years haven’t been great ones for my Oakland Raiders squad, but some of the good moves taking place during the current 2014 Free agency period has me feeling good & optimistic. I have a feeling it won’t be long until my Raiders return to greatness which inspired me to post this mini-documentary of arguably the greatest Raiders squad in the history of the organization. I’ll never forget cheering loudly as a kid watching the Raiders win the Super Bowl in my mother’s living room back in the day. It’s been 31 years since the last Super Bowl win back then, but you can relive those moments with me in the perspective based video above. Back in 1983, NFL Hall Of Fame running back Marcus Allen & the Los Angeles Raiders truly had a ‘Run To Remember’.


Comedy: Oakland Raiders WR Rod Streater’s ‘Beats By Dre’ Ad Dissing Little Girl Selling Cookies (Video)

Rod Streater, who plays wide receiver for my favorite NFL team the Oakland Raiders, drops this hilarious new spoof of the ‘Beats By Dre’ commercials we’ve been seeing featuring athletes like Kevin Garnett, Colin Kaepernick, & Richard Sherman. Rod may not be waiting on his ‘Beats By Dre’ endorsement, so instead he’s promoting his new (fictional?) ‘Beats By Streets’ product. Check out how the Raidernation’s hero deals with a little girl going door to door selling cookies. Guess he ‘wasn’t trying to hear it’. Hilarious!

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Business: How Worker-Owned Companies Operate (Video)

I was speaking with a friend who is also an Oakland Raiders fan like myself.  The Raiders have major financial obstacles in their attempts to get a new stadium built in Oakland or anywhere else in Northern California. The Oakland Raiders have also recently been ranked by Forbes magazine as the least valuable NFL franchise despite having a huge global fanbase.  The Raiders have one of lowest amount of operating dollars of all the 32 teams in the NFL.  Fans may not be able to help the stadium situation, but they can definitely change the value of the team.  I have said on numerous occasions it would be great if the Raiders adopted a similar ownership system like the Green Bay Packers in which the fans of the team can become shareholders. The Green Bay Packers are the only NFL franchise that operates in this manner.  Current NFL rules require an owner to have no less than a 30% majority share of the team.  I feel this could work for the Raiders if owner Mark Davis offered a 49% or less share to the fans.  Our discussion then turned to the corporate aspect of worker owned companies. Ironically I ran across this interesting short documentary on the topic while surfing the web that goes to further illustrate the point that collective ownership is the key to win in many instances.


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Demigodz – “Raiders Cap” (Video)

As an avid Oakland Raiders fan y’all should already know I’m digging this brand new video from the Demigodz right here! Their new single “Raiders Cap” off of their very dope new album “Killmatic”  that’s out now should be a no brainer for the reasons why I like it.  Dope beat produced by Apathy, dope rhymes, & my favorite NFL team.  Peep the brand new video as they take it to Cali & also feature West Coast emcee Xzibit who makes a surprise cameo in the clip as well! #RAIDERNATION!!

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Phife Dawg Goes ‘Behind The Shield’ with The Oakland Raiders (Video)

The homie Phife Dawg of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest is a straight up Philadelphia Eagles & New York Jets fan. Sometimes I’d clown the Phifer that he needs to just go on ahead & join the Raider Nation although I’m not mad at him supporting my hometown Eagles. Even though personally I’m a true Raiders fan. As a part of his duties with his new podcast for the NFL Network, Phife who splits time between Oakland & Atlanta, stopped by the Raiders practice facility & spoke with Raiders in house reporter & cheerleading coordinator Jeannette Thompson about his feelings on the Raider organization. Phife spoke on what he likes about the Raiders, the global Raiders fans he’s met, & more. Watch the video at the link below or click on the photo but make sure you watch it to the very end of the interview because Jeannette stumps Phife for a few moments when she asks him if they “Can Kick It?”….Hahaaaaa!!!


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A Day In The Life: Ice Cube Attends Oakland Raiders Game (Video)

I’m an Oakland Raiders fan & I’ll be flying to Oakland early tomorrow so I can catch Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears. I usually fly to Cali at least once a year specifically to be in attendance to watch my Raiders play. Fellow Raider fan & West Coast legend Ice Cube & his wife made a trip out to a game two weeks ago on November 6th against the Denver Broncos. Our Raiders didn’t beat the Broncos that day, but hopefully my presence in the “Black Hole” this Sunday will edge us a win over the Chicago Bears. Maybe I’ll use my iphone & do my own “Raiders: Day In The Life Of Jayforce” for y’all depending on how I feel. In the meantime, Hue Jackson & the team need to keep doing it for Big Al Davis. Just Win Baby!

Update: Jayforce attends Raiders Vs. Bears game… Raiders Win 25-20. Video below…
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Ice Cube Speaks On The Passing Of Legendary Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis (Video)

I’m a Raiders fan to the fullest….Ice Cube calls into ESPN to speak about his time with Al Davis while shooting his 30 for 30 Documentary on the Raiders & the relationship he had with the former NFL legend.