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Don’t Try These Gerald Huston ‘Pick Up Lines’ At Home. Try Them On Ladies While Shopping (Video)

Hey. I mean, dude is hilarious, but he got the WORDS for these womens out here!! Some of these lines might even work off camera. One of these guys watching right now might have to try ’em out for himself #Me #ImOneOfTheseGuys

Gerald Huston going around using his Pick Up lines to pick up random shoppers. This video is a compilation of Gerald Huston’s best pick up lines of 2019. We went through all the videos and handpicked everyone’s favorite clips to create this video! Gerald Huston is an upcoming YouTuber that does several different other pranks such as Spider Prank, Hug Prank, Celebrity Hug Prank, Beardy Prank, and Picking Up Girls!


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Comedy: When She’s That Fine, You Gotta ‘Shoot Your Shot’ Like This, Player (Video)

So a potential boo walks through while you are out with your crew… looking fine like Bonita Applebum and then some! How do you muster the courage and make your play for her before she walks away?

Ladies what if I shot my shot like this? Would you give me the number??? Every man needs a hype man like Tahir Moore.
Clint Coley

Hey, man. Gotta give points for creativity, effort, and TEAMWORK.

(Now, me? I see her wearing a Daft Punk shirt… So I’d be busting out my best Pharrell singing voice, dancing like Stephen Colbert and trying to “Get Lucky!” Hahaaa!)


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