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Meet Lydia Dupra, The Self-Proclaimed “Heaux Mentor” Who Helps Sex Workers Boost Their Brands And Business (Video)

Not a pimp, mind you, but a “Heaux Mentor” at the center of what we have here on this ep. of Red Light.

New restrictions associated with FOSTA/SESTA, a law designated to curb sex trafficking, has dramatically impacted the lives of America’s sex workers, limiting the way they can communicate about their work online. Unsure of how to navigate the adult industry’s rapidly changing landscape, a growing number of women are seeking help from Lydia Dupra—a self-proclaimed “Heaux Mentor” who helps sex workers build and manage their brands and make connections. We met up with Dupra for a look at her controversial business, sat down with her clients to hear how she’s mentored them, and talked about how her job and the industry are changing with the passage of FOSTA/SESTA.

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Brazil’s ‘Working Girls’ Adapt to Survive: Learning English For The 2014 World Cup & Olympics (Video)

Hey, if the customer is always right, you better know what he is telling you… to do! Right? Well, it doesn’t matter whether you agree. According to the news video above, Brazil’s prostitutes have already stepped up their game – enrolling in classes to help them understand and speak English in advance of the World Cup. Talk to ’em, daddy! They understand your needs… for real now.

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