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RoboCop Throws Opening Pitch At The Detroit Tigers Vs. Toronto Blue Jays Game (Video)

RoboCop Day in Detroit. Yeah, it’s a thing. Here, the city celebrates the sci-fi cyborg cop and the day (and the movie) by having our hero toss the opening pitch at the Detroit Tigers vs. Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.

Both eyes on the viewer above; play and watch. Thank you for your cooperation.

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RoboCop (2nd Movie Trailer)

The movie marketing campaign has hit overdrive. Heavy movie promotion clip weaponry includes a Samuel Jackson ‘robo-phobia soliloquy, action sequences, bang-bang-shoot-em-up footage, and sci-fi tech exploding [virtually] off the screen. Above: Check out the 2nd trailer for the RoboCop 2014 movie.

Interesting angle: There seems to be some controversy about the look of the Robo-suit… lots of folks weren’t feeling the black sort of ‘Batman-like’ uniform look. Wonder what the hero will look like on the big screen.

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Robocop (Movie Trailer)

It’s a reboot of the sci-fi action classic. Robocop features a new robo-suit and some new faces (Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton). Ought to be good… even though we have to wait until 2014 to see it. Check out the trailer above.

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