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World Soccer Legend Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Focus Of New Film “Ronaldo” (Video)

Some people regard you as the greatest player of your Sport.  Numerous women call you handsome and rush just to be in your presence. You make at least 60 to 70,000 dollars/pounds/euros a WEEK. You have some of the biggest endorsements in Sports and your home country adores you like no other.  How does that sound as a life to live?  I think most would take that and Cristiano Ronaldo (Footballer/Soccer Player) for Real Madrid (club) and Portugal (national team) has all of that and more.

What we don’t get to see is the countless hours away from family. As much love you get from fans you get just as much hate worldwide.  Sacrificing joy and childhood to be the best at a Sport.  Fearing that you might do the same with your own children.  The pressure that is put all on your shoulders regardless of how good or bad your team plays each week.  This new Universal feature film scheduled in theaters November 9th 2015 (see what they did there? 9th?) details all of this. The joys and the hardships of being a worldwide phenomenom, heartthrob, and sports icon.  Check out this trailer to get a glimpse into the life of #9 Ronaldo!

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