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Atlanta United Qualifies For MLS Playoffs In Their Inaugural Season – JAYFORCE.COM (Video)

The JAYFORCE.COM Sports Media Team was there as we covered Atlanta United securing a MLS playoff spot in their inaugural season. It was an opportunity for us to also check out the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta which also doubles as home base for the Atlanta Falcons NFL team. As soccer (Futbol) becomes more popular in the U.S., its an exciting time for Atlanta fans with sold out games for what was an expansion team in Major league soccer. Check out our time as the Atlanta United team beats Philadelphia Union to claim their spot in the MLS playoffs. Atlanta United will play their 1st playoff game ever on October 22nd at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  ATLUTD.COM

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Feature Presentation: Man On Hoverboard Delivers The 2017 Portuguese Cup Final Game Ball To The Official (Video)

Dear real American football: You took an L for this round. Have you SEEN this technical extracurricular activity they had poppin’ at the football (okay futbol, happy?)?? A hoverboard pilot delivered the soccer game ball to the official like a f#cking superhero (well, supervillain, if you go the Green Goblin route)!

The match ball for the 2017 Portuguese Cup final was delivered to the referee by a man on a drone. The man rode the spider-like drone around 70m in driving rain before landing by the match official near the halfway line and handing the ball over. Benfica won the game 2-1, beating Vitória de Guimarães and completing their 11th league and cup double.
– Guardian Football

Even if you aren’t into this kind of ball, you gotta admit that this clip is baaaallinnnn’!

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Good Vibes Only Podcast | Love & Basketball: Ep. 19 “Dating An Avid Sports Fan” (With JayForce & PictureMane)

Everywhere JayForce go, JayForce rep though! The appearance on this episode on this episode of the Good Vibes Only podcast is no different. He reps the brand, sure; but listen in as he reps for the guys, sports fanatics, guys that are sports fanatics…all that! But the angle for this show: Loving a sports fan. It’s a challenge (worthwhile though).

Sports fans need love too! On this episode, host AplusAshley sat down with Jayforce of and the Beats & Lyrics radio show and Itoro (PictureMane) of FansFavoriteFan, both certified sports junkies about the benefits and burdens of looking to score a sports nut. We also touched on the 2016 NBA Finals, the Copa America and European Championship soccer tournaments, and the drama between Ciara, Russell Wilson, and rapper Future. Tune in and share. Please send song suggestions to Aplusashley on Twitter.

The lovely Aplusashley lives ‘all the way up’ to her name; leading Jay and PictureMane through some fun, meaningful convo. Enjoy!


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Carmelo Anthony Goes To Puerto Rico, To ‘Stay Melo’ In The Hood To Do Some Good And More (Video)

New Stay Melo ep on VICE Sports for y’all. Last one was about Cuba. This time it’s Puerto Rico.

Carmelo Anthony recognizes, like most looking outside in, that Puerto Rico is currently in economic decline. But to Melo it’s a place of family, opportunity and a growing sports culture. He goes to chill (Melo out, if you will) but also to do some goodwill and good work. Spent a few days training with a group of fellow Knicks, seeing the stadium that will house his Puerto Rico FC NASL team, riding out to La Perla (one of Puerto Rico’s most notorious hoods), hanging out with reggaeton legend Tempo (home after a 12 year prison bid) at one of the b-ball courts Melo has refurbished for the community and more stuff.

Sure, ballers are in the League…balling. But with all that wealth, if you aren’t doing something…you got nothing! Just saying. Now, watch and listen as Melo does something; and shares and wrestles with his vision for what he’d like to accomplish in PR.


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World Soccer Legend Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Focus Of New Film “Ronaldo” (Video)

Some people regard you as the greatest player of your Sport.  Numerous women call you handsome and rush just to be in your presence. You make at least 60 to 70,000 dollars/pounds/euros a WEEK. You have some of the biggest endorsements in Sports and your home country adores you like no other.  How does that sound as a life to live?  I think most would take that and Cristiano Ronaldo (Footballer/Soccer Player) for Real Madrid (club) and Portugal (national team) has all of that and more.

What we don’t get to see is the countless hours away from family. As much love you get from fans you get just as much hate worldwide.  Sacrificing joy and childhood to be the best at a Sport.  Fearing that you might do the same with your own children.  The pressure that is put all on your shoulders regardless of how good or bad your team plays each week.  This new Universal feature film scheduled in theaters November 9th 2015 (see what they did there? 9th?) details all of this. The joys and the hardships of being a worldwide phenomenom, heartthrob, and sports icon.  Check out this trailer to get a glimpse into the life of #9 Ronaldo!

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Carmelo Anthony Goes To Cuba To Cover Soccer, Soak In The Culture and Scoop Some Cigars (Video)

Very dope. And the time is right. Soccer (e.g. football, futbol) being the world sport it is, America being a leading sports nation, and Melo being a leading sportsman from America…

Throughout the NBA off-season VICE Sports and Carmelo Anthony are exploring street sport cultures around the world. In our premiere episode, Melo travels to Cuba to explore the rise of soccer in a nation synonymous with baseball, ride a 1950s drop top in the rain, and grab some fresh rolled Cuban cigars along the way.

Carmelo was a good choice for a correspondent, too. This VICE Sports piece felt more like interesting leisure than intense learning; enriching experience captured on video either way.

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World Soccer Pioneer ‘Paul Canoville’ Speaks On Being 1st Black Player Signed to ‘Chelsea FC’ (Video)

When it comes to Sports being the first or a trailblazer can be good and bad at times.  It’s great if you are the first to set a world record or obtain hall of fame for having the most championship rings.  Well when you are the first to break the color line it can be a difficult process and Paul Canoville knows exactly how that feels.  The first black player ever signed to Chelsea FC (Soccer Team based in London, England) Paul experienced harsh treatment from his own fans and people associated with the team.  His love of the sport helped him push through and he helped the team secure championship silverware and now he is an advocate for the club speaking to kids  about pursuing their dreams and dealing with racism.  On his first trip to Atlanta I got a chance to speak with him for a few minutes about his experience at Chelsea and his foundation.  With Atlanta getting a MLS Soccer team in 2017,  we can expect more visits from Soccer legends across the pond!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Chelsea FC Soccer Players Take The Audi Challenge (Video)

So what happens when you take 4 World Class Footballers and you put a couple of brand new Audi Vehicles around them?  You get the Audi Challenge brought to you by Chelsea Football Club & one of their sponsors Audi Vehicles.  Eden Hazard, Nathan Ake, Loic Remy, & Willian use the brand new Audi to play tennis with a soccer ball, challenge to see who can kick the most balls into an open trunk while keeping score.  After the challenge they take the vehicles for a test ride on an open course.  Not a bad day for guys who get paid well to kick a ball with their feet!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Eye Candy: BUMBUM Fútbol Team (Video)

YOWZAAAA! Have you been watching the World Cup? Well, futbol fan or not, you can’t help but be a fan of all the fantastic fanny in this ‘sporty’ video. Don’t know what they are trying to do…but they are doing it for me! Give it up for the BUMBUM Football Team (played by a bunch of Miss BUMBUM Brasil contestants; each a ‘winner’ for Brazil’s best booty in her own right…a shame they only pick one each year).



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