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Throwback: Buckshot Says Sean Price Saved Duck Down (Video)

Ruck saved us. I’mma just give it to you real simple and plain. Ruck saved us.”

Know what… even back then… even when the crew and the Hip-Hop Nation was still hurting from losing Ruck (aka Sean Price), Buckshot did not have to declare that. But in this throwback interview, Buck (Duck Down’s co-founder, mind you) speaks unbridled truth about P! hitting that booth and continuously hitting us all with street HEAT! There was a while when Price was dropping sh!t weekly or more frequently. Keeping Duck Down and real Hip-Hop alive.

Respect to Buck. For saying this, and for paying full respect (watch the whole clip to see how real that statement is) to Sean Price.



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Rest Well Sean Price, Because Wifey Got You On The Mic (Video)

Gonna let Ras Kass tell you about this Sean Price mini-tribute. I have seen footage of his wife rock with Rock on this Heltah Skeltah track, and it still chokes me up a bit when I see Sean’s wife step in like this. Plus, I think she is getting better.

(Hit the jump for the music video from back in the day.)

This Was Dope. Rockness & Bernadette (Sean Price wife) spitting his verse prod. by E Swift, Tha Alkaholiks show & myself. Mad friends & celebs in the building…
Ras Kass



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R.I.P. Sean Price

Screenshot 2015-08-08 21.58.31

The Source, Rolling Stone, People, AllHipHop, Vibe, and NY Daily News all confirm that Sean Price (aka Ruck, one-half of Heltah Skeltah) died Saturday morning (August 8, 2015) in his sleep. He was 43 years old.

Sure, the comforting thing to say is that we should ‘celebrate the life of Price‘ or ‘remember him fondly.’ And I will; but right now, I am going to allow myself to feel a bit sad. I am going to watch vids and listen to all kinds of P (as Price would call himself) as my “Therapy” (yep, going all the way back to Heltah Skeltah’s early hits, too) to help me push through. I expect I will circle right back around what I was thinking just a couple of days ago: Sean Price was a beast in the booth, a lyrical weight champion (Mic Tyson) and so much more to Hip-Hop.

Sean Price was a crazy uncle to the Hip-Hop fam, but he had his own family, too. He gave us peeks and pieces of life with his wife and kids his rhymes and in video. We got close to P, so it’ll hurt a bit more; but we should also remember the joy that came with that closeness. I never personally met the man; but beyond rap skills, his zaniness would crack me up. The clowning that Price got into – like that Mic Tyson ‘live from Hurricane Sandy’ piece or the recent Tyrese spoof – is proof of just how far dude would go to get a laugh. I hope you got to laugh with him, too; at his antics from afar or maybe up close and personal. Yeah, I plan on laughing at some quality Sean Price craziness later; but now I am going to be sad.

Just now thinking about how I’ll miss posting those off-the-wall, no-advance-notice quick-hit rhymes and dope features. Those were pleasant surprises to be enjoyed, like his solo work. But there will be no more. A great chapter in Hip-Hop ends because the author is now gone from us.

Rest In Peace, Sean Price. We will miss you.

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Boot Camp Clik – ‘Hate All You Want’ (Video)

I’m not mad at the idea of artists going back & releasing videos for songs that came out a while ago. It actually breathes new life into a previous project. Unlike Nice & Smooth’s video for ‘No Delayin’ that was shot with entirely new footage, this joint seems like it was shot a while ago & was recently unearthed & edited. This joint called ‘Hate All You Want’ was from the their 2006 album ‘The Last Stand’ but I have a feeling this won’t be the last video the BCC drops for us in the coming months. I used to play the ‘He Gave His Life’ track alot on my radio show from the ‘Last Stand’ album so hopefully they’ll shoot a video or unearth one for that banger too.