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Tupac ‘Dies’ Again: Hologram Company Goes Under (Video)

Financial News One reported days ago (see video above) that Digital Domain Media (DDM) CEO John C. Textor had abruptly resigned and that the company was “evaluating its options, including Chapter 11 bankruptcy.” Well, Kenneth Schortgen of is now reporting that DDM, the company that brought rapper Tupac Shakur back to life (as a lifelike hologram at the last Coachella Festival) has indeed filed for bankruptcy:

Tupac Shakur will always live in the minds and hearts of millions of Americans, but his image, resurrected by Digital Domain Media, suffered a second death today at the hands of the bankruptcy courts.

– Kenneth Schortgen, Jr.,

Digital Domain Media’s (DDM) resurrected Tupac hologram was received with much fanfare at the last Coachella Festival. Shortly after the Festival, many of us began to ponder whose hologram would make an appearance at the next Coachella. Moreover, recent buzz about a “noteworthy” celebrity appearance at the Republican National Convention gave rise to talk of the possibility of a speech delivered by a hologram of President Ronald Reagan (before we learned that the celebrity speaker would be Clint Eastwood). Indeed, the possibilities for DDM to capitalize on buzz seemed endless. Unfortunately, the company was not able to convert the buzz into anything truly bankable. With its September 11, 2012, bankruptcy filing, DDM (in effect) died… and the possibility of any more of its holographic resurrections (including an encore performance from Tupac) died with it.

R.I.P. DDM. R.I.P. Holo-Tupac.

(One more time, Holo-Tupac…after the jump.)
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Mike Tyson Speaks On His Close Relationship With Tupac Shakur (Video)

Mike Tyson stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhoood on Power 106 in L.A & spoke more in-depth on his relationship with Tupac Shakur back in the day….More video from the interview under the hood….
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Video Model: ‘Shakur’ Handles Her Business In More Ways Than One (Video)

It’s interesting to see Shakur start doing her thing as a video model. We first met Shakur a couple of years ago in Atlanta while doing our former Sirius XM satellite show at my homie DJ Rasta Root’s studio. At the time we were interviewing her homegirl video vixen Dollicia Bryant & Shakur was just the friend tagging along but seemed more like her manager. Shakur definitely seems like the type of woman that was not only about her business but we were also surprised to see that she is also an emcee. She hit us with a number of bars in the studio that completely took us off guard. Who knew this Egyptian shorty would eventually flip the script & jump into the modeling thing too. She made it on King Magazine not too long ago & her modeling thing is taking off it seems but its only a matter of time before she spins it into something else. Good for you Shakur! Keep going! Happy to see good things happen for cool people. The past interview with Dollicia Bryan is under the hood…..

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