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Why Drake And The-Dream “Shut It Down” As A Team After 2010 (Video)

Ha! Read that title and in for the dramaaaaa, huh? Nope. No real drama. Just grown men. Artists who collab’d for a killer cut; whose time was up. Each ‘reaching out’ in their own ways, their ways just didn’t jibe. And thus, no follow-up collaboration. It happens. Dr. Dre and Rakim, R. Kelly and Jay Z… things run their course; some courses shorter than others.

In 2010, The-Dream collaborated with Drake on “Shut It Down” from his album ‘Thank Me Later.’ In this excerpt of the first installment of Genius Level, Terius “The-Dream” Nash explains why the two haven’t worked together since.
– Genius

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Sharaya J – “Takin’ It No More” / “Shut It Down” (Video)

It’s like Missy Elliott puts a stamp on her work. You can tell when she drops a hit, writes a hit for someone else… or directs and exec produces visuals complete with some of the most stunning choreography! You know, like she does for the Sharaya J “Takin’ It No More” / “Shut It Down” video two-fer above.

(Think Sharaya is leaning on Missy to get/keep her position? Nah… her father was a member of 90’s Hip-Hop group Double XX Posse; so the pedigree is already there. Learn more about the up-n-comer after the jump.)


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