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Spike Jonze Writes and Directs His First Movie About – ‘Her’ (Trailer)

Okay… here’s a weird upcoming movie from vanguard music video director Spike Jonze; his first feature film. Weird, but interesting. Considering how folks use computers and mobile technology to hook up, one might have seen this angle coming. Still feels… well, watch the trailer. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, his ‘love interest’ Scarlett Johansson, and Amy Adams.

(‘How would you touch me?’ Wowwww…)

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Kanye West x Jay-Z – “Otis” (Video)

This wasn’t the grand epic video that I was expecting but I still found it to be pretty good. I’m a fan of Spike Jonze’s work & he did a decent job directing this one right here for Jay & Kanye’s “Otis” track. I had a great video treatment idea I had mentioned on twitter that I still think would have worked better if the video was set in the 1930s which would then flash forwarded to the present day.  I’m in no way dissin’ Spike Jonze because I truly enjoy his work with music videos & this one is not epic but it’s good.

Beastie Boys featuring Santigold – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (Full Length Video)

New full length video from the Beastie Boys album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Not surprisingly this odd video using “G.I. Joe-like” action figures was directed by legendary video & movie director Spike Jonze who’s noted for his often creative different projects.

Behind The Scenes: The Making Of The Pharcyde’s ‘Drop’ Video

Before he began focusing his interest into doing feature length films, Spike Jonze was a dope video music director for not only rock bands but he also was the mind behind the Pharcyde’s classic ‘Drop’ video. I knew the Pharcyde’s ‘Drop’ was a hot record the first time I heard it, but when the video actually dropped it became the tipping point to pushing the song & video into classic status. Check out the making of the video above & under the hood the finished product for which I’m sure you’ve already seen at one point or another….Classic

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