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The Amazing Spider-Man (Trailer)

I enjoyed the previous Spider Man films starring Tobey Maguire that hit the big screen a few years back so when I initially heard that filmmakers were going to redo the series in theaters so soon I sort of groaned aloud thinking it’s probably gonna be wack. I’m having a change of heart watching these previews for “The Amazing Spider-Man” because it feels like the creators are simply revisiting the formula that was used to reboot DC Comic’s Batman films. The initial Batman films were very “comicbook-like” in nature while the most recent ones like “Batman Begins” & “The Dark Knight” have been darker & more adult in it’s approach. I believe that’s the plan for The Amazing Spider-Man when it hits theaters this summer….

The Amazing Spider-Man (Trailer)

I was rather dismissive of this upcoming flick when I first saw the initial press photos that were released from the film, but this new official trailer for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie looks rather promising. It appears the creators have decided to delve into a more darker & less light-hearted version of the Spider-Man franchise in this particular reboot. I’d say the approach is similar to how the earlier Batman movies & sequels were more ‘popcorn fare’, but the later ones starring Christian Bale were darker & more gangsta. I’m getting the same feeling after watching this trailer that’s the plan for the Amazing Spider-Man. Not sure about all the added CGI effects, but we’ll see come July 3rd…