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Mercedes-Benz Believes The Future Of Transportation Is In Vans (Video)

Sounds like what General Motors did with Saturn. A huge car-making corporation generating an innovative vehicle manufacturing process as a ‘startup’ that starts within. But Saturn was pretty much its own company. This Mercedes move is internal entreprenuership; bringing in and empowering intrapreneurs, so to speak.

Rarely before was there so much movement in the automotive industry. Mercedes-Benz Vans has founded a new department called Future Transportation in order to prepare for the challenges that are connected with that. Event reporter Markus Haubold visited the “think thank” to speak with managers and employees about the need and the opportunities of the cultural change as well as about new working methods and holistic solutions for the customers.

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Fashawn Tells Of The Origin Of His Name, Flips Skateboards And Rhymes (Video)

Fashawn – one of the most “slept-on” MC’s in the game – talks about where his name originated, inspirations that started him rapping, and more. Footage above also features him freestyling (with rap lyrics, as well as in the street on his skateboard).

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Murs Speaks On How The Hip Hop Industry Needs To Grow Up (Video)

My nephew Cezanne is fan of Vans & we ran across this interview of Murs.  In this interview, Murs discusses his career & the problem between the Hip-Hop & the rap music industry.  One of the key things Murs mentions is how the hip hop music “industry” needs to grow up.  Can’t say I don’t disagree.

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