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Just Some ‘Bears’ Rolling In A Benz (Video)

The website is a RAIDERS affiliated site, but this video about the Chicago Bears is interesting. Plus we still got love for Khalil Mack.

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Mercedes-Benz Believes The Future Of Transportation Is In Vans (Video)

Sounds like what General Motors did with Saturn. A huge car-making corporation generating an innovative vehicle manufacturing process as a ‘startup’ that starts within. But Saturn was pretty much its own company. This Mercedes move is internal entreprenuership; bringing in and empowering intrapreneurs, so to speak.

Rarely before was there so much movement in the automotive industry. Mercedes-Benz Vans has founded a new department called Future Transportation in order to prepare for the challenges that are connected with that. Event reporter Markus Haubold visited the “think thank” to speak with managers and employees about the need and the opportunities of the cultural change as well as about new working methods and holistic solutions for the customers.

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F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Goes To Japan: Winning Before The Race (Video)

Luxury living fam… the Maybach, the girl, sipping some of the finest tea in Tokyo, and getting down with Hugo Boss on some high-end fashion.

Explore the buzzing city of Tokyo with Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

Thumbs up, Lewis. We approve.

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Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo (Product Trailer)

Okay, Mercedes-Benz Vision is taking it literally. We posted about a Lambo you might try living with day-to-day, but how about a vehicle that is a ‘living room’ unto itself?

Looks like it approaches a minivan or station-wagon design with a coupe’s style. The trailer above hints at a vehicle that can provide a rolling room apart from the hustle and bustle of busy, busy city life and traffic (as found in Tokyo).

Of course, we don’t get to see the inside for real. Rather, a concept with some futuristic 3-D playthings. And no, we won’t elaborate. Watch for yourself.

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Estelle, David Banner, & Daley – ‘Benz’ (Video)

The above video is brought to you by the good people at Mercedes Benz…..hence the title of the song ‘Benz’. Now someone from Mercedes-Benz of Atlanta needs to hook me up with a big body two door drop top & I’ll be straight. Check out the behind the scenes video under the hood….
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Diddy’s Mercedes-Benz SuperBowl Ad Inspired By ‘Transformers’ (Video)