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CP The Artist Talks About His Upcoming Art Show “7:30” In Atlanta & The Life of an Artist


Atlanta is known for being the place where Music is happening but the visual Arts scene is on the rise as well. From the Forward Warrior Mural project to the graffiti art covered Krog Tunnel & city commissions to enrich areas with Art. Magic is being created in Atlanta’s painting studios along with the music studios. Well one of the artist helping to push forward the scene in Atlanta is CP The Artist. Charlton Palmer a transplant of NJ who makes Atlanta his home talked with us about his upcoming solo show 7:30. (Show is on July, 30th starting at 7:30 585 Well St SW Suite B3 Atlanta, GA 30312) .We also talk what inspires him and what’s on his playlist when he is in the studio.

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  • ArtByOdell: You have a new show coming up here in Atlanta titled 7:30 an NYC term for crazy. What has you an NYC/NJ transplant living in Atlanta basing a show around Sanity?
  • CP: I’m originally from Perth Amboy NJ. The term 730 was just a slang we got from “across the river”. Since I am a huge 90s hip hop fan I wanted to pay homage to the most inspirational time in history. The 90s hip hop Era. As a transplant it was very hard to relate to people. They would look at me like I’m crazy for speaking my mind. Which I didn’t think was abnormal. But in the south it can be.
  • ArtByOdell: You are a talented painter and I enjoy your portrait style.  Some of your portraits are of beautiful women share with us about the allure and muse of painting the female figure?
  • CP: The allure for women I got because I’m not gay. Lol. I’m just saying.  They are the most complex and beautiful of all of God’s creations. And like singers, poets whom directly make art for women, it helps their dating life. 
  • ArtByOdell: Music and Art usually go hand in hand.  If you were locked away in your studio and could only have 5 albums to listen to what would they be & why?
  • CP: Illmatic Nas- lyrical genius and it brings me back to my favorite times.

    Anderson Paak -Malibu. This album is so rich and new.

    Any house music mixtape by DJ Salah Ananse.

    Anything by Prince. I need something to paint women muses too.

    Capital Punishment.  BIG Pun. When I need energy to paint for my haters I love to play “Dream Shatter”. “I Shatter dreams like Jordan assault and batter your team”

  • ArtByOdell: Lastly let us know what you have coming up in the future and how the people can see your work and contact you?
  • CP: I’m working on a documentary called “Beautiful Pain” its about the painful life Artist go through behind the work. It was inspired by my experience of losing my house, retirement savings and being  homeless for 5 years while I was trying to stay active Artist. Many artists in the community have similar stories. It’s to educate people that art buying is important so don’t take what you see for granted.

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