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CP The Artist Talks About His Upcoming Art Show “7:30” In Atlanta & The Life of an Artist


Atlanta is known for being the place where Music is happening but the visual Arts scene is on the rise as well. From the Forward Warrior Mural project to the graffiti art covered Krog Tunnel & city commissions to enrich areas with Art. Magic is being created in Atlanta’s painting studios along with the music studios. Well one of the artist helping to push forward the scene in Atlanta is CP The Artist. Charlton Palmer a transplant of NJ who makes Atlanta his home talked with us about his upcoming solo show 7:30. (Show is on July, 30th starting at 7:30 585 Well St SW Suite B3 Atlanta, GA 30312) .We also talk what inspires him and what’s on his playlist when he is in the studio.

Full Interview after the jump


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Adventures With ArtByOdell : Los Trompos Exhibit at High Museum (Video)

Quite often I get asked why I go by the name of “ArtByOdell” it’s pretty simple really my name is Odell and I am an Artist.  Art is something I have been passionate about for years and the High Museum here in Atlanta, GA is one of my favorite places to visit.  So when they had an opening ceremony for their latest Los Trompos exhibit I had to go check it out and cover it for the site.  The term Los Trompos translates to Spinning Tops in Spanish and they are beautiful interactive pieces made with a special fabric that is very colorful and flexible.  The artists Hector Esrawe & Ignacio Cadena both hail from Mexico City worked together to bring us these beautiful creations.  They are featured in video along with my good friend DJ EU who provided the sounds for the day.  I even ran into the homie Blc Txt a local Hip Hop Artist here in Atlanta, GA.  The exhibit will run until November 29th 2015 it is located on the campus of the Woodruff Arts Center in the Silly Piazza right outside of the High Museum.  Be sure to check it out before it is over and be on the lookout for the next Adventure with ArtByOdell!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Imagining New Worlds: New ‘Fahamu Pecou’ Exhibit at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art

unnamed-3Talented visual artist Fahamu Pecou will be unveiling a new exhibit about at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA. Fahamu Pecou along with Jose Parla will be showcasing in what is titled ‘Imagining New Worlds.’ The art will be on display to the public starting February 14th but you can view it early Friday February 13th at the opening reception. How does enjoying a nice drink in the Taylor lobby of the High while grooving to sounds provided by DJ Teknology sound? I already know the answer so if you are in ATL look after the jump for ticket information!


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The 15 Project By ‘Fahamu Pecou’ at the ‘High Museum Of Art’ (Video)

Fahamu Pecou is an Artist, Scholar, Father, oh and he is also known as THE SHIT!  He recently had another edition of his Artist Live Talk Show The 15Project (Andy Warhol was famously quoted as saying “…in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”) The 15 Project facilitates that claim as an irreverent fusion of pop culture, fine art, sketch comedy, musical entertainment and much more.  The show was co hosted by Fabian Williams with DJ Kemit on the 1’s & 2’s and this went down at the renown High Museum. Read the rest of this entry »

The Beatz & Lyrics Show With Jayforce: The Race Card (Rebroadcast / Podcast)

[Beatz & Lyrics Show Instagram]

This is a “The Race Card Show” rebroadcast episode of Atlanta’s premier Hip Hop radio show that aired Saturday night 9pm-12Midnight EST.  In addition to the quality uncut bangers played on the show this week, we also had special guest Fabian Williams on “The Beatz & Lyrics Show With Jayforce!”

This week’s episode we have special guest Fabian Williams aka “Occasional Superstar” stop by. He is a visual artist who is very talented with stores to tell. We talk about an upcoming show he has called “The Race Card Show” and also his Dungeon Family pyramid that he constructed that sits on the Atlanta Beltline. We talk about what’s hot in music, what’s wrong in music and Fabian shares a classic story of a party he attended in LA with Alan Thicke. New music spanned by Jayforce and commentary from Twice Born & ArtByOdell this is a must listen.  So play, download, share and enjoy!


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RADIO: AB+L Welcomes DJ Jo Def To Atlanta (Audio)

ArtbyOdell. Radio Host (shout to Beatz & Lyrics). Music Journalist. ATL insider. When you got ‘juice’ you leverage that. Case in point: The homie O-Diesel sat down and got dialed in with Producer/DJ Jo Def of the Soulection crew for an exclusive interview on behalf of the great folks over at The interview covers the Vibes 2 event where Jo Def will be making his Atlanta debut! Will Edmond of the WERC Crew (promoters of the event) sits in on the ArtbyOdell/AB+L interview, too.

The Vibes 2 event goes down May 29, 2014, at the Sound Table on Edgewood (Atlanta). Stay tuned for a live mix by Jo Def on the day of the show (all this brought to you by ArtbyOdell& New Rules New Radio)! But for now, check out the interview audio…including some VERY dope mixing and blending!


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RADIO: AB+L Welcomes DJ LAKIM To Atlanta (Audio)

Yessir! The homie ArtbyOdell, Radio Host/Music Journalist you can hear on every Beatz & Lyrics show here (follow @BeatzLyricsATL), had an exclusive sit-down (at Atlanta’s recent Sound Table event) with Soulection member and Producer/DJ LAKIM on behalf of the great folks over at The interview also includes Will Edmond (Marketing & Event Mgr with the WERC crew) who was responsible for bringing LAKIM to Atlanta. ArtbyOdell speaks with LAKIM about his musical inspirations, his debut LP “This is Her” and more. Edmond also discusses what he and the WERC crew want to do for the Atlanta party scene and why it was important for them to bring LAKIM to spin in Atlanta.

Listen to the interview. And make sure you stay tuned into for more. Download the AB+L radio free mobile app (at and take the music with you wherever you go.


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Ekundayo feat. Boog Brown – “Everything” (Prod. By Illastrate)

a1156852434_10Atlanta based lyricist Ekundayo links up with female emcee Boog Brown for this special collaboration called ‘Everything’. The jazzy track produced by the talented beatsmith Illastrate is inspired by the work of photographer Roni Nicole & serves as an answer to the, at times rhetorical, question ‘What Is Love?’.  The answer for anyone who knows better & everyone involved with this project is…. ‘Everything.’


A3C x Atlanta Film Festival: “Change In The Game” (Documentary)

A3C Hip-Hop Festival, Wonderroot and Atlanta Film Festival present “Change In The Game” – a short film by W. Feagins, Jr. As we posted earlier here, the showing was a major happening for A3C 2012 held in October in Atlanta. “Change In The Game” discussed some of the changes that have happened and have affected Hip-Hop (since its birth in the early 1970s) – including how its music is created and received, what factors influenced those changes (technology, increased commercial appeal, etc.), and the relationship between so-called old school and new school artists.
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Jayforce + Salem Psalms Present “The Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go: Vol. 2” (Mixtape)

The Beatz & Lyrics show with Jayforce & Salem Psalms release the 3rd in their A3C mixtape series, Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go Vol 2. The mixtape was recorded entirely during the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, GA on site at the venue in the Unique Squared Mobile Studio and also at Salem Psalms Library, an earshot away from the festival grounds. The project is once again executive produced by production duo The Bros Dynamite and features some of the most talented and notable independent hip hop artists around.

The 22 track mixtape is a mash-up of new collaborations between artists and producers that previously may not have worked together. The project features notables emcees: J-Live, Reks, Termanology, Sha Stimuli, Focus…, Boog Brown, Stanza, Ultra Beast (Senor Kaos & 4ize), Laws, and many more. There is also a stellar line-up of producers featured on the project. Beats from Focus…, Illastrate, King I Divine, D.R.U.G.S., Shade Cobain, Nefarious!, and many more! Make sure you visit the Salem Psalms website to check out the individual artwork for each track by many quality visual artists like Fluxwonda, Goldi Gold, & Mister Soul, & Eric 9 who got down with the project. We also have a clean version & of course the dirty version of the whole mixtape for all you radio djs that need it. Click on the artwork or any of the links below!



Public Enemy: The Art Of Chuck D (Video)

I respect Chuck D for many reasons from the music, as an emcee, to sports, to politics, but I never knew he was heavily into art. Check out this brief documentary from Chuck D’s website about his venture into fine art influenced by the immigration policies taking place in Arizona.

Atlanta’s ‘Bem Joiner’ Shows Off His Creative Space (Video)

The homie Bem Joiner could arguably be called ‘Mr. Atlanta’…..This brotha was born & raised in Atlanta before all the transplants outnumbered the native ‘Grady Babies’ & if you ever meet him he’ll give you a quick history lesson on respecting the town & its history. Creative Loafing checked in with Bem to talk about his lifestyle. Check out the video above & for the complete interview at the link below…


Excerpt From Interview:

What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta?

The city has been a blessing for so many who have moved from worse situations. The fact that it’s helped so many people. But it’s hard to be a native. You remember when the Braves went from worst to first, original Freakniks. We’re all over the place, culture-wise. And creatives are forced to live like Ninja Turtles. They have to live underground like some Splinter shit. We’re trying to help, but no one understands what we’re doing. But it’s collaborative, everyone passes projects on to one another. The city and its creatives should have a symbiotic relationship — creatives go hand in hand with the progress of a city.

Goldi Gold: I Work After Work (Video)

Big shout out to the homie Goldi Gold who is arguably one of the most sought after illustrators in Atlanta & beyond. Goldi Gold IS one of the hardest working Graphic Illustrator/Designers in the game….period! His work has also been seen in several music videos, album covers, mixtapes, in businesses, in people’s homes, & everywhere beyond Atlanta. He’s also done the covers of our Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go Mixtapes that we record & release following the A3C festival. I’m proud to to call Goldi Gold a friend & all around good dude! Check out this latest video short giving y’all a day in the life of Goldi Gold who also holds down a 9-5 that has nothing to do with his craft but only inspires him to do more often working on projects before and after work. The track in the video was produced by “Lex Boogie” from the Bronx. Directed by C.Flux.Sing and Goldi gold. Shot and edited by C.Flux.Sing!”

Studio Life: J Dilla Art Tribute (Video)

All you have to do is just watch, listen, & reflect…..that’s it. Capiche?