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After 19 Years, Ice Cube Appears On ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ (Video)

Have you been watching Arsenio Hall’s show this debut week? You should be. Every show so far has historical significance, but this one – with Ice Cube sitting on the guest couch – no doubt sent shock waves through the Hip-Hop universe. Cube promo’d his coming movie projects… dropped some names (Dr. Dre, F. Gary Gray, Kendrick Lamar) … but that’s not what the real hubbub is about. If you KNOW your Golden Era Hip-Hop history (and the lyrics that documented it) you’ll recognize Cube’s words from ‘The N!gga Ya Love To Hate’:

You ask me, Do I like Arsenio? / about as much as the Bicentennial / I don’t give a f*ck about dissin’ these fools / ‘Cause they all scared of the Ice Cube.

You know, back in the day, Arsenio passed on Ice Cube appearing/performing on his original 90s show. Think he might have taken that snub to heart? Well, nearly 20 years later, reconciliation comes with an incredible story. See, a young hot-headed Cube showed up to Arsenio’s set to give the host a piece of his mind for dissin’ the OG. He didn’t see Arsenio… but he did run into a young intern on the show who had just penned a movie script. The intern: John Singleton. His script: “Boyz In The Hood.”

Singleton convinced Cube to play the character that would become known to the world as ‘Dough Boy’ but there’s more… Cube always credits John Singleton as the man who got him to write his first screenplay (“Friday”)… and the rest is cinema (and Golden Era) history!

Arsenio has a hot show going so far. Check your local listings and check for it.

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