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Brother Ali and A Class Of Denver 5th Graders ‘Hang Out’ To Learn From Each Other (Video)

This is so dope!!! Part of what we love to do here is bring you coolness that just does not get to see the light of day elsewhere…but should.

5th Grade Students from Denver, CO interview Brother Ali to discuss names and their importance to the individual.
Paul Clifton

This Google Hangout interview features Mr. Clifton’s students asking questions to guide informative discussion that enriched the speaker and the audience. Ali thanked the kids for teaching him as he was signing off. In the beginning Ali was asked, “What kind of person are you?”

Ali answered, “Well, I try to be a good person… [v]ery connected to The Creator, to myself, and to my heart and other people, and to my community.”

(Note that he did NOT reply ‘the dopest emcee’ – or anything me-me-ME centered – Brother Ali showed up and showed respect and love to those children and they showed it right back. Hip-Hop is the culture. Ali is an example of how we’d love those in the Nation to live – reaching, teaching, uplifting youth… partnering with others (i.e. Mr. Clifton)… giving of self and offering to do it again and again when called up… with a spirit of thankfulness.)

In a word: DOPE!

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