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R&B: Summer Walker – “Come Thru” feat. Usher (Video)


This R&B sizzler checks ALL the boxes… Hella SEXY singer Summer Walker doing some hella SEXY singing. See and hear the visual proof and know the truth. Plus, the bonus… that beat (with the Usher sample). AND the cheat code: Usher Raymond featuring on the track and video!

“Over It” is out now.



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Defensive End Michael Bennett’s Other Job: Star Super Bowl Interviews (Video)

How about the best news coming out of the Super Bowl… the true highlight… Seahawks’ standout defensive end Michael Bennett switching helmet for the interviewer’s mic (or… um… smartphone). Pretty good. Pretty fun! Start above with dude interviewing Mark Wahlberg, Erin Andrews, and Alex Rodriguez; the and hit the jump for more media hijinx.

(Oh, you thought the Pats comeback was the ‘highlight’ though? NO! We’re in ATL baby. Falcons RISE UP… second to the Raiders though.

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De La Soul – “Greyhounds” feat. Usher

Can you believe there are still more bangers to drop from De La Soul’s new album “and the Anonymous Nobody…” though? You should, because here is another – “Greyhounds” featuring Usher. So dope… and there’s a story behind this jawn, too.

We were taking a break from recording to drive and get some food. Along the way we passed the bus station and someone in the car said, in a tour guide voice, “and to the left is the bus station where people come from everywhere to get their piece of Hollywood.” I immediately thought that would be a great song, having the entry and departure point of the story be the Greyhound bus station. A few weeks later, music from a jam session presented itself as a perfect fit for that subject, birthing the song “Greyhounds.”



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R&B: Usher – “Crash” (Prod. By Fallen x Carlos St. John)

New dope murzik (yeah, he put his foot in this) from Ursher (yeah, it’s misspelled, but you’ll get it when you play it)! This “Crash” single is some nice listening.


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R&B: Yuna – “Crush” feat. Usher (Video)

Yuna singing about her crush (whoever it is, that ain’t bad to be). Soothing sounds, and complementary visuals, set a lovely mood. It will touch you right in the feels. Sweet. “Crush” (featuring Usher) is off the forthcoming “Chapters” album. We’ll repost that pre-order link for you just in case…


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R&B: Chris Brown – “Back To Sleep” feat. Usher x ZAYN (Remix)

What!? Can tell when you been eating them pineapples, girl! These dudes – C. Breeze, Usher and ZAYN – jumped on a R&B remix track like they gone instantly get the ladies to hear it and jump directly into the sack!

And yep, you heard Chris. She got him saying her name… “Okay, Karrueche! Not mad at all bruh… not at all!


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Usher – “Chains” feat. Nas x Bibi Bourelly (Video)

I’ve had enough of running and running and running…

True (and likely even casual) Usher Raymond fans would probably agree that his talent is complemented by a care for humanity. From mentoring to speaking on the plight of his people, we’ve seen Usher in there doing what he could. Here he is now, along with Nas & Bibi Bourelly, letting his art (“Chains”) speak on social injustice today. As Nina Simone said, “It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live.”

Kudos, Usher.

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R&B: Rico Love – “Somebody Else” feat. Usher x Wiz Khalifa (Remix)

Rico Love has his debut album (“Turn The Lights On”) set for a May 19, 2015, release. The single “Somebody Else” is on it; and he leaked this remix featuring Usher and Wiz Khalifa. Listen for the real feelings conveyed on both feature artists’ real life breakups on this jawn.


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Redman – “Bud Like You” (Good Kisser Remix) [Video]

Hahaaaa! Reggie Noble (Redman) is a FOOL for retouching “Good Kisser” like this. He came straight from the soil – homegrown vocalization over Usher’s instant classic – with an homage to the good good.

“Don’t no bud get me high like you. Bang, bang, bang…”

You gotta watch y’all. And I gotta give props to Bad Magics for this dooby snack. Enjoy.


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DJ Blakmagic Helps ‘Usher’ In the 15-Year Celebration of the R&B King’s New Look Foundation

Good work by the homie DJ Blak Magic. A video recap of the celebration for the good work Usher’s New Look Foundation has been doing over the past 15 years. Scholarships for the youth; this year raising over a million dollars’ worth. Check out the celebs in the house, including but not limited to, hosting duties held down by fellow ATL-ien Ludacris.

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R&B: Usher – “Good Kisser” (DJ Jaycee Straight Tongue Remix)

BrlhtjmCAAI7VEjUsher obviously found a winner when he found that “Good Kisser” he sang about. Well, we got a winner when DJ Jaycee put his special powers on the song for this Straight Tongue Remix. Straight Tongue kiss… reminisce over your last one while you play this track (you’ll get the reference when the music drops). Dope mix!

Usher over a classic Pete Rock track?? mannnnnn this is such a no-brainer to play.
DJ Jaycee

FREE download below. Take a copy to go (another no-brainer)!


R&B/Soul: Usher – “Good Kisser” (NΞHZVIL Remix)

BiJhyhXCMAEMxO6I’m digging Usher’s new single “Good Kisser” & quite a few R&B remixes have popped up since then that also sound very good. Check out what THIS soulful NΞHZVIL remix is hitting on for Usher’s “Good Kisser.” Kinda nice.


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R&B: Usher – “Good Kisser” (Video)

Yep. Count on a video with extra Honey from Usher. Could have dubbed this an Eye Candy post. But there is the music. It’s good! Sure wish someone would toss bruh a shirt though (maybe one of the ladies…hmmm). “Good Kisser” is out on iTunes now.


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R&B: Usher – “Dive” (Video)

New video for “Dive” off of Usher’s latest album “Looking 4 Myself” that’s out now. If Usher wasn’t busy winning custody of his kids from his ex-wife Tameka Raymond he probably could have cross promoted this single more during the Olympics.  Usher may still be looking for himself, but at least he won’t have to worry about looking for his kids.

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R.I.P. Kile Glover (Cover Story)

It is with a heavy heart that we at report the passing of young Kile Glover, 11, stepson of Grammy-winning R&B singer Usher Raymond. The LA Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution both affirm that Kile died this past Saturday, nearly two weeks after sustaining critical injuries in a boating accident on Metro Atlanta’s Lake Lanier. When news of Kile’s death was first released, it was said that Kile’s mother, the former Tameka Foster-Raymond, requested an end to Kile’s suffering once it was determined that he could not possibly recover from the injuries he had sustained. Later, it was clarified that Kile had succumbed; a result of congestive heart failure. Regardless, Kile’s battle has ended. We cannot imagine the grief being suffered by those left to mourn little Kile. We can only offer our deepest sympathies to the extended family left to mourn in the wake of this tragic loss. However, to you our reader, we offer the following admonishment: If you have been so blessed to have a little angel or angels in your life, hug and kiss them NOW; while they are on this side! Whatever else you think is more important…it’s not. Rest in peace, Kile.
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R&B: Usher – “Climax” (Video)

New video for the Diplo produced “Climax” that is the official lead single for what will be Usher’s seventh album…..

Grandma Does Usher Dance Moves (Video)

I thought this was gonna be comical when I first read the title, but Grandma actually did a pretty decent job with the Usher dance routine right here. That’s wasup! Usher likes older women so she better slow it down a little if she’s in Atlanta…Haha

Usher Attacked By Woman (Video)

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerThis literally happened right down the street from our radio station in the Little 5 points area of Atlanta. Not sure what the chick was tripping about especially with her child crying in the background while she’s trying to beat up the R&B singer, but Usher seemed to have handled it the proper way short of just walking away.

Usher – ‘Next Contestant’ | ‘Bonita AppleBum Baby Blend’



Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl XLV Halftime Performance (Video)

At this point in the hip hop game I don’t understand all the hate that the Black Eyed Peas get from rap fans. The BEPs were basically a underground hip hop group that wasn’t getting support after two dope first albums with a heavy true school hip hop sound & influence. They also had some of the best performances in hip hop largely because they employed the b-boy element into their showmanship. Eventually Will.I.Am, Apl.D.Ap, & Taboo added an additional member in Fergie & switched it up & made their sound more universal to a world audience. People often criticize the BEPs, but today on the radio we’re inundated by garbage artists setting black people back 1000s of years with their buffoonery. Although I personally tend to gravitate to more aggressive & often socially conscious hip hop music I’m not mad at the BEP’s for being honest about where they wanted to go with their sound without any boundaries. I spoke to Will.I.Am on a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta last year & we spoke for about 45 minutes about his group, his career as a solo DJ (which often pays more), & loyalty to his bandmates. Will made it known that they’ve always just wanted to entertain people first & foremost & simply have fun. The key thing I got out of that conversation was Will.I.Am could have been a solo artist or producer but he said he’d be unhappy if he couldn’t perform with his group. He didn’t want to leave them behind. More importantly they wanted to entertain people & not be pigeonholed in any box. I can respect that 100%. If I have a fix for the old BEP sound I’ll just go back & watch some of the old videos or listen to the first two albums I have. I posted a few videos after the jump. Often I’ll hear some hip hop fans say Black Eyed Peas fell off years ago…..I disagree. In the global scheme of things I believe they are continuously ‘falling up!’

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