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Konshens – “Gal Dem Sugar” (Video)

You see the title, and I know you thought what I thought… Konshens better not be trying to ‘slick bite’ off Beenie Man and Mya’s “Girl Dem Sugar” or else. But hold up, you get into the music (which is good) and the video (yup, that good-good), and realize that it kinda is. However, I took this as Konshens’ channeling of the essence of that BeenieMya. Massive cool dancehall is the result. Nice!

Jamaican reggae and dancehall artiste Konshens presents the official music vide for his 2016 single, “Gal Dem Sugar,” directed by RD Studios and G. Spence. Filmed on location in Jamaica.


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Kranium – “Can’t Believe” feat. Ty Dolla $ign x WizKid

Kranium mingling dancehall and afrobeat to bring us flavor with some heat. Try a serving of “Can’t Believe” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign and WizKid). If ya likes, they gots… the download on iTunes… now!


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Machel Montano – “Waves” (Video)

Soca and more Socaaaa! Time for the dancing. Time for the sexy! Trust Machel Montano to deliver. “Waves” and waves. Soundwaves, ocean waves and Eye Candy that’ll make “Waves” all throughout the visuals.

Official lyric video for Trinidadian Soca artiste Machel Montano’s 2017 single “Waves.” Filmed on location across Trinidad and Tobago: Maracas Bay, Tyrico Bay, Las Cuevas, Fort King George, Mt. Irvine Bay, Parlatuvier Bay, Pigeon Point, and Castara.

Yep, I’m a fan!


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DJ Premier – “My Space Baby” feat. Cherub (Video)

You already know DJ Premier does work across the music spectrum, right? Not just Hip-Hop… think about that Miguel collabo and his work with Torii Wolf. And here is another abstract not-Hip-Hop track to add to the Preemo work list – “My Space Baby” (featuring Cherub).


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Shurwayne Winchester – “Wining Addiction” (Prod. By Right Lights Productions) [Video]

Okay, in advance, I am going to beg you all for some slack. I just found this on the Tubes. Salute to Shurwayne Winchester for this “Wining Addiction” song (produced by Right Lights Productions) and to EVERYONE responsible for bringing this visual to life.

To the THICK Honeys winin’ and grindin’ in the office in there… I… I think I might love y’all. I know I lust you (soooo HOT)!

Hella late pass…but daaaaamn #WiningAddiction


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Machel Montano – “Fast Wine” (Video)

Socaaaaaa! So a Honey so fine Machel Montano can’t even form words after darting out the barber’s to flag her down… leads him over land and across the waters to a “Fast Wine” party LOADED with even MORE Eye Candy??? Oh hell yeah this goes on the site tonight!

Something about that boat scene. Imagine Machel dancing his azz off on a boat over a female and Boat Man Sharkie looking like WTF… with no music! Baaahahaaa! Baby was THAT fine though.

#SpeedUpTheWine #Soca2017

(Oh… and the Honey’s name is Denisha Burton, and she is @_inhalemee on Instagram. And yes, we are already hunting for more on her!)


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Maya Angelou: ‘And Still I Rise’ (Trailer)

Miss Calypso? Really?! Wow…Had no idea. And it’s a good bet there will be much more stuff many of us did not know about the late great Dr. Maya Angelou in the forthcoming “And Still I Rise” feature. Watch the trailer above.

Dr. Maya Angelou’s legendary writings including I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Phenomenal Woman and On the Pulse of Morning are merely a few examples of how words can truly change the world. Although she is most well-noted for her poetry, Maya Angelou and Still I Rise celebrates her multiple talents including singing, dancing, filmmaking, academia and civil rights activism, how she inspired generations, pushed boundaries and never ceased in her long fight for freedom for all. Bob Hercules and Rita Coburn Whack’s extraordinary film seamlessly weaves the key messages of her poetry into the narrative of her life with rare archival footage, interviews and of course, recitals of her original works. Powerful, proud and prolific, Angelou’s story is one of true courage and creativity of a woman who fought for her beliefs and lived life to the fullest.
– HumanRightsFest

For more information, and the full program, go to

Little Dragon – “Celebrate” feat. Agge

“Celebrate” must have a bit more ‘umph’ put behind it by those looking out for the commercial interests of Little Dragon. The track (featuring Agge) has only snippets posted to the Soundcloud and Apple Music. All good. Well, good thing there’s always YouTube… for now at least. Hit play above to get an earful before anyone gets the bright idea to snatch this down (or reduce play length to 30 seconds).

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The Chainsmokers – “Paris” (Video)

Saw The Chainsmokers do “Paris” live on SNL (posted here) and had to see if there was a music video for it. Scooooore!

“Paris” is a single from “Memories…Do Not Open” recently released by The Chainsmokers.



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The Chainsmokers – “Paris” (Live Performance) [Video]

That most recent SNL was pretty good all the way ’round. Found out about a new school cool band, The Chainsmokers. Really liking this song, “Paris.”

Knowing now that they are a DJ duo, I also note something very ‘Hip-Hop adjacent’ about their style… not hollering “appropriation” or anything, just calling it out.

(Plus, did you see how HOT the Honey singing background on the left is. INSANELY gorgeous! Wish someone would tell me who she is. Because WOW!)


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DJ Yogi – “The Brunch Mix 04 08 2017” (Mixtape)

Time for some more dopeness from the homie DJ Yogi! Says it’s a “Brunch Mix,” but with AV8, KRS-ONE, Eric B. & Rakim, Xzibit, Peedi Crack, Freeway… must be planning an amped brunch. Click play. Start jamming. Protect that neck! Heavy nod factor.



Hiplet: Now Hip-Hop Is En Pointe (Video)

I will admit to turning a ‘side eye’ to Hip-Hop dance brought into a ballet milieu. Though I was not mad like the why-are-THOSE-PEOPLE-invading-our-artful-dance ballet purists. I was mad like F##K-their-fancy-shmancy-dancy-sh!t, we got our OWN legit dance practiced by the WORLDWIDE Hip-Hop Nation!

But seeing this helped me realize that whatever we do that aspires to LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, and HAVING FUN (word to Africa Bambatta and Soul Brother #1 Mr. James Brown) is a good thing.

A man of color forges a new art form that allows anyone to be down; first and foremost the have-nots and those previously left out. That art form grows, gets embraced by those for whom it was meant and is spread to, through and by everyone who enjoys it. Sound like a familiar story? This IS Hip-Hop showing its essence in another form, no less true. And it is beautiful.

So are the ladies doing it in the above mini-documentary. Wowee-wow-WOW. I love these HIPS… I mean Hiplet dancers!

(Hey, they are fine af ok? You see ’em. And if you’re mad at that, you can stay mad. Ha!)

Watch this. Enlightenment awaits. I was thoroughly edutained (educated and entertained, word to KRS-ONE). Bet you will be, too!


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WizKid – “Sweet Love” (Video)

Yeah maaaan! This “Sweet Love” video is documented proof to show you truth. WizKid the truth! Not because we say so, but because throngs of fans across The Motherland can’t be wrong. And look at all the lovely ladies losing their minds at the shows; passing out! WizKid bringing ’em out there over there.


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Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like” (Video)

Bruno Mars = Fun! Not our usual fare around here, but no doubt dude is an undeniable talent. Plain video canvas jazzed up with some stop-motion film tech and adept animated scribbling. All in support of a VERY catchy song off Bruno’s “24K Magic” album (out now).


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The Weeknd – “I Feel It Coming” feat. Daft Punk (Video)

The Weeknd has this new jawn “I Feel It Coming” that was produced by & features Daft Punk. Before hearing the song you already know it’s going to be the business, right? You are correct! Reward yourself by watching the visuals for the song.


This single came from the “Starboy” LP that dropped Novemeber 2016.


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Dance: Fourever1 – “All About Tonight” (Video)

Fourever1 is a quartet of four Bahamian identical quadruplets from the Bahamas. Four times the talent, four times the sexy. No, you aren’t dreaming… this is just that dreamy! Born in Miami (Florida, USA), raised in the Bahamas, discovered there by Randy Jackson – who is now their de facto A&R and manager. Check out the video Fourever1’s single “All About Tonight.”


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Classic Clips: Stevie Wonder – “Superstition” (Live On ‘Sesame Street’) [Video]

Stevie being the genius that gave us “Superstition” is enough. But seeing him do it live… Okay, that’s incredible; and enough, to be certain. But what will make your Sunday and New Year wonderful is that Stevie Wonder rocked ‘Sesame Street’ live with that joint!

It was like a funk & soul clinic for the kids: Talk about a Children’s Television Workshop!

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DJ Yogi – “The Brunch Mix 12182016” (Mixtape)


DJ Yogi has cheffed y’all up a quality blend of TIScarfaceQuad City DJs, 69 Boyz & K-NockAretha FranklinTears For FearsSadeBig Sean… and… and… some more! Is it Hip-Hop, Soul, Christmas, Gospel, Twerk, Bass music or what?? Well… YES!

The Brunch Mix goes all over the place like runny eggs.
DJ Yogi


The Step Team Building an Unbeatable Legacy (Mini-Documentary)

Wow. The brother said he and his team destroy their bodies preparing for a show they’ve won 11 years running! Wow… No let up, no chill! You can see why this is part of ‘The Greatest Homecoming On Earth.’ And you can see the rest of the ‘Great Big Story’ above.

The art of stepping—choreographed stomping and clapping—has been practiced by historically Black fraternities and sororities for decades. It’s a performance of skill and precision. And every year at North Carolina A&T’s “Greatest Homecoming On Earth,” Greek organizations hit the stage to compete for a coveted title. The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma have won the step show 11 years in a row. This year, as pressure to maintain their legacy mounts, step master Byron Hannah tries to lead his brothers to another victory.


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History Of Social Dance (Video)

You know, we really ought to be smiling (at least on the inside) when the babies are going hard with the dances they do. May not be WHAT we used to do, but you KNOW we used to go just as HARD with the moves.

Turns out that there is a reasoning and history behind it all. And it’s all good. Now, excuse me while I get my Whip-Nae-Dab on!


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