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Everett Whiteside aka RunWRC – “45 Forty-Fives” (Mixtape)

Ohhhh! My bredren from waaay back! This one put me on a flashback to us chilling at the station Thursday into Friday, then riding out in The Couch (my beige beater ’85 Caprice Classic), toting crates, and him rocking gigs Friday into Saturday and beyond! Memories. Good to hear DJ Soul (ha, going with the throwback handle) still doing the damn the right damn way… just like did when he was running the WVUA-FM Wide World Of Hip-Hop back in the guts of the Golden Era. Soul sent me a CD y’all. Fortunately, he included a link to the mix online, so he went new school enough for me to share with y’all. Up with the tech, but still…

45 Forty-Five Records mixed on two turntables; No Serato and no special edition remixes; Extended version of this mix coming soon

Thank you, DJ Soul (aka Everett Whiteside aka RunWRC) my University of Alabama schoolmate, for the blessing of “45 Forty-Fives.” And Happy Belated Birthday homie!!

(Click play and enjoy the stream above, and ooh’s and aah’s you get from learning where some classic Hip-Hop samples came from… and from memories of actually playing some of these jams on tapes and vinyl, if you were around back then. And keep reading for more great stuff after the jump.)


11870885_10204440967489808_9137526306450075964_nWhat’s up, my brother?! You know every time I make a mix CD, I think about you, college radio, and that Nervous/Wreck Beat CD I made for you. Not that I make many CDs these days (only 4 in the last 10 years).

I don’t know – this one in particular brought back college memories and seeing posts on Facebook w/ your musings on the current state/glory era of rap. I thought I’d send you my latest offering…If you get a sec, let me know what you think.

(Excerpt from the letter… yeah, a handwritten letter, Everett included with the CD and some running stickers.)

avatars-000033221379-joy9l7-t500x500And Everett has his running club up in Oregon running things! Check out the healthy zen of this Hip-Hop Nation citizen at (hmm…maybe I should connect him and the homie Gerald Olivari with The Remix and the Movers & Pacers Running Club he’s down with).



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