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Sports: Clemson University Wins The 2019 College Football National Championship (Video)

It still stings. A whuppin’ will do that. But the better team won last night, and I am ready to say it… capitalized for effect: The Clemson Tigers Pounced Upon, Pounded Down, And Prevailed Over The Alabama Crimson Tide (my Alma Mater) To Win The College Football National Championship.

Clemson is the best football team in the land. They beat us… DOWN! We were out-played, out-coached, out-willed. Period. The Tigers are UNDEFEATED and UNDENIABLE.

Congratulations to Dabo Swinney and his boys. And no, I am not angry, at all, over their win (no hate). When asked about his final message to the team before they came out to start the game, Clemson Coach Swinney said he told the players (1) to join him in reciting The Lord’s Prayer, (2) to play with joy, and (3) that he loved them.

Man. They won right then! They just hit the gridiron and made it official.

It was an honor for The Tide to meet real Champions on the field of battle. And an honor to watch it (on the big screen… munching on ‘super nachos’ and peach cobbler a la mode) with a living room full of Bama fans.

That’s my take. Coach Nick Saban speaks on the Alabama championship loss after the jump.

#WatchHighlightsAbove #UntilNextYear #CongratsChamps


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Comedy: John Cena Lampoons The University Of Alabama’s Football Players’ Academic Performance On SNL (Video)

Three judges (Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson) play favorites while reviewing students’ (Mikey Day, Vanessa Bayer, John Cena) projects.

Okay, knowing that @ojones1 is on the squad and that he is an Alabama alum and die-hard Tide fan aside… this is hilarious! Shout to A Tribe Called Quest and Dave Chappelle for getting eyes back onto Saturday Night Live for real back a while ago. So glad to have caught this ep. Damn O-Jeezuz, your school’s athletes research many of those ’round orange bananas’? And banana peel crust for real?? BWAAAAAHAHAAAAA!

But fair is fair. Read the @ojones1 commentary/response/rebuttal/whatev after the jump!

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Education: Ronald Nelson Chose To Attend The University Of Alabama… Over EVERY Ivy League School (Video)

This hits, and hits ME, hard!

I was once a high school senior with eyes on an Ivy League acceptance prize. I was this close…THIIIISSS (like three out of seven admission board votes) close to getting in, too. However, I fell way below Merit-Based financial aid thresholds; and with out-of-state fees, had I been accepted to Cornell University, I might have been even further in college debt than I am now.

(Spoiler Alert: I’m DEEP in that debt sh!t, yo. So deep that my poor Tuskegee, Alabama accent just went BK NY. Even though I’m 4-6 ’til the deep-six… son! And before you ask, homie, hometown Tuskegee University’s fees got higher than folks on the best Cali Bud just when I was ready to apply there. I definitely would’ve got gaffled with that debt, homie… Oh no, my accent just went ’90s West Coast Hip-Hop… poorly. Haaaaaa!)

But I did not get accepted to the one Ivy League college I pursued, unlike Ronald Nelson – an incoming Freshman to The Capstone (aka The University Of Alabama). Ronald, wise beyond his years, has made a bold decision to turn down offers (and aid) from EVERY Ivy League school that accepted him (ALL of them), and several other colleges, to attend UA.

Ronald did the math, and he kept the faith about his post-graduate future which will be rife with so many options.

After some thought and consideration of all the schools’ offers, Nelson decided it wouldn’t be worth the financial strain to use this money for his undergraduate education. He plans on going to medical school after college and knows he’ll be faced with more tuition costs.

“With people being in debt for years and years, it wasn’t a burden that Ronald wanted to take on and it wasn’t a burden that we wanted to deal with for a number of years after undergraduate,” Ronald Sr. said. “We can put that money away and spend it on his medical school, or any other graduate school.”

Plus, though I do not know Ronald’s overall ‘tude at his current age, I would have been SUCH an Ivy League azz-jack. I believe I am a better person for going Crimson Tide (UA) instead of Big Red (Cornell). An Ivy League a-hole in the hole financially. And noooo, going Ivy League does not make folks ‘holes (ex: our hella cool U.S. President went to Harvard)… I am just talking about me.

And to Ronald, who I praise for exhibiting such wisdom at such an early age: Bravo, sir… and ROLL TIDE!



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Everett Whiteside aka RunWRC – “45 Forty-Fives” (Mixtape)

Ohhhh! My bredren from waaay back! This one put me on a flashback to us chilling at the station Thursday into Friday, then riding out in The Couch (my beige beater ’85 Caprice Classic), toting crates, and him rocking gigs Friday into Saturday and beyond! Memories. Good to hear DJ Soul (ha, going with the throwback handle) still doing the damn the right damn way… just like did when he was running the WVUA-FM Wide World Of Hip-Hop back in the guts of the Golden Era. Soul sent me a CD y’all. Fortunately, he included a link to the mix online, so he went new school enough for me to share with y’all. Up with the tech, but still…

45 Forty-Five Records mixed on two turntables; No Serato and no special edition remixes; Extended version of this mix coming soon

Thank you, DJ Soul (aka Everett Whiteside aka RunWRC) my University of Alabama schoolmate, for the blessing of “45 Forty-Fives.” And Happy Belated Birthday homie!!

(Click play and enjoy the stream above, and ooh’s and aah’s you get from learning where some classic Hip-Hop samples came from… and from memories of actually playing some of these jams on tapes and vinyl, if you were around back then. And keep reading for more great stuff after the jump.)


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Woodlawn (Trailer)

Wow! Jon Voight, C. Thomas Howell, and Sean Astin show up to film what promises to be a movie that will give you chill bumps. The setting: Birmingham, Alabama. The set location: BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA.

That’s right. Hollywood star power comes to the Magic City to tell the true story of ‘Touchdown’ Tony Nathan (played by Caleb Castille, son of Alabama and NFL star player Jeremiah Castille). Watch the “Woodlawn” trailer tease the ups, downs, controversies, conquering and overcoming it took to get from the ‘Ham down the highway to play for Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s (played by Voight) Alabama Crimson Tide… onto the field and onto the pages of history.

In theaters this October.


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CNN Talks To Heisman Trophy Runner-Up ‘AJ McCarron’ And His Friend ‘AJ Starr’ (Video)

2nd place for the Heisman Trophy; 1st place in our hearts. Thank you, AJ McCarron, for showing us how a star shines. The University of Alabama quarterback became fast friends with a fellow student, AJ Starr, who he first noticed hanging around the practice field – rain or shine.

Great story. Makes me proud to be an Alabama alum. Roll Tide, AJ. Both of y’all!


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