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‘Friday Night Tykes’ Docuseries Follows Texas Youth Football & What It Is Doing For & To The Kids (Video)

Thinking baseball is still America’s #1 sport? C’mon man! It’s football. I’m from Ala-damn-bama… ROLL TIDE! So, trust me, I know how much a religious experience football in America can be. And peewee youth football, forget about it. At that level you have an insane mix of kids who are only beginning to learn what the spirit of competition is… and parents who have been possessed by that spirit. Came across this Esquire Network series ‘Friday Night Tykes’ (airing Tuesdays 9 PM EST) … named with an obvious flip on the movie and TV series title ‘Friday Night Lights’ (and the love of young folk football is related just as crazily in both). Now, Alabama is wild about its football; but Texas…

In America, football is king… and nowhere is football bigger than in Texas. With exclusive access to the 8 to 9 year-old Rookies division of the Texas Youth Football Association, this 10-part docuseries follows five teams on and off the field during the 2013 season. Throughout, coaches and parents offer insight into why they believe they’re teaching valuable lessons about discipline and dedication, but also grapple with serious questions about parenting, safety and at what price we’re pushing our kids to win.

You might be able to tell that this hits a personal chord for me. Got a li’l something after the jump that’ll show you why.


Picture 1In Texas, there’s nothing peewee about Youth Football.

Greenwood Raiders - Tuskegee ALWhatcha’ll know about them Greenwood Raiders though? Peewee football Sundays in Tuskegee, Alabama, were awesome! Photo courtesy of yours truly, #72.

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