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Meet the Lawyer Who Defends Anonymous (Video)

Sure, everyone knows of the hacktivists glamorized in the media for taking on ‘the powers that be’ all Matrix style. But in war, cyber or otherwise, the battles is also won by the logistics… the stuff that HAS to go on in the background (that does not get the glory)… and by those who carry out the less glitzy tasks. For Anonymous ‘warriors’ somebody’s gotta keep them out of jail! For that, there’s Jay.

You know Anonymous, the hacktivist group that performs cyber ops to advance social and political change. Now, meet Jay Leiderman, the California-based lawyer who represents Anonymous, pro bono. Leiderman specializes in cyber law and he’s become the go-to resource for cyber protestors. Armed with detailed knowledge of cyber policy, Leiderman’s goal is to change outdated computer laws.
– Great Big Story


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Who is Anonymous? (Documentary)

Anonymous. It’s a brand, a meme, and a movement. But who is Anonymous? Where did it/they come from? VICELAND is going in to get the scoop.

The notorious hacktivist collective Anonymous has targeted everyone from PayPal to the FBI. But a string of arrests have crippled the group. So who is Anonymous now?

Hint: The story isn’t all as “Mr. Robot” (you know, the USA Network series) as you might think. At least not at first.

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