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Meet the Lawyer Who Defends Anonymous (Video)

Sure, everyone knows of the hacktivists glamorized in the media for taking on ‘the powers that be’ all Matrix style. But in war, cyber or otherwise, the battles is also won by the logistics… the stuff that HAS to go on in the background (that does not get the glory)… and by those who carry out the less glitzy tasks. For Anonymous ‘warriors’ somebody’s gotta keep them out of jail! For that, there’s Jay.

You know Anonymous, the hacktivist group that performs cyber ops to advance social and political change. Now, meet Jay Leiderman, the California-based lawyer who represents Anonymous, pro bono. Leiderman specializes in cyber law and he’s become the go-to resource for cyber protestors. Armed with detailed knowledge of cyber policy, Leiderman’s goal is to change outdated computer laws.
– Great Big Story


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Meet Britain’s Jason Coghlan: A Criminal Turned Criminal Attorney (Documentary)

Better Call Saul Goodman… Or, maybe since this is gangster stuff, we should go with Tom Hagen – consigliere and legal counsel for the Corleone Family (The Godfather)… Real-life crime and punishment and reform and organized crime. Whew! Law and Order on steroids with no chill. The whole story brought to you as only VICE can.

This is the story of one of Britain’s most notorious reformed criminals, Jason Coghlan, who spent 16 years behind bars before he found an even more dangerous and effective pastime: studying the law. VICE gained intimate access to Jason’s life over two years, witnessing the rise of his legal firm, which explicitly caters to the gangsters of the Costa Del Sol in Spain. However, the echoes of his old life are never far away and a gang feud in Jason’s native Manchester threatens to unravel his new amicable existence.

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