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Aries Spears Speaks On Black Thought’s Funk Flex Freestyle And Challenges Young Rappers To Step Up (Video)

Lean in around 7 minutes in. You are gonna need to watch this entire clip. But Aries Spears is speaking REAL LIFE to REAL HIP-HOP in this. Right there #ThatPart

And yeah. Being young, of a different era, that ‘old heads did drugs, gangsta ish and money talk rhymes, too’… stop it with all that; and hold this ‘L’ if you can’t.

Wack was wack back then. And it is now.

Salute to ALL artists for the COURAGE it takes to share your gift. Respect. But we LOVE dope music. At best, we ‘cool’ on the rest. And when we talk about being dope, we speak to the greatest in rap We mean those who speak to the Hip-Hop Nation. Folks we can stand on 20+ years later.

I submit all the music I try-out to a 20-year test. Black Thought and those of his ilk (Andre 3K, Scarface, Common, and many more) passed. I submit that Joey Bada$$, K. Dot, J. Cole, A$AP Rocky… will pass that test. But a lot of that work that Aries sh!t on in this will not.

Time will tell. And bet it won’t take 20 years.


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Aries Spears Impersonates Jay Z, Shaq, Snoop Dogg, Charles Barkley, & Arnold Schwarzenegger On SportsNation (Video)

Aries Spears does some great impressions of Jay Z, Shaquille O’Neal, Snoop Dogg, Charles Barkley, & Arnold Schwarzenegger on SportsNation’s ‘Sound Like A Celebrity’ segment…

Comedy: Aries Spears – “F*ck A Book N*gga….Look At My Dance” (Video)

Comedian Aries Spears clowns wack hip hop music with his parody video called ‘F*ck A Book N*gga….Look At My Dance’! Parts of the video may not be safe for work but sh*t right here is HEE LARRY US!!!!