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Epiphany Morrow Tells Us Who He Is & What It Is And Speaks On African-American Music Month (Video)

Yep. Count on me to stay up with the homie Piph and to keep y’all informed on the very worthwhile moves of dude.

Arkansas native and creative MC, Epiphany Morrow, better known as Big Piph, has a story to tell. Through his music, poetry and spoken word, Big Piph is sharing his story every night all around The Natural State.
– Arkansas Tourism

Repping Black Music, his home state, and The Hip-Hop Nation & Culture… to the WORLD! My dude 🙂


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Big Piph – “Burning Embers” (Suitcase Session) [Video]

If you are a regular partaker of the greatness on this site, then perhaps you are familiar with my Arkansas bredren Big Piph (some know him as Epiphany, all good). If you are a first-timer or ‘infrequent flyer’ or just unfamiliar… click on the name or do a search on here for all the dope stuff dude does on AND off the mic. World traveler, Hip-Hop Ambassador (for real, for the U.S. Embassy no less), dope music collaborator, and much more. If you need to catch up on your Big Piph knowledge, do that. But definitely catch this “Burning Embers” jam he put down. Dope video!

Suitcase Session #7 Big Piph performs “Burning Embers” from his 3rd full length album “I Am Not Them.” Along with the rest of the crowd at last Hot Water Hills Music Festival, I was blown away by his performance with full band Big Piph & Tomorrow Maybe. He released his 4th full-length album “The Legacy Project” this month and is always active in strengthening the community by helping coordinate great educational programs such as Global Kids-Arkansas and Books & Bagels.
Mick or Mack



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Big Piph – “Big Boi” (Video)

Nah, not featuring Big Boi, the new musical video audio-visual presentation you are about to enjoy is entitled “Big Boi” (from the homie Big Piph aka Epiphany). Couple of takeaways…

  1. When Big Piph says ‘I Am Not Them’ BELIEVE IT!
  2. This joint is a BANGER!
  3. Honey in there is a BANGER! And thick! But she plays real slick #RealLove #YeahRight

Click and enjoy.

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Justin Paul – “Garrett Morgan” feat. Big Piph

It’s cool. You can clap with me. Feel good.

Don’t mind if we do. You already know the Piph is fresh off a different block… Little Rock. How different? Well, dude is on a song that’s worked terms like ‘Six Sigma’ and ‘Fiscal Year End’ into the rhymes. Who does that?? Oh, I dunno, kinda happens when hanging ’round an emcee with a Stanford degree. Biggedy BAM! MY dude.

See if you get the title and references in there. Oh, and get the FREE download of Justin Paul’s “Garrett Morgan” (also produced by Justin Paul).


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Big Piph x Tomorrow Maybe – “Untouchable in Deez African Streetz” (Video)

Two folks I feel honored to know – JayForce (really cool dude who is a real Force in ATL Hip-Hop and purveyor of The Culture worldwide) and the homie Big Piph (who JayForce has greenlit me to post on before). Piph is also a positive force in Hip-Hop worldwide; even teaching about the art/culture on a United Nations trip a while back. That’s right, and that ain’t all. Check out the ‘Experiences’ section of his site for his globetrotting edutainment and real life adventures.

To me… What is really so dope though… To this day my brother answers when I call, does what he can (for whoever he can), and is a straight up and down good person… who just happens to be one fly azz emcee! I have borne witness to that since back when he appeared on a talk show I produced years ago.

As Biz rapped, “Damn it feels good to see people up on it!” See Big Piph back on it in the Motherland. Got a montage-style video above for him and his band Tomorrow Maybe doing “Untouchable” live.


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Big Piph (aka Epiphany) – “WHY.” (Prod. By Heartbeatz) [Video]

“I rap cause I’m choosing to live before I die… that’s Why.”
Big Piph

Big Piph with that good Hip-Hop for your life (at the best price for your budget… FREE.99). This is the visual (above) and FREE audio download (below) for “WHY.” More info on Big Piph himself after the jump.



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