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Bk Cashmere – “Untouchable” (Video)

Hardbody with the rhymes and punchlines… coming off like a toupee… feeling like he’s “Untouchable”… It’s hotness to rock with from Bk Cashmere that you will want to fux with. All you gotta do is press play and find out. You’re welcome in advance!



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Pusha T – “Untouchable” (Prod. By Timbaland) [Video]

The new President of G.O.O.D. Music has been announced. A quarter-million a year, and that don’t bounce.
Pusha T

So, Pusha T letting go of some new heat has gotta be a pleasant surprise to any and all Hip-Hop heads out there. But I wonder if anyone was, at least, a little surprised at his move into the boss spot of the imprint.


Turns out that the video for “Untouchable” (produced by Timbaland) above is a might short. Gotta head over to Tidal to see the full video for the song. Business moves already. Peeping…

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Big Piph x Tomorrow Maybe – “Untouchable in Deez African Streetz” (Video)

Two folks I feel honored to know – JayForce (really cool dude who is a real Force in ATL Hip-Hop and purveyor of The Culture worldwide) and the homie Big Piph (who JayForce has greenlit me to post on before). Piph is also a positive force in Hip-Hop worldwide; even teaching about the art/culture on a United Nations trip a while back. That’s right, and that ain’t all. Check out the ‘Experiences’ section of his site for his globetrotting edutainment and real life adventures.

To me… What is really so dope though… To this day my brother answers when I call, does what he can (for whoever he can), and is a straight up and down good person… who just happens to be one fly azz emcee! I have borne witness to that since back when he appeared on a talk show I produced years ago.

As Biz rapped, “Damn it feels good to see people up on it!” See Big Piph back on it in the Motherland. Got a montage-style video above for him and his band Tomorrow Maybe doing “Untouchable” live.


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