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The ‘Blaxit’ Movement: Young Black Conservatives Believe President Trump Can Make America Great For Them (Video)


Okay, get past that feeling because this is actually worth watching; at least to get another point of view you might not have considered. It’s like what Killer Mike was saying on his Netflix show (“Trigger Warning”): You need to actually engage people with views that differ from your own.

In October of 2018, hundreds of young conservatives of color met up in Washington, DC, for the first ever Young Black Leadership Summit: a four-day conference that featured speeches from conservative actress Stacey Dash and firebrand Candace Owens, a trip to the White House to hear Trump speak, and a rare chance for young, black Republicans to get together and network IRL.

VICE’s Lee Adams went to the summit to talk firsthand with young, Black conservatives about what drew them to the Republican party, along with what kind of backlash they’ve faced from the black community for going public with their political views. To find out more about the movement, he also tagged along with Antonia Okafor—an outspoken Second Amendment activist—on a hunting trip in northwestern Iowa with Steve King, a House Rep who’s been widely criticized for his racist comments. Lastly, he met up with Shekinah Geist, a Black Republican and budding social media influencer, and sat in on a conversation between her and a group of peers from the local Black student union who challenged her on her support for President Trump.


All this said and shown… this is NOT an endorsement of the GOP or President Trump or the views shared. But it IS an earnest sharing of different point of view (the VICE video and this blog post on it).

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Black Democrat Gets Clowned By A White Republican In Florida Over An Incorrect Jay-Z Quote (Video)

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest Jay-Z fan although I respect his talent. I think my biggest issues maybe with so-called Jay-Z fans. I’m talking about people who probably never listened to his first album “Reasonable Doubt” but will debate with you about how the album was the hottest thing on the streets when it came out. Yeah right. Those same fans will quote a Jay-Z lyric to you, but don’t realize the line was borrowed from Biggie or some other lesser known rap artist. (See I’m A Writer Not A Biter for example). Most Jay-Z fans like the congressman in this video are caught up in media hype & into all the drama of Beyonce & Jay-Z’s reported business dealings instead of the art.  In the above video a Black Democrat in the Florida house tries to use Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” song to make a point in his argument, but he’s gets clowned by a white republican who corrects his inaccuracies with the lyrics he used. Hilarious & sad at the same time. It figures a Republican would get Jay-Z lyrics correct because after all…. Jay IS a “Black Republican” right?….***Cue music***