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They Live And Die By The Code: No Snitching! Dame Dash & Kanye West’s Shoot-Em-Up “Honor Up” Coming Soon (Trailer)

Kanye produced this, Stacey Dash in here, and so is Dame. Many reasons to hate if you are looking for ’em. But if you are looking for what looks to be a good pick for a ’bout that life’ flick shot with a good budget and some vision… “Honor Up” got you maaaan!

Peep the trailer.

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Damon Dash Speaks On His Cousin Stacey Dash ‘Cooning’ For Cash On Fox News (Video)

That’s her job right now: To evoke emotion on that platform… Either way, she’s my cousin.

What Dame is on: Yes, associate the name Dash with cash, but NOT with ‘coonery’… and NOT with Republicans! Well, say what you want about Damon Dash; but he is going to say what he is going to say and mean it. Family or not.

Above he goes straight ahead on the hot topic of the minute – the craziness his cousin Stacey is spitting on Fox News (especially against BET) for the entertainment of White people. But the balance and majority of the interview is about his business and movie moves on deck. Good watch!

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Comedy: Stacey Dash Masturbating, Smoking Weed, and More in Her New Series Debut (Video)

Stacey Dash … mm mm mm. She might’ve lost some fans over her politics; but she is still sexy. And don’t forget, funny! ‘Stacey Dash Is Normal’ is her new video series, and this first episode (above) is called ‘The Dip.’ Stacey gets kinda spacey during the course of her daughter’s birthday… as she was not invited to the celebration… fumbles her way into some masturbation… and some “elevation.”

…and *ish like that. Yeah. Watch.

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