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Fat Joe And Remy Ma Turnt ‘All The Way Up’ For The Hometown Turnout (Video)

Great energy, and the crowd displayed the proper level of insanity when The Don hit the stage.

Fat Joe & Remy Ma shut down a free hometown concert in the Bronx.
– TrueExclusives

But deeeeeem! Remy came out later looking thicka than a double chocolate snicka blizzard! Whew. Anybody missing Summer yet? #RightHandUp #LeftHandUp


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Chris Rivers Performs @ 2015 A3C Festival TuneCoreLive Showcase

The A3C 2015 festival has kicked off and Wednesday night it was all about the showcases.  I hosted the Tune Core Live stage (Shout out to Tune Core & Swisher Sweets) lot of great acts on the bill.  One of the acts is an artist who we post up on on the regular that is Chris Rivers.  He rocked the crowd last night with great energy lyrics and some dope freestyles.  Check out video above and click after the jump for more footage!  The festival continues on from October 7-11 so be on the lookout because you know & Beatz & Lyrics will be all over it.

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Camp Lo – “Life I Love” (Video)

Nice visuals help to bring a project to life.  Camp Lo is doing a good job with creating nice visuals for their most recent project Ragtimes HighTimes.  Their latest video is for the track “Life I Love” a smooth track with the beat produced by Ski Beatz (he produced the entire album).  You have the Diamond Crooks Sonny Cheeba & Geechi Suede leaving a bank with a bag full of money and riding through NYC.  Now how did they get that money who knows? Like some 70’s playas though they didn’t run from the bank they walked out the from door now how cool is that.  The toothpick avengers still pulling off heists LOL!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Camp Lo x Ski Beatz – “Fort Apache” (EP)

Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede are back with another one! In choosing the title, “Fort Apache,” the Bronx emcees are no doubt referencing the infamous 41st Precinct of their burrow (the inspiration for the 1981 film Fort Apache the Bronx). Known for pushing the vanguard of Hip-Hop by infusing throwback vibes in their delivery, Camp Lo once again brings 70’s-to-early-80’s-inspired ghetto flow into the 21st century with unparalleled skill. Check Track 3 for proof of that (zoo-zoo-zoom). In addition, Camp Lo gave producer Ski Beatz “complete creative control” (get it? Nasty Nelson? from Boomerang?) of the beat-making for this six-song EP. Good choice. Good music. Check it out & the tracklisting below!

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Bronx Day Atlanta 2012 Interview on Love Ultra Radio

We talk to three strong brothers from Co7 about their annual event in Atlanta as they present ‘BRONX IN THE CITY 2012’. We play music from Fred Da Godson and a new track from our homie StaHHr called ‘Crown’. They cover all the events including a daytime bar-b-cue and even a skate party. From the Sunday Brunch to the All White party, they still focus on community based efforts for families and children in the summer. + will be there! for more info,