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Love Ultra Radio Presents: Snoh Aalegra (Mixtape)

I get a Sade feel from this singer. She’s good. Touches me in the feels. Deep, like she’s trying to haunt my soul. Shout to my folks at Love Ultra for a mix that I Love Ultra! Press play and let DJ Jah Prince take it away…

Curated tracks from her projects including Don’t Explain, Bad Things ft Common, I Want You Around and more!
The Love Ultra Radio program airs Tuesdays from 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm EST and dedicates the playlist to soul, urban and pop-fresh music, then adds a comedy segment & motivational moment, geared for a mature audience.


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Love Ultra Radio Interviews Ras Kass (Audio)

Shout to Iman Lexington for posting this Ras Kass interview recording because I did not get to tune in live (fail). But the folks continuously getting interviews like this over at Love Ultra Radio and ought to make you (and me) redouble efforts to tune in EVERY Tuesday from 9 to 11 pm EST. Jah Prince with ANOTHER dope interview for real Hip-Hop… the stuff that ‘they’ are NOT gonna even try to do for us… Jah does for us regularly #JahBLESS #DaasMaad



Love Ultra Radio Interviews Skyzoo (Audio)

Aw man! My bad family. I have been meaning to share this interview with Skyzoo on Love Ultra Radio from a while back. Respect to Iman Lexington for keeping me in the loop and posting the recording. Dope interview! Shout to host DJ Jah Prince, too.


R&B Songstress Des Monroe On ‘Love Ultra Radio’ (Live Interview Tonight)

Here’s a word from the wise, and if you’re hip you’ll take the tip. Iman Lexington (yeah, she is wise, and THE PLUG) shared that (1) Love Ultra Radio is back on the platform again TONIGHT (2) with special guest Des Monroe. You know, Des with her debut project “Twenty” out on Tidal and a bunch of other streaming spots. The First Lady of Xth Power… that Des Monroe. The 2019 Takeoff ATL Urban Music Awards nominee for Best Female R&B Performance, Project/EP Of The Year, and R&B Female Artist Of The Year… that Des Monroe.

If you are still not knowing. LEARN! Tune in to the homie Jah Prince by clicking the Listen Live option and choosing ‘DaFlavaRadio1’ at You can even dial 712-432-8479 on any phone and listen live. You CANNOT miss this. You don’t even need a radio to jam to the radio tonight! Live mixing, good chat, engaging host, hot guest, and I.Lex gave it her bless… Yep, I know where I’ll be at 10pm (Eastern). In fact, I’ll be there jamming EARLY. Join me!



Activism: Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr., Interview (Audio)

I was totally geeked when Love Ultra Radio had friend of the family, mentor, educator, civil rights activist, and Kingian scholar-practitioner Dr. Bernard LaFayette on for another Black History Month interview! Like #WakandaForever level excited!

Love Ultra Radio caught up with Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette. Hear why training and knowledge are important when organizing a movement, the goal of accomplishing peace via non-violent acts, and how that strategy is used effectively throughout our history. Listen to the first step of non-violent activism organizing, the importance of researching your roots, and what inspires Dr. Lafayette, Jr., to continue the necessary forward movement to complete his mission. Also, read and support his book, “In Peace And Freedom My Journey In Selma” (available on Amazon now).

Follow Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr. learn, listen and share his lessons and become a part of the non-violence movement for equality and justice.

– Love Ultra Radio

Here is the audio for the full interview.


Love Ultra Radio May 2015


Listen to another segment from the syndicated mixshow with host/dj Jah Prince. This episode includes new music from Raekwon, Kenny Lattimore and Elhae in addition to our fam Noel Gourdin, Rapsody, Case & The Foreign Exchange. There is even a little #PopFresh c/o Marnie!

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CharlieRED x Love Ultra Radio


DJ Jah Prince talks with the duo CharlieRED on Love Ultra Radio syndicated in Gambia on Vibes 106.1FM and cover the release of their EP ‘Religion’. We speak about the single Kansas, Norah Jones and Radiant Child as they reflect on being independent artists with creative freedom.

find them online at

J. Tait Love Ultra Radio Interview

Love Ultra Radio Interview

During this fun episode we talk Soulsinger J. Tait about his current EP, ‘Things On My Mind’, and how he represents the next generation of talented vocalists in Detroit City. We cover his travels on the road with Dwele, and we really mean ON THE ROAD & in the air as they just returned from Kenya. J. Tait gets into a little sports, politics and his new effort to help those out of work/homeless like our honored war veterans.

Love Ultra Radio CD – Part Seven (Urban, Soul, R&B) by Jah Prince

Love Ultra Radio is a live mix show heard weekly on by DJ Jah Prince and syndicated in Gambia via Vibes 106.1FM. These selected tracks range from current urban and neo-soul artists (many heard for the first time here). During the last 3 years, the mixes move from pop to soul to club classics and this will showcase that effort. Jah Prince is the official DJ for the monthly ‘POWERSHOOT’ and industry mixer held at House Of Blended Ink (HOBI) . This blog will always have the first link! #Salute

Twitter: @LoveUltraRadio @HOBI_ATL @JahPrince
Facebook: Love Ultra Radio

Rapsody x Love Ultra Radio

Rapsody Interview with DJ Jah Prince

During this episode we talk with Rapsody about some of our favorite songs featured on Love Ultra including key cuts from her album ‘The Idea Of Beautiful’. We question her about rappers who touch social issues & politics in their rhymes, her being influenced by the mighty Zulu Nation and the tight family known as ‘It’s A Wonderful World Music Group’. We hear a real soulful North Carolina hip hop album showcasing her unique style, touching briefly on her great association with producer 9th Wonder and get to the bottom of how the track ‘Fly Girl Power’ with Estelle came about.

Love Ultra Radio CD – Part Six (Urban, Soul, R&B) by Jah Prince

Love Ultra Radio is a live mix show heard weekly on by DJ Jah Prince. As you can see, the tracks selected are a mix of current urban and neo-soul artists (many heard for the first time hear). During the last 3 years, several major steps have been made to network including working directly with this blog as both brands strive to bring good music to the fans. Jah Prince, the monthly ‘POWERSHOOT’ official DJ and the dynamic partners of House Of Blended Ink (HOBI) are set to release Mix CD #6. This blog will always have the first link! #Salute

Twitter: @LoveUltraRadio @HOBI_ATL @JahPrince

Listen + Download Individual Tracks Mix (HERE)

Meleni Smith x Love Ultra Radio

We chat with Meleni Smith about her style, humble rise & grind in the industry and cover the transition to becoming a solo artist. With the creation of her current album ‘My Heart In Focus’, we found two tracks, ‘Only A Fool’ & ‘Love is my Disease’, the best showcase her vocal talent. She is surrounded by great record writers and vocalists from the beaches of California, to the top notch ‘Premier Studios’ in Manhattan. She still reps for Harlem, New York City and you get a true sense of the Hip-Hop influence just as much as pop. One of her tracks is scheduled to be featured on the next Love Ultra Radio Promotional Mix CD, just check back here at!

Estelle – ‘Thank You’ (Video)

Gotta salute Estelle with this video as we see some candid shots of this soulful singer and her life on tour. Cameos in the end included the wicked producer Jazzwad, celebrity dancer John Hype, Beenie Man, Patexx, Iyara, Bawse Dawg and the Grung Gaad himself Bounty Killer as she stopped of in Jamaica. This song is off her album All Of Me and was also featured on the Love Ultra Mix CD – Part Two.

A funny scene is her being led to the stage to perform on the beach and she looking back at security guard like ‘HELP NUHH’ and then her trying to form the ‘A’ with her fingers to rep for ‘The Alliance’. As we celebrate Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence… This reminds me why ‘Jamaica Nice!’
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Love Ultra Radio CD – Part Five (Urban, Soul, R&B) by Jah Prince

Love Ultra Radio Mix CD 5

Another installment of the promotional mixtape that compliments the ‘Love Ultra Radio’ urban mix show heard Tuesdays on Many of the songs were first blogged about here at with some added cuts straight from da purchased iTunes vault of host/dj Jah Prince. Selected joints range from Mary Mary, SWV, Daron Jones, Raphael Saadiq and Stacy Barthe to name a few. Love Ultra Radio is also syndicated in Gambia via Vibes 106.1FM and has a fan base from UK to Jamaica straight back to Kenya.

Twitter: @LoveUltraRadio

Lady Anya x Love Ultra Radio Interview with Jah Prince

Anya Interview Love Ultra

Tonight we interviewed Lady Anya Kvitka and ask about her new ANYA: EP which features some dope production from snack|BOT and Hippie Sabotage that accompany her strong vocals. Sometimes mistaken for her visual appeal, Anya was a classically trained pianist and loves to showcase her skills anywhere from a small venue to a community stage. She reps for the West Coast and the true essence of Hip-Hop just as much as pop and jazz. One of her tracks will be featured on the next Love Ultra Radio Promotional Mix CD!

Find Her: + Twitter: AnyaMeowz + Tumblr:

Yolanda Zellous Love Ultra Radio Interview with Jah Prince

Yolanda Zellous Interview

Now let me start this post carefully… this interview with author Yolanda Zellous was about her new book ‘Big Boned Women’. I will try to invite her and the plus sized models she represents c/o Star Sized Studios for part two of the interview BUT let me just whistle the song, “i like big butts and I cannot lie….”. In the book the women share their personal life experiences to provide a clear illustrated message that will create a new reflection of confidence in big boned women. This book shows that she is also a ‘queen of all trades’ including scouting talent for movies and plays. Enjoy the music mix also following the talking.

Find her online:

K.Michelle ‘Saving Our Daughters’ Project & Mixtape Release

Straight from Love and Hip Hop (Atlanta) this is the front cover from the next K.Michelle project. Fans have waited for this mixtape for some time and it’s good to know she teamed up with Trendsetter DJ Sense. Now it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the show on VH1 or if you just want to hang up her photo, she has talent and a story to tell especially because of her work with ‘Saving Our Daughters’.

The main OATH PROJECT objective is to encourage 50,000 teens and 250,000 adults with preteens to be oath and action takers by August 31, 2012. The Oath gives 8 immediate action steps to prevent bullying in their lives and around the world. Go to the Oath tab to take the OATH and take ACTION today!

Contact Info
Phone: 1 (866) 437-5770

Follow on Twitter: @KMichelle + @KMichelleFans

K’Jon Interview x Love Ultra Radio

We catch up with K’Jon and he breaks down how long he’s been in the music game as a singer/songwriter representing Detroit. He definitely represents the Hip-Hop culture first and foremost even if some of his current works ‘sound’ like R&B. He has rapped his way to the top of several Billboards charts with ‘On The Ocean’ over the last two years while still remaining an independent artist. K’Jon has been and is determined to stay lyrically consistent with his message and with the corporate endorsement from OXYwater he is set to be promoted on a national level. Find him on Twitter: @whoISkjon + @teamKJon

Check the video to his current single Bad Girl featuring Trina:

Stacy Barthe – “Keep It Like It Is” (Video)

Dope visuals for this track that was a high request to be added to the Love Ultra Mix CD #4. Yes it has that cool reggae vibe so the water and waves fit perfect as we move into the summer. Keep It Like It Is is produced by Grammy Award Winning Supa Dups from the Black Chiney Sound System, and is taken from the “In the Inbetween” EP available now via:

Director/Editor: Joe Dietsch
Producer: Dannie Fite

Dwele Interview x Love Ultra Radio

Love Ultra Radio Dwele 052912

We speak with Dwele about working on his next album and how he relates to his fans touring from city to city to continent! We also get around to ask him about his personal life… well really about him and his ‘Dawg’ Rockstar. We always love to keep in contact with this artist and anticipate another Grammy Nomination for this 2012 project as he kicks it off with the single ‘What Profilt’.

Twitter: @therealDwele
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