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Ya Boy B talks Beards, Business, & Men’s Grooming on Odell’s Roundtable

On this episode of Odell’s Round table Brandon Patton aka B wit tha Beard joins the discussion.  Ya Boy B has built a huge following online with the great value he provides for Beard care & complete men’s grooming.  Relocating from California to Atlanta he has built his business from the ground up.  Putting his focus on the product and truly helping his customers, keeps people coming back.  He touches on how you can build the following online but must take things offline and connect with the people.  One thing is true to be successful the work has to be put in and you must have persistence and consistency.  Check it out and let me know what value you get from it.  Be sure to check out Evan Alexander Grooming products as well Click Here!

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Trends talks Grassroots Marketing & Business on Odell’s Roundtable

Odell invites Leon Brown AKA “Trends” to the Roundtable.  Trends is at the top of his game in regards to promotions & events.  He has taken his brand from throwing parties on Memorial Dr. to thousands of party goers invading Georgia Freight Depot.  An early adapter to message boards and building a community from the ground up.  He has repeatedly kept pace with the market and doing his part to no pun intended set his own trends.  Taking his marketing skills on to a successful business with Customer Mojo this episode will definitely help encourage you to push on.  So sit back and enjoy take notes and you will have some good laughs here as well!

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London Based Fitness Expert “Kemo Marriott” Speaks on “Living Life in Motion” by Odell Simmons

Each year millions of people say they are going to get fit, eat better, and a host of other things.  To make matters more complicated every year new fads and diets hit the market claiming to make miracles happen. I wanted to help cut through the nonsense and speak with someone who could give sound advice.  This brings me to Kemo Marriott a fitness expert, trainer, and music lover who travels the world sharing his knowledge.  Based in London, England yet Kemo can be found across Europe and when we spoke he was residing in Bangkok, Thailand.  So check out interview below where Kemo gives some tips on nutrition, fitness, and his nomadic lifestyle.

Odell: I came across your profile while reading a UK version of Men’s health magazine then started following you on Instagram. Your page is one of the highlights of my day. Full of fun videos of you working out shopping at the market or just doing a dance while enjoying music. What’s your main goals on how you use social media?

Kemo: Haha thanks so much for the kind words!  For now, Social Media- Instagram in particular is an outlet of creativity.  It’s a no holds barred insight into my life.  I know that for the most part, I’m portraying an active, healthy lifestyle but want to do so in a loosely entertaining way. It’s a continually evolving process, but I’m hoping that my following continues to grow so that I can work with interesting brands, whilst continuing to travel the world.

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John Lewis: Bad Ass Vegan (Exclusive Interview)


Photo Credit: Eye Recap Photography

A favorite phrase that I love is Health is Wealth something I state quite regularly. Sometimes when the conversation starts to get organic people start to check out. Alkaline water, Vegan food, juicing that’s not Hip Hop or is it? Rappers and liquor companies have partnered for decades Sprite and Taco Bell have used Hip Hop in campaigns also. Times are changing, some artists are promoting exercise and nutrition rather than beers & popping pills. I had the pleasure of speaking with John Lewis better known as BadAss Vegan about Nutrition and business. We also discuss his new partnership with Styles P of the Lox regarding his Vegan Smart product. John is not your typical Vegan so this is not your typical interview. He provides tips on how you can transition into the Vegan lifestyle. Before you ask trust me John knows your struggle he is not some hippie that grew up on nuts and berries. Rather someone who grew up in Ferguson/St. Louis an area known for their Beer & BBQ. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi so he knows about college campus eating habits as well. We cover it all and he also provides encouragement about taking that entrepreneurial leap. So now get ready to learn what it takes to be a BadAss Vegan!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Drake Speaks The Truth In His ‘Obey Your Thirst’ Documentary (Video)

I agree with Drake in many of the points he made in this new Fader mini-documentary. I’ve given advice to artists all the time about similar things as to what’s said in this interview. Most don’t listen which is probably why they aren’t as successful as they’d like to be on their OWN terms. Stay focused.

“Coming up in Toronto, people told Drake to move to New York if he was serious about making it. Instead, he stayed where he was and made history by proving that if you’re a truly multi-layered artist, you can make it from anywhere. “Do it the way I did it,” he says in the above Obey Your Thirst documentary. “Do it from where you’re at. If you have the music, that’s all it takes.”

Now, at the top of his game, Drake says he competes not with established legends or other top-sellers, but with the countless kids itching to take his spot.  Now that hip-hop’s playing field is more open than ever before, Drake knows
there are countless kids itching to take his spot. Those up-and-comers are now his competition, not any established rapper. “That’s how I try to keep pushing this forward,” he says. “Just to let that kid know that I’m not done yet.”

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ArtByOdell Welcomes Atu & Dpat of the ‘Soulection’ Crew To Atlanta (Audio)

ArtByOdell sat down with local Atlanta promoters HomeTown Heroes to discuss their first ATL event. On the bill they had Dexter Brandon of Kolossus Records along with Thrice Groove of WERC Crew.  To headline the event was Dpat & Atu of Soulection who made their Atlanta debut.  Like past Soulection DJ’s (LAKIM, Jo Def & Sango)making their first trip to ATL Dpat & Atu spoke with ArtByOdell. The discussion talks music what inspires them and their international backgrounds.  Odell also speaks with Dexter Brandon 7 Thrice Groove both DJ/Producers telling him what they have planned for listeners in 2015.


-ArtByOdell Twitter / SoundCloud
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RADIO: AB+L Welcomes DJ Jo Def To Atlanta (Audio)

ArtbyOdell. Radio Host (shout to Beatz & Lyrics). Music Journalist. ATL insider. When you got ‘juice’ you leverage that. Case in point: The homie O-Diesel sat down and got dialed in with Producer/DJ Jo Def of the Soulection crew for an exclusive interview on behalf of the great folks over at The interview covers the Vibes 2 event where Jo Def will be making his Atlanta debut! Will Edmond of the WERC Crew (promoters of the event) sits in on the ArtbyOdell/AB+L interview, too.

The Vibes 2 event goes down May 29, 2014, at the Sound Table on Edgewood (Atlanta). Stay tuned for a live mix by Jo Def on the day of the show (all this brought to you by ArtbyOdell& New Rules New Radio)! But for now, check out the interview audio…including some VERY dope mixing and blending!


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Estelle Gets Wide Open about Sex, Love, & Happiness (Video) (Video)

My homegirl Estelle speaks up about her upcoming album in the fall and the slightly more sexual lyrics from her latest EP, Love and Happiness Vol 3. As a grown woman with a diverse background, we love to see that she knows what levels to accept in the music business and the bedroom.


Estelle ::

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RADIO: AB+L Welcomes DJ LAKIM To Atlanta (Audio)

Yessir! The homie ArtbyOdell, Radio Host/Music Journalist you can hear on every Beatz & Lyrics show here (follow @BeatzLyricsATL), had an exclusive sit-down (at Atlanta’s recent Sound Table event) with Soulection member and Producer/DJ LAKIM on behalf of the great folks over at The interview also includes Will Edmond (Marketing & Event Mgr with the WERC crew) who was responsible for bringing LAKIM to Atlanta. ArtbyOdell speaks with LAKIM about his musical inspirations, his debut LP “This is Her” and more. Edmond also discusses what he and the WERC crew want to do for the Atlanta party scene and why it was important for them to bring LAKIM to spin in Atlanta.

Listen to the interview. And make sure you stay tuned into for more. Download the AB+L radio free mobile app (at and take the music with you wherever you go.


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Tupac’s Former Body Guard Frank Alexander’s Last Interview (Video)

This is the last interview from Tupac’s former body guard, Frank Alexander. You might remember him from his appearance in the Biggie and Tupac documentary. Haunting when you think about it. This is footage of a man in what would be his last days speaking his last words (for the most part)… including comments on the last days and last words of his friend. Five-part interview. Parts 2-5 are embedded after the jump.

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CharlieRED x Love Ultra Radio


DJ Jah Prince talks with the duo CharlieRED on Love Ultra Radio syndicated in Gambia on Vibes 106.1FM and cover the release of their EP ‘Religion’. We speak about the single Kansas, Norah Jones and Radiant Child as they reflect on being independent artists with creative freedom.

find them online at

DJ Jazzy Jeff Speaks With More Than His Hands On Seattle’s Sunday Sound Session (Video)

“While in Seattle to judge the Red Bull Thre3style Regional Finals, the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff sat down with DJ Hyphen and J. Moore from KUBE 93.3 FM’s Sunday Night Sound Session on 2/25/13. The trio discussed all things related to DJ’ing, from Jeff’s background to how he became one of the most in-demand DJ’s in the world, including his philosophy on a DJ’s responsibility, the rise of DJ’s in popular music (while it seems to wither within hip-hop), and whether or not “real DJ’s” should take requests. He also told stories about the early days of his work with Will Smith, transitioning from rocking parties in Philly with the Fresh Prince to selling millions of albums and touring worldwide.”KUBE Sound Session
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Talib Kweli Appears On Snoop’s GGN Network (Video)

Talib Kweli stops by Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion aka Nemo Hoes‘s GGN Network to spit rhymes & speak on a variety of topics from the difference between the early New York & California hip hop scenes, emcees they respected like Jeru Tha Damaja, Das Efx, Rakim, KRS-ONE, Souls Of Mischief, Freestyle Fellowship, & more.   A key point of interest in this interview is how Snoop Dogg & Talib Kweli explain how both of their son’s favorite rappers introduced them to newer artists like Wiz Khalifa & Ab-Soul.  The GGN Weather Girl explains how she likes fat guys…..
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The Round Up with Shaheem Reid: Busta Rhymes (Video)

“In the premiere episode of the The Round Up, host Shaheem Reid presents an in-depth interview with Busta Rhymes. Busta speaks on being a recording artist for the past 20 years, working with artists from Diddy to Q-Tip and how he’s seen the music industry evolve.” – The Round Up
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Etana x Sunsplash Mix Show Interview (Reggae)

We are elated to have The Strong One, Etana with us for this program and find her relaxing with her daughter as we talk about EP, ‘Reggae’. Released thru VP Records we hear the variety of reggae and Afrobeat and Etana shares her views on being a mother, artist and her recent trip to Kenya with Tarrus Riley. This mix also features some of my favorite current songs and then new music from Iba Mahr, Queen Ifrica and a special from Mojo Morgan.

J. Tait Love Ultra Radio Interview

Love Ultra Radio Interview

During this fun episode we talk Soulsinger J. Tait about his current EP, ‘Things On My Mind’, and how he represents the next generation of talented vocalists in Detroit City. We cover his travels on the road with Dwele, and we really mean ON THE ROAD & in the air as they just returned from Kenya. J. Tait gets into a little sports, politics and his new effort to help those out of work/homeless like our honored war veterans.

Rapsody x Love Ultra Radio

Rapsody Interview with DJ Jah Prince

During this episode we talk with Rapsody about some of our favorite songs featured on Love Ultra including key cuts from her album ‘The Idea Of Beautiful’. We question her about rappers who touch social issues & politics in their rhymes, her being influenced by the mighty Zulu Nation and the tight family known as ‘It’s A Wonderful World Music Group’. We hear a real soulful North Carolina hip hop album showcasing her unique style, touching briefly on her great association with producer 9th Wonder and get to the bottom of how the track ‘Fly Girl Power’ with Estelle came about.

Sean Price as ‘Seanwuar’ Interviews Pharoahe Monch (Video)

The influence of Hip-Hop’s nerdy eclectic Nardwuar in Hip-Hop is undeniable. Hahahaaaaa! Sean Price goes in as ‘Seanwuar’ – interviewing Pharoahe Monch in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY, USA before a gig. Great stuff! Enjoy.

And don’t forget that Sean Price album “Mic Tyson” (due out October 30, 2012).

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Gods’Illa – 2012 A3C Performance (Video)

Nice. Gods’Illa sent in the above video and interview from A3C 2012 this past weekend in a hurry. Much appreciated. Above is an abbreviated version… Full-length version is waiting for you after the jump.
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Meleni Smith x Love Ultra Radio

We chat with Meleni Smith about her style, humble rise & grind in the industry and cover the transition to becoming a solo artist. With the creation of her current album ‘My Heart In Focus’, we found two tracks, ‘Only A Fool’ & ‘Love is my Disease’, the best showcase her vocal talent. She is surrounded by great record writers and vocalists from the beaches of California, to the top notch ‘Premier Studios’ in Manhattan. She still reps for Harlem, New York City and you get a true sense of the Hip-Hop influence just as much as pop. One of her tracks is scheduled to be featured on the next Love Ultra Radio Promotional Mix CD, just check back here at!