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A Look Back: LeSean McCoy on Moving to Buffalo (Video)

Not gonna armchair manage the whole Chip Kelly situation (um…former situation) with the Philadelphia Eagles. But check out the clip above that hearkens back to the NFL’s preseason. LeSean “Shady” McCoy seemed to have made peace with making the move from Philly to Buffalo, and things sorta worked out. Injury concerns aside, McCoy likes the coaching situation better; and maybe he and the Bills can do better next year.

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Buffalo Bills’ Shawne Merriman’s NFL Comeback Workout (Video)

Shawne Merriman is looking forward to the next NFL season; and he DEFINITELY plans to be there in solid form! Check this vignette to see how he is working his way back to being in prime condition (after his achilles injury) over the break. Man, note the intelligence built into this workout: No slacking, but no uselessness (i.e. not necessary to run 10 miles to workout when Merriman will never run more than a few yards a play). Impressive all around. Morning motivation!
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Buffalo Bills WR David Nelson Scores Touchdown Then Runs The Entire Length of the Field to Kiss & Hug His Girlfriend Who Is A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (Video)

This is what I call “doing waaaay too much”. I can see if Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver David Nelson’s girl Kelsi Reich was suffering from cancer or something but running the whole length of the field just to give your girlfriend a football while your team is getting CRUSHED by the Dallas Cowboys is too over the top in my opinion. She’s probably kickin’ it with a Dallas Cowboys player while he’s out in Buffalo anyway. (Simpin’ ain’t easy…Simpin’ ain’t eaaaaaaaassyyyyyyyyy). If I was the Bills head coach I’d pull him to the side & remind him that while his girl is in that Cowboys cheerleader uniform that she is the enemy. Plus his team got their ass kicked by the Dallas Cowboys 44-7.

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