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Ken Hunned – “Workout” (Prod. By Marvel Hitz) [Video]

Ken Hunned… self-professed artist, father, and dream chaser… repping Dallas, Texas! Something new for the masses. Just like this “Workout”

Different for us, but good different. Plus, something we always check for, Eye Candy. But wait, these Honeyz got beef to cook… so we are gonna keep it Ken Hunned and let ’em work it out in the ring in this “Workout” video.

Boom! Pow!

(Check out the Ken Hunned docu-short afterthe jump.)


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No Script: Marshawn Lynch ‘Directs’ The Film Crew Through A Beast Mode Workout At The Beach (Video)

They are NOT going to like what’s coming… Bear crawls, up-downs, rope ladder drills, and DROP!! Hahaaa! All with a lot of GOT DAMN cussing from their ‘director’ for the day. Work ’em, Coach Lynch. Take ’em through a Beast Mode beach workout!

#BeachMode #NoScript

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Conan’s Wonder Woman Workout With Gal Gadot Leaves Him Feeling A Little Less Manly (Video)

Hahaaa! Conan will leverage his intense Girl Scout training and weak-looking legs in attempting to to get as fit as Gal Gadot did to deliver in her “Wonder Woman” role. Gal trained for six months. Conan will try to get on Gal’s level in 35 minutes.

Conan Works Out With Wonder Woman Gal Gadot – CONAN on TBS
– Team Coco

True to the TBS comedy credo… This clip was ‘very funny!’


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Buffalo Bills’ Shawne Merriman’s NFL Comeback Workout (Video)

Shawne Merriman is looking forward to the next NFL season; and he DEFINITELY plans to be there in solid form! Check this vignette to see how he is working his way back to being in prime condition (after his achilles injury) over the break. Man, note the intelligence built into this workout: No slacking, but no uselessness (i.e. not necessary to run 10 miles to workout when Merriman will never run more than a few yards a play). Impressive all around. Morning motivation!
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60 Year Old Man Is Fit By Doing Over 700 Push Ups A Day (Video)

This is crazy inspiring to see a 60 year old guy doing over 700 push ups plus 10 sets of pull ups & dips 5 days a week. The NYC resident’s daily routine has kept him looking more hardbody than most dudes half his age