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Bang Fit: “The PornHub Method of Physical Fitness” (Video)

We are in the middle of Summer and many people are still trying to get their summer bodies together.  The gyms are packed with people working to stay in shape.  What if I told you there is an alternative you never thought of and it involved Porn?  Let me bust your bubble some because it’s not just watching porn on the couch and losing weight.  PornHub introduces you to Bang Fit.  They have devised a fitness game that involves you getting in shape by turning your sex life into a fitness game.  You just have to watch this video to understand.  So cancel your gym membership and get in the bedroom!

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Kendrick Lamar – “These Walls” (Video)

Recently I was watching Comedian Corey Holcomb‘s “5150 Show” and he mentioned that he was going to be in the upcoming “These Walls” video by Kendrick Lamar.  If you know Corey then you know he is hilarious so I knew it was going to be something worth checking out.  Well the video has now dropped and it didn’t disappoint.  Kendrick has it titled correctly as a Black comedy because it is an 8 min piece.  You know how Kendrick does he gives you humor and a message all tied in together.

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Comedy: “She Tryna Sex” (Video)

So fellas have you ever been chilling with a lady and it looks like she is giving the signal to get the bedroom gymnastics going on but you were completely wrong?  Well I think we have all had one such encounter and the guys over at Dormtainment TV bring this to life with a funny skit to have you laughing. Adding some spice and eye candy to the video Laila Odom guest stars as the honey giving off the sexy signals.  Dormtainment does a great job of using current pop culture references that you definitely can identify with.  .

When the signals get crossed, the script gets flipped.

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Comedy: A Few Clear Signs That A Woman Is NOT ‘Dateable’ (Video)

If you are on a date with a lady and she pulls out a selfie stick to capture the moment for social media she probably isn’t dateable.  The good people over at Your Black World Films, a division of the site YourBlackWorld, created this humorous video.  Trust me you will chuckle as they present different types of ladies that are just undateable!  Watch and ask yourself if you have been on a date with one of these ladies?

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Comedy: Oakland Raiders WR Rod Streater’s ‘Beats By Dre’ Ad Dissing Little Girl Selling Cookies (Video)

Rod Streater, who plays wide receiver for my favorite NFL team the Oakland Raiders, drops this hilarious new spoof of the ‘Beats By Dre’ commercials we’ve been seeing featuring athletes like Kevin Garnett, Colin Kaepernick, & Richard Sherman. Rod may not be waiting on his ‘Beats By Dre’ endorsement, so instead he’s promoting his new (fictional?) ‘Beats By Streets’ product. Check out how the Raidernation’s hero deals with a little girl going door to door selling cookies. Guess he ‘wasn’t trying to hear it’. Hilarious!

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Say Grace For The Pum Pum (Video)

ANOTHER hilarious video from Roger B, ‘A Cunnilingus Prayer’ covers healthy behavior of adults and how men need additional protection from the most high! Eating aka nyam-ing and the stigma facing Caribbean men/women is still a personal choice and this just adds to the jokes DJ, selectors and bloggers will chat-bout for the rest of the summer, however could this become the norm?

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Chinese Hospitals Introduce New ‘Sperm Extraction’ Machines (Video)

Hahahaaaaaa! GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE! See, I tried to read this with an open mind… for real. Then I realized the article was pulling my… leg… when I got to the part of the writeup that referred to this “technological innovation” for extracting a sperm donation as a “hands-free goo-getting gadget” (WTF)! Science gone silly in this post. Full article linked after the jump. Read it if you want. Take it how you want. But what you want to do now… is click and watch the ‘flick’ above. HILARIOUS!
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Comedy: ‘The Avengers’ Gag Reel (Video)

Marvel’s The Avengers film was one of the best superhero flicks to have dropped this year & was the third highest grossing film of all-time behind The Titanic & Avatar. The sequel for & The Avengers 2 movie is slated to drop May 2015. In the meantime the good folks over at Marvel dropped this gag reel on the web of the bloopers & funny outtakes while shooting the summer blockbuster.

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Comedy: Meek Mill vs. Kevin Hart (Video)

Two of Philly’s favorite sons were engaged in a good ‘ol fashioned snap session backstage during Meek Mill’s ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ tour recently. Comedian Kevin Hart took on Meek Mill & his crew as they traded jokes at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles prior to the show. Meek Mill’s debut album ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ drops October 30th.  Amen!

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50 Things About Jamaica (Video)

Seriously there is Reggae, Coffee, Rum, Fish, Sun, Beaches and more than 50 more things… but THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE…. eh, I will not spoil it for you. To all my Caribbean, African and American friends online, this is the best description of why Jamaica is the most influential country (period). And yes people, learn the 2nd Verse and sing it loud!! Roger B again… and the B Stands for ‘BOSS’ (LOL). Check out the 50 Ladies T-Shirt & Skirt below courtesy of CY Evolution….

Happy 50th Jamaica!
#TeamJamaica #Jamaica50

Directed by: Roger B Stillz
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Comedy: Diaries Of A Bathroom Attendant (Video)

Some might say this is a waste of a job but from the get go of this video we hear the declaration… “Okay let’s make this clear i am a Bathroom Attendant”. This was inspired by a segment on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and all the jokes are seriously funny especially, “Fellas watch out for the Do-do Daps” and “I don’t tip her because she’s doing God’s work“. -Jah Prince

Directed by: Roger B Stillz.
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Instagram = @Rogerbstillz
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Nas Speaks On The Time He Almost Got Into A Fight With Wesley Snipes (Video)

In a recent interview with Vice magazine, Nas speaks on the strange time he met Grace Jones but wound up almost getting into a fight with Wesley Snipes. Grace Jones aka Strange’ got ghost when the fight was about to break out….

Comedy: Brian McKnight Working On An Adult Themed Mixtape (Video)

The funny thing about this is…..I think he’s dead ass serious. Terrible…just terrible. Read the rest of this entry »

Naughty By Nature: Who’s Fault Was It On The Tour? (Video)

“While most of the shows that Naughty By Nature perform are usually packed to the ceiling. Every now and then, a promoter falls short and fails to bring a good crowd. Even after 20 years of performing, they still argue about ways to make the show tighter and who’s at fault when things go wrong. Backstage after a show, VinRock, Trigger Treach and DJ KayGee sit back and discuss what was wrong with that nights show.” – Naughty118

Rare Footage: Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong With Nunchucks (Video)

Bruce Lee is one of my life heroes, but there is no way in hell I believe this so called “Rare footage” of Bruce Lee playing ping pong using only nunchucks. Hahaaa! It appears to be a chinese commercial for a smartphone that’s being sold overseas although the phone appears to be very similar to the iphone. Debate amongst yourselves if this video is authentic or not, but although Bruce Lee did superhuman things & was an iconic leader for social justice it’s just impossible to me that he would be playing ping pong using nunchucks with such precision like that.

Comedy: Rapping with My Grandma (Video)

When dude’s grandmother does the “cooking dance” I damn near lost it! Hahaaaaa!!!

Orlando Magic’s J.R. Richardson Blocked By The Rim; Dunk Fail (Video)

Wasn’t this guy a Slam Dunk Contest winner?!?!?!

Comedy: Patrice O’Neal – “Elephant in the Room” (Video)

Rest in Power to great comedian Patrice O’Neal aka Pitbull who recently passed from complications related to diabetes (December 7, 1969 – November 29, 2011)….another reason to go see a physician if you do have any resolutions for the New Year. Your health is your wealth!
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Comedy: Tim Tebow Meets Jesus (Video)

This Saturday Night Live skit from Saturday night was hilarious. Basically Tim Tebow, who is a devout christian finally meets Jesus in this SNL skit & learns that Jesus is only helping Tim Tebow & the Denver Broncos in the 4th quarter of every game. Ironically Jesus says he wouldn’t make it for their game versus the New England Patriots. Hilariously the Broncos lost yesterday to the Patriots 41-23! Bwahahaaaaaa!!!

Comedy: Fake Kyle Orton’s Farewell To Tim Tebow & the Denver Broncos (Video)

Of course this is not former Denver Broncos Quarterback Kyle Orton, but this is still hilarious. The Denver Broncos continue to win despite Tim Tebow’s very suspect passing capabilities. Kyle Orton may have gotten a raw deal after dissing Tim Tebow then subsequently getting waived & ending up in Kansas City. Although this is pure comedy it’s probably how Kyle Orton is feeling right now. Hahaa! Meanwhile Tim Tebow is celebrating while dancing to the tune of “All I Do Is Win” below….
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