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Jadakiss Speaks on Biggie, Puffy, and “Why” With Combat Jack (Video)

J to the! D-Block General Jadakiss ready for Combat. This three-parter has Jada going over a myriad of topics like getting to know (and not like, at times) the real Puffy/Diddy, recollections of his time with Notorious B.I.G., on his Grammy-nominated single “Why.”

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DJ Premier Speaks On The 10 Crack Commandments, Defending His People and His Porn, and Golden Era Hip-Hop On The Combat Jack Show (Video)

Premier is definitely ready for Combat! DJ Premier is on this episode of The Combat Jack Show. The Golden Era producer/DJ is up for a three-part show post. Part one above (with recollection of how Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments” came to be). Part two documents DJ Premier defending his friend Mister Cee in light of the controversy with regard to his sexual orientation and alleged exploits… and talking about trading porn tapes with him. Then Primo and The CJS crew get into clowning about who they would hit (Sophia Loren… check)! Part three steers the convo back to Hip-Hop (in late 80s – 90s)… discussing the standards of The Golden Era. Parts 2 & 3 after the jump.

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Joey Bada$$ on The Combat Jack Show (Video)

Get ready for Combat! Joey Bada$$ is the welcome guest on this episode of The Combat Jack Show. If you are a fan of Joey Bad, you will enjoy this. If you are a Golden Era Hip-Hop fiend, this three-part post from an emcee with a 90’s aura will be a treat for you. Part one above; with parts two and three following after the jump.

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Large Professor on ‘The Combat Jack Show’ (Video)

A three part interview with Large Professor on The Combat Jack Show, and we got all three parts for you right here (parts 2 and 3 after the jump). Large Pro (in part 1 above) speaks… in response to props given for him changing the game, on meeting Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, and more.

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The Source Scores Prodigy’s First Post Prison Interview (Video)

Combat Jack & The Source Magazine score Prodigy’s first interview since he left the bing……In case you didn’t know Prodigy is also an author now too so check this out (PRODIGY’s BOOK)