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Kasai – “Pretty Boys” feat. Joey Bada$$ (Video)

Ha! Thinking Joey stole grub off A$AP Rocky’s plate this go ’round… Isn’t Rocky the one that calls himself the ‘pretty m***erf*cker’ though? Dope alt-pop sound from Kasai accented by the Bada$$ bars peppered on there.

Pretty Boys is the first release from London singer/songwriter Kasai. Starting out writing music in her bedroom just over a year ago, things have come together quickly for the young artist. The song was written in response to her female friends’ experiences on the dating scene. Her long-standing friend Joey Bada$$ heard of the track online and was quick to request a featuring moment.

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Casanova Speaks On Squashed Beef With Tekashi 69 And Joey Badass Speaks On Fatherhood (Video)

Dope. But wait though. Did Casanova say Rosenberg was a ‘wrong person’… on his show? Hahaa. Dude don’t give a what!!

Joey Bada$$ joins Peter Rosenberg on the latest episode of “Open Late,” where he breaks down his role on “Mr. Robot,” his love for Erykah Badu and reveals that he recently became a father. Plus, Casanova, Jackie Cruz and Mouse Jones join the panel to debate the XXL Freshman cover, Tekashi 69 and more.
– Complex

AraabMuzik in there (we see you) and Jackie Cruz (with the lacy boots, whew)!

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IDK -“Lil Arrogant” feat. Joey Bada$$ x Russ

BAAAARRRZ dammit!! Rap lyrics matter. And getting these emcees together showcases punchlines hitting like they’re throwing ‘punches in bunches’ in the ring. Banger!

(It’s okay if they come across as a “Lil Arrogant” … since they really are that dope.)


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Joey Bada$$ – “King Of The Jungle” (Prod. By Salaam Remi)

In. Out. Bing bang BONG! Joey Bada$$ going in raw!! No doubt Biggie (RIP) would be proud. Is Brooklyn in the houuuuse??? Yeah, yeah!!!

iron fist. #RIPBIGGIE
– Pro Era Records


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Joey Bada$$ Gives Props To Kendrick Lamar For His Role In Resuscitating Hip-Hop (Video)

Before we had [Kendrick Lamar], we was in a real critical condition.

Real talk and real respect from one of Hip-Hop’s best… all words from Joey Bada$$… about K. Dot and himself. Young star speaks the truth though. Kendrick has done a lot to keep the craft ‘alive’ and to keep a spot in the mainstream for some real Hip-Hop… AND Joey is one of the best emcees in the game today. #Facts

(Catch a clip above. The whole sit-down is embedded after the jump.)


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Smoke DZA – “The Mood” feat. Joey Bada$$ (Prod. By 183rd)

This really is a cool era we live in… as long as Smoke DZA is spiting like this, and we get verses from Pro Era’s Joey Bad like this, over a flipped beat like this! Guess what’s bizzack? BEATS and LYRICS maaaan!!


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Joey Bada$$ x Chuck Strangers – “80 Blocks”

Hold up…

“80 Blocks” has Chuck Strangers doing double duty, beats & lyrics work. But for the Pro Era comrade Joey Bada$$, it ain’t nothing but a thang. A very dope thang! Listen maaaan.


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Joey Bada$$ – “500 Benz” (Prod. By Statik Selektah) [Video]

Hooooolyyyyy sh!t!!! The beat. The lyrics! Thiz shiz iz so DOPE… I can barely stand it! Cool mood-matching visuals, too. With Statik Selektah on the track and Joey Bad rapping and riding out on it. Look, you can do three things: (A) Play this, (B) swear that you fux with Joey Bada$$, (C) play this banger AGAIN!

(And that ain’t a multiple choice, unless your answer is (D) ALL OF THE ABOVE!)


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Joey Bada$$ – “Temptation” (Prod. By 1-900 x Kirk Knight) [Video]

Another joint from Joey Badass’ album “All Amerikkkan Bada$$” (out now). This one is for “Temptation.”


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Joey Bada$$ And Statik Selektah Drop A 3-Song EP

Stat’s the DJ. Joey is the rapper. And together they put out a hella EP on us. All three songs are embedded below for your enjoyment (below)!

Joey Bada$$ – “Victory” (Prod. By Kirk Knight x 1-900) [Video]

The Courtside Project partnered up with Brooklyn emcee Joey Bada$$ to bring you the new postseason anthem “Victory.”

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Joey Bada$$ – “Land Of The Free” (Live Performance) [Video]

One of the things that could have been a casualty of Stephen Colbert’s move from Comedy Central to big network TV would have been the kinds of artists he booked. Fortunately, we are still getting to see the likes of Joey Bada$$ do their thing on The Late Show on CBS. Dope!

Rapper Joey Bada$$ makes his Late Show debut with a track from his upcoming album ‘All-Amerikkkan Bada$$.’


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Joey Bada$$ Says New York Hip-Hop Is Stale And New York Radio Is Not Helping (Video)

Respect to Joey Bada$$. We listen to him on that mic because when he touches mics, he continually earns that respect. Take in what he is saying about the stagnation in Hip-Hop. What he is saying about how things must and do change, including Hip-Hop. Caution: It’s gonna sting a bit of you are a boom-bap-over-trap or new-stuff-is-not-real-rap proponent. There must be a righteous middle ground though. Joey calling old heads on holding the youth in the game back… saying that to ‘Old Man Ebro‘… that’s some live and direct sh!t. But as an early 20-something who’s pretty much a vet, we have to let him say it.

Maybe we should really try to give space on the established (read: old) channels for new artists out here.

Now, of course, there is much more to this interview. But that part packs a punch.

(Okay, Joey. Message received. But we reserved the right to trash trash music.)

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‘Sneaker Shopping’ With Shoe & Microphone Fiend Joey Bada$$ (Video)

His dream shoe might be the All Day I Dream About… ya know. But you gotta dream about a possible dream collaboration between Joey Bad and ADIDAS. If you are into the shoe game heavy, that is.

Joey Bada$$ goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Alumni in Brooklyn, and talks growing up as a Jordan head and the mix of sneakers with politics.

Interesting. Joey comments on the former First Daughter from last administration rocking a Pro Era tee. Then he comments on Under Armour’s honcho stumping for the current President, Donald Trump. Kinda makes Joey Bada$$ a two-term political pundit. When it comes to apparel maybe. Maybe.

Ha! Watch and learn a bit Joey’s aspirations (non-political, basketball), choices in kicks (including a possible pick for his pops) and more.

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Joey Bada$$ – “Rockabye Baby” feat. ScHoolboy Q

Pro Era! Top Dawg! The latest leak out from the soon due out “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$” has Joey hollering out ‘f**k Donald Trump!’ and ScHoolboy Q ack’n just as much a damned fool right with him on it. Put this thing to bed like “Rockabye Baby!”


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Joey Badass – “All I Want Is You” (Freestyle) [Video]

IF you got an emcee – a REAL emcee – in your midst, all it takes is a dope beat and an opportunity, and mic magic can happen. How about… that Miguel and J. Cole jawn “All I Want Is You”… aaaand Joey Badass?

Yeah. Abracadabra muthaf**kers!

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Joey Bada$$ – “Land of the Free” (Video)

Give thanks now and give credit later. When you look above at this visual for “Land Of The Free” by Joey Bad… because we broke it down for y’all just the other day (okay, Joey did, but anyway, focus)!! Plus we got the pre-order linkage on deck for the AABA (that’s “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$”) LP, too.

You’re welcome.


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Joey Bada$$ Breaks Down “Land Of The Free” (Video)

What’s really cool about these videos where artists break their lyrics down… we get to learn not only about their throught processes with the lyrics, but about their thought lyrics as a person. For this Joey Bada$$ break down for his “Land Of The Free” jawn, even more so. DOPE!

Joey Bada$$’s politically charged track “Land Of The Free” was released on his birthday—and the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. It’s a single from his forthcoming album AABA but serves as his personal statement on the current state of America and his ambition to create change for the future.

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Joey Bada$$ – “Victory” (Prod. By Kirk Knight x 1-900)

Joey Bad still good with them flows. Taking no losses, and the streak continues with his latest “Victory” (produced by Kirk Knight & 1-900). Listen up up above.


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Termanology – “Top Shotta” feat. Joey Bada$$ (Prod. By Statik Selektah)

Now this is a dope collab situation. A Statik Selektah beat as the basis for some of Hip-Hop’s latest. As far as the flows, these young lions can go. Get at the “Top Shotta” duo – Temanology & Joey Bada$$ – above in the the stream and below on the “More Politics” album Term has coming in a couple of days.


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