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Crazy Mike Tyson Stories (Video)

As told by those who lived them, these are some of the illest instances of The Champ going full Mike on motherf**kers. They weren’t ready. Good or bad, they just weren’t ready for the level of craziness. Don’t know if you are even ready to hear these stories. But you’re going to. Press play.

(And that situation the L.O.X. had with Tyson… the winner and still champion crazy story… Catch that after the jump.)

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Ed Lover On ESPN First Take (Video)

I watched the show this morning on ESPN First Take as Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless welcomed former radio & MTV personality Ed Lover on the show. Every Wednesday they invite a celebrity guest on the show to talk about any & everything in the world of sports. In this segment of the show they talked about the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend situation that’s been all in the media as of late. Personally, I don’t believe Manti Te’o’s story he’s been feeding to the media. I have come to my own conclusion & drawn my own theory of what really happened that I’ve mentioned at length on twitter, but I do believe it’s about time the media moves on with it. I laughed out loud at Ed Lover’s repeated use of the word “Swag” in this segment. I found that to be rather “corny”. More behind the scenes video after the jump below…
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