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Sports: Magic Johnson Explains Why He Left The Los Angeles Lakers (Video)

Soooo, Lebron and Lonzo had their say on here. Now let’s hear from the man (and about the departure) they were talking about, shall we?

Magic Johnson explains that he wanted to fire Luke Walton, but Los Angeles Lakers executive Tim Harris wanted to retain him and identifies Lakers GM Rob Pelinka as the “backstabber.”


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Stephen A. Smith Speaks On How He Made His Way Into Sports Journalism And On Marijuana Use (Video)

Stephen A. gets a ‘loose’ as his situation will allow. You know, can’t really get smoked out on camera even when he is off work. Must maintain the rep. But he does tell The DoggFather about his body part preference on a woman (i.e. that he is a ‘bottom feeder’).

On the latest episode of GGN, Smith chopped it up with Uncle Snoop in the studio and told stories about climbing from New York City to the top of the sports media food chain, bringing Snoop on his early shows and, of course, the reasoning behind his famously anti-cannabis tagline, “stay off the weeeed” (“I got family members that do it, I got friends that do it, but it’s not about the weed, it’s about the fact that it’s costing you money!”)
– Westfest TV

Ohhhh and wait until you see the Stormy Fronts weather forecast (wow)!

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Flashback Footage Of Stephen A. Smith’s Strong Views On Black Men & Women, Dating And More (Video)

Yoooo! Okay, so Stephen A. is a man with priorities… getting his hands on the booty and them legs… PRIORITY! Ha! Can’t be mad at that, or at the frankness of these clips (above, and after the jump). Check out ‘another side’ of the sports commentator. Still giving out strong opinions though.

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Sports: Floyd Mayweather And Conor McGregor Will Fight August 26th (Video)

The fans wanted to see this fight… and it will be the biggest fight ever in the history of two people punching each other.
– UFC President Dana White

Respect for the sweet science or claims of cage fighting’s supremacy aside, Dana’s probably right. This fight has plenty of haters, each of its combatants have plenty of haters, and both boxing and UFC have haters. With that much hateration – and even more folks who follow either or both Mayweather and McGregor in the nation – this is another event to net Floyd triple figures easy!

And some pretty juicy scraps for everyone else involved.

Like it or love it (and Stephen A. will tell you which L he’s taking above, hahaa)… the fight is on! Hitting pay-per-view screens in August… It’s Showtime!

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Stephen A. Smith Says “Racism Doesn’t Exist” For Today’s Youth… They Strongly Disagree! (Video)

ESPN commentator and show host Stephen A. Smith stressed that “racism doesn’t exist” anymore and that “White folks got problems, too,” during a Black History Month speech he delivered at The University of South Alabama. He probably spoke his true convictions, as always. That doesn’t mean he’s not wrong. In fact, watch some youth (Black and White) school ‘folks’ [that believe in Stephen’s point of view]. They have an entirely different truth to share – that racism still exists – with FACTS to back it up. Impressive!

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Big Sean Joins Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless On ESPN’s First Take (Video)

Yep, MTV (Music Television) isn’t really focused on dropping music videos anymore. No Yo! anymore. Heads watch a lot of ESPN. Shout and RIP to Stuart Scott, and Stephen A. Smith, for steering the network into the Hip-Hop sphere. So, now we are hosting rap stars and debuting vids on ESPN. Like in this First Take episode here: We get Big Sean with his video for “One Man Can Change The World,” promoting the album (“Dark Sky Paradise”)…and they get a good amount of sports talk in, too. Talking about his Detroit Lions, his fav b-baller Steph Curry and more.

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‘Stephen B. Smith’ Joins Mike & Mike In The Morning (Video)

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Been said before. But a Stephen A. Smith commentary impression like this? Nah, we have NOT heard anything like this before. The ‘call in’ to ESPN’s Mike & Mike In The Morning was done by Frank Caliendo as ‘Stephen B. Smith.’

Icing on the cake… Stephen A. approves! Watch above – hilarious!

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Stephen A. Smith Speaking His Mind About Mayweather, The Power Of The Black Vote And More (Video)

Just saying, Stephen A. makes a good hedge mid-beginning of this clip: ‘In terms of anticipation‘ this will be the fight of a [quarter] century. Hope it lives up to that this weekend. Check out the often controversial, always outspoken Smith in this interview.

Never shy to speak his mind, ESPN host Stephen A. Smith joined Renada for an in depth discussion on the upcoming Mayweather/Pacquiao fight & reveals the real reason Mayweather is hated. He also explains why he wishes every Black American would vote Republican for one election; touches on NBA playoffs, Black athletes & more! A must watch!

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather Talks About His Tough Youth, ‘Toys,’ Manny Pacquiao And More With Stephen A. Smith (More)

“I have to…because he’s not just any other fighter.” – Floyd Mayweather

Stephen A. Smith was able to pull some good insights from Floyd Mayweather in this ESPN ‘All Access’ episode. For one, Mayweather was NOT ducking the upcoming ‘fight of the century’ AND an important two, he is preparing for his bout with Manny Pacquiao harder than he has for anyone in quite some time. Chopping wood, going old school with training techniques and intensity like a ‘Rocky’ movie. Despite the expected bravado, Floyd is SERIOUS about this upcoming fight (this Saturday, May 2nd)!

Now, okay. Fair warning: Co-host Skip Bayless is going to throw shade at Floyd (ex: “Now I KNOW he’s going to lose”). Look past that though, he touches on concerns expressed by insiders and onlookers worldwide: Mayweather’s ‘bluster’ compensating for a real ‘fear’ of Pacquiao, being embarrassed into finally making the fight, otherwise risking a lackluster legacy (were he to retire never fighting an obvious contender for his titles), and advanced age (38 years old) as a boxer, among other things.

WATCH! Great episode. Good point brought up by guest Michael Rappaport later in this culled-together clip, too. Everyone should hope for a good fight with a clear winner; and that there will be no shenanigans (interruptions by parachuters, bad decisions by the judges, etc.).

Of course, we also get a look at the house, the million-dollar car collection… you know the ‘toys’ (fun, but SERIOUS blingage)!

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Chris Rock Talks About “Top Five” And More On ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Video)

How about that. “Top Five” is in the top five highest grossing films at the box office. Talk of Tinsel Town to be certain. Here we have Chris Rock talking with the gang at ESPN’s First Take about the movie, some favorite athletes, use of the n-word and more. Made a quick pass at the lovely co-host, too. Ha! Chris ain’t slick…

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Fabolous Joins Stephen A. Smith x Skip Bayless on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Video)

Fabolous joins ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to talk about Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary concert, about if the Dallas Cowboys beating the Seattle Seahawks last week means they are really getting it together, about Fantasy Football and more.

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Drake On ‘ESPN First Take’ With Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless (Video)

Now that Drake’s new album Nothing Was The Same’ is getting some play on people’s sound systems he’s now making the media rounds at various outlets like ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless. In the clip above the Toronto kid speaks on his relationship with controversial Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. There’s more video below as he also speaks on his relationship with Lebron James

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ESPN First Take: Master P States His Opinions On Jay Z Entering The Sports Agency Business (Video)

The first rapper to enter into the world of representing pro athletes was Master P. By now everyone should be familiar with the infamous deal that former NFL running back Ricky Williams signed with the New Orleans Saints that didn’t go over well in his favor. Master P stopped by ESPN’s First Take to speak with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless to give his opinion on Jay Z’s entrance into the world of sports agency. Having dealt with the ups & downs of formerly running his no defunct NO LIMIT SPORTS agency, it was interesting to see Master P choose his words carefully without being negative or discouraging even though it feels like he’s saying it may not be the best move for a few parties involved.

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ESPN First Take: Nelly Accurately Explains Why Dwight Howard Left The Los Angeles Lakers (Video)

St. Louis rapper Nelly appeared on ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A Smith & Skip Bayless hours ago & he was on point with his analysis of a few topics discussed on the show. I watched the show live & found Nelly to be spot on about his analysis of why Major League Baseball is falling off as well as why more African-Americans are not gravitating to the game. The most explosive debate occurred when the topic of discussion turned to the reason Dwight Howard left the Los Angeles Lakers. If you follow me on twitter then you will know that I’ve addressed the elephant in the room involving Kobe Bryant for a while now. Although I don’t have a national platform like ESPN to express my opinion, it was a pleasant surprise to see someone like Nelly not play the political correctness game that most of these journalists do by just being very direct about what’s REALLY going on. The bottom-line is that although most of these NBA players respect Kobe’s talent, a larger number of them do not want to play with Kobe. I’ve spoken with a number of NBA players who’ve said similar things off the record. Nelly was spot on with his analysis regarding Dwight Howard but with him actually being friends of the Houston Rockets’ new center I’m sure to a lesser degree he may have indirectly spoken for him.

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Pete Rock On ESPN First Take (Video)

One of the top 3 hip hop producers of all-time, the legendary Pete Rock appeared on ESPN’s First Take this morning to debate the key sports stories of the day with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless. When I heard Pete Rock was going to be on the show I knew I was gonna tune in to watch it, but I did have some reservations because over the years Pete Rock has never been a very vocal person even in hip hop related interviews. After watching the show this morning it did appear to be a little rough for Pete Rock as his relatively shy & laid back demeanor was indeed overshadowed by Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless who appeared to pick up the bulk of the debating. Check out the first segment above & more video from Pete Rock’s appearance on ESPN’s First Take below…..
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Ed Lover On ESPN First Take (Video)

I watched the show this morning on ESPN First Take as Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless welcomed former radio & MTV personality Ed Lover on the show. Every Wednesday they invite a celebrity guest on the show to talk about any & everything in the world of sports. In this segment of the show they talked about the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend situation that’s been all in the media as of late. Personally, I don’t believe Manti Te’o’s story he’s been feeding to the media. I have come to my own conclusion & drawn my own theory of what really happened that I’ve mentioned at length on twitter, but I do believe it’s about time the media moves on with it. I laughed out loud at Ed Lover’s repeated use of the word “Swag” in this segment. I found that to be rather “corny”. More behind the scenes video after the jump below…
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Big Boi Puts Faith In The Atlanta Falcons On ESPN’s First Take (Video)

It’s a huge playoff game for the Atlanta Falcons this weekend as they take on the red hot Seattle Seahawks.  As of right now the Atlanta Falcons are a 2-point favorite to beat the Seahawks, but in their last playoff game they only scored 2-points total versus the Green Bay Packers.  No wonder people unwilling to give that vote of confidence in the Atlanta Falcons winning their first playoff game ever. Big Boi stopped by ESPN’s First Take & chopped it up with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless about Atlanta’s chances & believes they will do well if they stay out of the strip clubs before the big game.
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R&B: Brandy – “How High”

New Joints_ 12_26_12Brandy had a relatively good 2012 with her return back to the music & making a variety of promo runs & interviews. I was even surprised to see her on ESPN’s First Take speaking on sports.  Didn’t seem like people on twitter cared about what she was saying because all they could talk about was how her ass looked on the show. She did indeed look amazing though. To celebrate her great year & the upcoming release of her new album “Two Eleven” next year, she let go of this previously unreleased mid-tempo track called “How High”. I truly dig the song, but the only thing I wasn’t too happy about is when Brandy starts rapping under her alter ego “Bran’Nu”. In case you missed Brandy’s appearance on ESPN First Take check out the video after the jump…..


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Snoop Dogg Talks Sports with ESPN (Video)

ESPN posted some coolness on their visit with Snoop Dogg (they still call him Snoop Dogg… he said it’s Snoop LION now maaannnn) the other day. (Jayforce note: I still can’t get used to “Snoop Lion” so I’ll just shorten it to “Snoop” then.) Snoop knows a little something about sports – talking the talk about basketball (e.g. about the Los Angeles Lakers) and football. He even kicked the soccer ball around a bit. Good stuff! Start with the video above, then continue with the clips posted after the jump.
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T.I. Speaks On Mike Vick On ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Video)

T.I. hits the nail on the head in speaking on Mike Vick: No athlete brought such energy to Atlanta’s sports scene since Dominique Wilkins. The city hasn’t been the same since he left. Mike Vick is a high-risk-high-reward player… excitement personified… and T.I. (and the rest of us) have come to accept that about his play. Throughout the segment, Stephen A. and Skip of ESPN’s ‘First Take’ advised that Vick ‘settle down’ and not take so many risks. But T.I. stuck to his guns; advocating that Vick play Vick’s game. This is dope commentary from T.I. But Stephen A. made a good point in this segment: This will be the second $100 Million contract for Mike Vickwith no Super Bowl appearance to show for it. The jig is up! Time to produce.

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