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Marshawn Lynch And Colleagues Teach American Football At A Camp In Egypt (Video)

Marshawn Lynch. He ’bout that action, boss!’ And above you see a great way Beast Mode is taking action on the other side of the world – teaching American football to a full camp of eager attendees in Egypt. See more about this global sports education effort – American Football Without Barriers (AFWB) – after the jump.

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The Narcicyst – “Fly Over Egypt” (Video)

I am not real familiar with The Narcicyst and his music but I ran across this joint and I was instantly intrigued. There is always more room in Hip Hop for dope jams with a greater message, which The Narcicyst tries to present on this track produced by Bei-Ru.The video is dope also, as it captures the many sides of Egypt and its people. I have never been to the Motherland but videos like these gives me the motivation to get there…


Kanye West’s ‘Amazing’ Inspiration For The Egyptian Uprising (Video)

Someone posted a random video of the Egyptian uprising using Kanye West’s ‘Amazing’ as the inspiration for it all. The ‘Yes We Can Too’ banner really caught my attention among other clips in the video. Very Powerful video

Afrika Bambaataa/ Rage Against The Machine “Renegades of Funk” (Video)

Peace be unto the people of Egypt, for they have been protesting a little over three weeks now. This ordeal will definitely be one for the history books. Hopefully, the future author(s) will report what is happening in truth. I still remember the lies my teachers told me. I didn’t appreciate that. It’s still Black History Month so, I wanted to contribute to the remembrance of those that fought for what was right. Truly, everyday Black History should be celebrated. Never forget.

Best Regards,
Frank Yerby