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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 17 “Oooh Kille’m” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Good rest-up over the time off. Good van ride over to the hotel in England. Good sound check. Good chill time before the night’s show. Oh, speaking of chill… damn it got cold, right Steve? Bwaahahaa. All in all, no tripping just good times before, up to, and through the party set for this episode of Vinyl Solution. Until the crew gets stuck in the elevator…

We gotta draw straws to see who we gone eat…

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Uh oh. Drama begins. The fellas get out, but it don’t stop. After the party it the after party NO! It’s a mad dash back to pack and load into the van, to dash over to another show in Ireland (Cork; where Jeff and Skillz kille’m every time with that “Jump Around” apparently), then catch a flight, to do back-shows after that (Bristol, then Manchester).

You probably recognize the work of one Dayne Jordan on the episode’s soundtrack; some of the cuts posted here on the site. Dope,

Enjoy the ep.


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 17: Globetrotting From Capetown To Canada With DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

For Episode 17, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skillz finish strong in South Africa. Capetown… promo, press, radio, demo show at a school… all to work up interest and ensure high attendance for the party. And what a party!

‘Our job is, pretty much, is to go around the world and make people have a good time.’

DJ Jazzy Jeff

And after a job well done in South Africa, the fellas hop that ocean to get a week’s rest… then back at it! Cross country, east to west coast, Canadian tour… but in a NICE tour bus. More ‘chill time’ on this tour, but even down time on the bus is time for Jeff to work on beats in his rolling suite! Everybody can’t do this, but thanks to Vinyl Destination, everybody can ride along.


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