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Skillz – “All Night” feat. Regan (Prod. By Gavin Maestro) [Video]

Hey, Gav, this sh** is CRAZY!!!

There is only one thing wrong with this… NOTHING!

Little Regan is adorable. Skillz lyrical skills are still enviable. And that Gavin Maestro-produced track is undeniable. You might end up with this on loop “All Night”… or at least more than a few times. Dope!

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Skillz – “2019 Rap Up”

Yup. We all shook our heads at Jussie Smollett. But 2019 was about soooo much more. And Skillz was there for all of it. With his pen and pad apparently. But I know what we are all here for now. That “2019 Rap Up!”


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Mad Skillz – “2018 Rap Up”

The answer to that, “Where is that ‘2018 Rap Up’ from Skillz?” question… with a Lil Duval in there for the finish.

Here’s to everyone ‘living their best 2019’ starting now!


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Mad Skillz Speaks On Being Discovered By Q-Tip And The ‘Taboo’ Of Ghostwriting In Rap Then & Now (Video)

Ha! Writing is where the money is. Skillz peeped Missy Elliot’s pen game paying for fancy cars and was like, “I’m in!” Good check while chasing the dream on the mic… for real. Hear the Breakfast Club interview on that, Skillz’s early career, and much, much more!

Mad Skillz Talks Ghostwriting, New EP, Coming Up With Virginia Artists + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

(And yes, they talk about the ongoing Uncle Murder situation and year-end wrap-up game.)

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Skillz – “Murda Gram” (Uncle Murda Diss)

Holy sssshhhheeeeeiiiit! THIS is why you don’t come for Skillz on the bars! Dude been doing it since the 90’s, out of Virginia. Murda went down South, found a boom-bap bear on a mountain and kept poking it with a hot mic until it attacked.

It happens. And here… it happened BAD.

The battle might continue if Lenny drops a response to this response. But for now, Grant got grilled!


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Mad Skillz – “2017 Rap Up”

Now you already know the Hip-Hop Nation is not officially ready to let 2017 go until Skillz puts the Rap Up on it with a neat bow!

Hit on some of everything. Shouted out 50 Cent for the use of the “Big Rich Town” (“Power” HBO series beat) jawn. Sub-subliminal shot at Uncle Murda’s toes maybe? Uncle Lenny Grant’s Rap Up game has been major (and mad disrespectful, haaa) these past years.


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Skillz – “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes” (Mixtape)

Nice! Can’t tell us that you don’t pick up things from folks you are around. Traveling the globe for years with a Philly mixmaster like DJ Jazzy Jeff (check out all their Vinyl Destination stops posted on here) will let you pick up some stuff from pure osmosis. But this here, this is some training! Nice work from Skillz on this tribute mix to Philly he’s dubbed “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes.” Dope!!

Did a live broadcast yesterday playing some of my favorite music from one of my favorite cities, Philly!! I have a special place in my heart for Philly, its like a 2nd home to me! A few people asked me for it, so here it is…. hope yall enjoy this jawn! Cheesesteaks and Tasty Kakes! Shout to all my Philly fam! #215


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Skillz – “2016 Rap Up”


Who can get it for 2016? Well… ask The Game, Meek Mill, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Kaepernick, Brad Pitt and more… all in this jawn. It’s an annual tradition: Skillz tripping on the trip that we called 2016. Here’s the latest “Rap Up” from Skillz.

Ima go off. Ima go off right now.


Skillz – “2015 Rap Up”

Happy New Year I hope you brought in safely.  So many annual New Year traditions like the champagne toast, the ball drop, people letting gunshots off happen every year.  Well you can also add the yearly Rap Up by Skillz where the VA bred emcee touches on all of the highlights and low-lights of the past year.  There was plenty to choose from in the 2015 Rap Up from Police Brutality, Bruce Jenner, Drake/Meek Mill, Rachel Dolezal, to all of the popular dances.  All of these items and more are perfectly put into rhyme by Skillz.  Now let 2016 begin and provide Skillz material for the 2016 Rap Up!


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Vinyl Destination | “DJ’s In Paris” With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff with another Vinyl Destination episode, DJ’s In Paris going hard all across Europe. Top highlights? Number one’s GOTTA be DJ Ferno taking in the first-time-in-Paris experience with childlike wonder. Follow that IMMEDIATELY with Rich Medina talking with the crew right after the Paris leg, just before catching a train to Amsterdam for a break. That’s two. Round out the top three with Jeff’s closing comments about his back-to-nature themed room. Hilarious!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Vinyl Destination crew end a 10 show, 10 day run in Paris. It’s DJ Ferno’s first time in the City of Lights, so he explores the city and takes in some sights. After a few verses of “Mama I Made It,” it’s off to the gig. Jeff has a show with a dear friend, Rich Medina. The next stop is Amsterdam. With Rich joining the fun, the guys share some valuable information that makes him rethink his phone service. Feeling refreshed after some much-needed time off, the crew gets back in full gear with shows in Dresden, Germany, Warington, England and Oslo, Norway. Along the way, “Tickle me Ferno” emerges and Jeff finds out a tree grows in his hotel room.

Work hard. Party hard. Sure. But when you DJ, the party’s where you are – the Vinyl Destination (boom)!


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Uncle Murda – “2014 Rap Up”


Now Skillz was just mentioning that there were others doing wrap-ups that weren’t him. This one though. Well, you know what… you check it. We’ll say no more. This is “2014 Rap Up” by Uncle Murda; a redux for you. Spark that who did it better debate whenever you’re ready.


Skillz – ‘2014 Wrap Up’

I’m glad VA emcee Skillz is still doing his annual ‘Rap Up’. I’m even more excited that he had the ill producer BINK! on the track for this gem too! Enjoy…..and welcome to 2015!


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Skillz – “All My Favorite Rappers Are Dead” feat. Dayne Jordan (Prod. By Bink!)

Think “All My Favorite Rappers Are Dead” is a R.I.P. B.I.G. and P.A.C. and other fallen Hip-Hop greats? Well, a little of that… but a lot of direct jabs thrown in the direction of rappers who are still here but are not bringing the real anymore. Skillz calls everybody onto the carpet, including himself! Listen.

Been traveling a lot, deejaying, and my close friends have been on me for months about releasing the Mad Skillz/Bink album. Being that he did the track for the Rap Up this year (it’s the hardest one ever), I felt like the timing was right. The album drops New Years Eve and is titled “Made In Virginia.” This song features Dayne Jordan and is on the album as well, enjoy.


Skillz + Bink – An Untitled Project from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 24 “Do Over – NZ” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff spins at one of his favorite events, The Do Over in Auckland, New Zealand, in this episode of Vinyl Destination. After a great party at the Do Over, the following day, the guys catch a ferry to Waiheke Island for a day out with the folks from Serato. While on the island, Cristopher and DJ Ferno air a disclaimer that potentially could have made for great TV. After some well deserved time off, the guys get back into the swing of things by making their way to Vietnam and no luggage.


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 22 “Man Vs. Bug” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Another leg on the Asian tour. Macau is beautiful! Keep it moving… Thailand. Keep it moving… Bangkok, Thailand, in the midst of massive political protest marches; still Jeff and the rest bring the party. Still, keep it moving. This leg, though, is another somethin’ altogether… like a BUG’S leg – a “Man vs. Bug” challenge (um… interesting?). Yeah. Just watch above.


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 20 “Food For Thought” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

I’mo eat me a scorpion… a fried scorpion… it’s gone be good…
DJ Ferno

That’s how we’re starting? Okay, this is Vinyl Destination. This is the start of the Asian Tour. On the way to Seoul, Korea, to get it popping… like fried bugs… but nah, even though the fellas went hard with the travel (off to the Philippines in a flash), the grub, and the club work. It was a pretty chill episode overall. Enjoy it.

(Bet you want one of those doughnuts though. Bet that up!)


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 19 “Delirious” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Guard your nuts.
DJ Jazzy Jeff

Whew! Can we call the last leg of the European tour a wrap already? The guys are worn out – delirious with hunger and fatigue. Almost there though fellas. Three days. But… three days is time enough to get in some serious club jams, traffic jams, airport jams… all starting with the crew jammed into tiny cabs to make their way through Manchester UK the to the first gig in the ep. Real 90s Hip-Hop party in store for the locals. Just for starters. Hit play above for the rest. Hit the jump for some snaps from the clip. Go!

(Heard that Dayne Jordan jawn “All About The Art” in there, didn’t you? Yeaaah ya did. Got that for you here.)


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 18 “Lessons With Jazz” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Can I ask you a question… Was it a good fade?
DJ Ferno

DJ Ferno gets called onto the carpet (er… couch) for a DJ Jazzy Jeff post-show reprimand. Evaluations are evaluations, wherever you work, right? Nah. You probably don’t get a camera shoved in your face the whole time your boss is giving you the talkin’ to… and you don’t likely get a real opportunity to land a ‘counter’ like Ferno did. Haa! Even getting ‘dressed down’ on these Vinyl Destination eps is classic.

It’s all about IMPACT people. Remember that ya young’ns!

Keep watching though: The crew did a double in Manchester, then get over to Preston, UK. Jeff giving love to fans and they mans’n’em, meeting and greeting and signing stuff along the way. Skillz with his commentary added in. Prepare to chuckle.

(Notice how Jeff wouldn’t make the hand gesture he did not understand for the one fan’s pic. That’s not “being rude”… actually, it’s being smart… never know who you may offend, or if you are misrepresenting yourself in some way doing things like that just because someone asks. Careful people! Lots of laughs AND lessons in this episode. Enjoy!)


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 17 “Oooh Kille’m” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Good rest-up over the time off. Good van ride over to the hotel in England. Good sound check. Good chill time before the night’s show. Oh, speaking of chill… damn it got cold, right Steve? Bwaahahaa. All in all, no tripping just good times before, up to, and through the party set for this episode of Vinyl Solution. Until the crew gets stuck in the elevator…

We gotta draw straws to see who we gone eat…

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Uh oh. Drama begins. The fellas get out, but it don’t stop. After the party it the after party NO! It’s a mad dash back to pack and load into the van, to dash over to another show in Ireland (Cork; where Jeff and Skillz kille’m every time with that “Jump Around” apparently), then catch a flight, to do back-shows after that (Bristol, then Manchester).

You probably recognize the work of one Dayne Jordan on the episode’s soundtrack; some of the cuts posted here on the site. Dope,

Enjoy the ep.


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 16 ‘Proper Lube’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Okay, okay. Been a minute since we came with the Vinyl Destination posts. Apologies all around to all appropriate parties. AND sooo… if you are a stickler for watching in order, we do a solid. Start by watching AFTER THE JUMP (start it from the bottom then come here).

So we come to day 3 of European jaunt for this Vinyl Destination episode. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the best in the biz, riding out in the world’s smallest minivan, to Annecy, France. Not always ‘deluxe accommodations’ but chilling. Cookies and chips. Then…to get it IN… Pop Plage!! Then off Belfast, Ireland. Then to London…whew, they’re working people! And before you ask, yes the title is indeed ‘Proper Lube’ and NO… not saying anymore about that here. Watch the vid.

“Community hand towels? I’m cool.”


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