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Sean Falyon talks his DJ Journey & More on Odell’s Roundtable

When your tag line name is Sean Falyon Be Everywhere (#SFBE) its no surprise that Sean found himself as a guest on Odell’s Roundtable. On this episode of Odell’s Roundtable Sean breaks down how he made the move from Philly to ATL. Supplied custom T-shirts to Bonecrusher upon his arrival and immediately found himself engulfed in Atlanta culture.  He also shared how he went from being on the microphone as an emcee to being behind the tables as DJ who is in high demand right now.  Gain helpful tips as Sean shares how he has forged great relationships with people all over the states to over in Europe while staying authentic!

ArtByOdell: Twitter/Instagram


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The Kids Ask Royce Da 5’9, “What’s A Sidechick?” On Arts & Raps (Video)

You got a favorite pair of shoes? Well, a sidechick is like the other pair of shoes…that you leave by the door.
Royce Da 5’9

HA ha! Never heard it put that way, but excellent! This whole video is Royce on some real talk at the level the kids can understand; not watered down, just broken down. Interesting how a talk with the kids (DJ and Zay Zay) can cover such adult-oriented material. Clever. Worth the watch.

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Odell’s Roundtable: “Interview With DJ Jamad” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable, DJ Jamad stops by to talk with Odell.  Brittany of the “ATL Remix” show co-hosts with Odell to interview Jamad who discusses his start as a DJ.  Jamad goes into detail about his journey from Allentown, PA to Atlanta, GA sharing with Odell & Brittany what motivated him to start his Afromental movement and what’s next for him.  Make sure you Subcribe to Odell’s RoundTable on iTunes Subcribe on Stitcher & Subscribe on SoundCloud


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Celebrate DJ Princess Cut’s Birthday this COOL Friday [ATL Event]

Dj Princess Cut Bday flyer

If you party in Atlanta, GA or listen to the radio airwaves it’s a very good chance you have enjoyed DJ Princess Cut spinning the sounds for you to move to. Well here is your chance to celebrate with her because she is celebrating her Birthday this COOL Friday.

Yes it goes down 10/23/2015 at the Whiskey Peach at the W in Midtown 10p-3am. It’s going to be a party with special guest DJ sets. So get your dancing shoes ready and be ready to say happy birthday to one of the hardest working DJ’s in the game!


Inside Magic City: Legendary Strip Club Is Home To Upcoming Trap Rappers’ Dreams (Documentary) [NSFW]

WE SWEAR Future’s documentary with GQ Magazine on the legendary ATL home of the thickest, sexiest strippers, Magic City, is NOT SAFE FOR WORK! The thrust of the story being told is the hustle – rappers trying to get on, strippers taking their clothes off. Woooo! The ‘skrippers’ get azzhole naked in Magic City. Watch for for your nasty side for sure; BUT take away the butt naked truth While many rappers haves being shared in here, too. Rappers visit and hound DJs but very few get to have their tracks played to have the strippers shake to (and hopefully convince radio insiders to give a couple a spins). And the strippers ARE NOT TRYING TO GO HOME WITH YOU…but for $10,000 they will make you think they are. They are trying to get their money (read: your money, playa); as much and as quickly as possible…since they know they are not getting any younger.

It’s a game, baby. And everybody is trying to win. Which means some folks lose. However, watching this video (away from young eyes, and your boss’) feels like a win…cheezuussss!!

Watch the 20-minute presentation above featuring commentary from Future, DJ Esco, Lil Magic and some of the club’s popular dancers.

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Love Ultra Radio May 2015


Listen to another segment from the syndicated mixshow with host/dj Jah Prince. This episode includes new music from Raekwon, Kenny Lattimore and Elhae in addition to our fam Noel Gourdin, Rapsody, Case & The Foreign Exchange. There is even a little #PopFresh c/o Marnie!

Follow the full playlist of this show and SHOW your support of good music:
IG & Twitter: @LoveUltraRadio : Facebook: Love Ultra Radio

DJ Kemit & DJ Maseo (De La Soul) Pop Up Party [ATL Event]

unnamedSo what happens when a world renown DJ happens to be passing through Atlanta for a day and reaches out to one of the top DJ’s in Atlanta?  Well what you get is DJ Maseo of De La Soul reaching out to DJ Kemit who organizes a pop up party going down at the Sound Table Wednesday night 10pm-2:30am at 483 Edgewood Ave.  So if you are in Atlanta and you want to see one of the top DJ’s in the game spin then you know where you need to be! Some pictures below of the last time Maseo & Kemit spinned together at Spread Love event.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Behind-The-Scenes: DJ Premier Rehearsing With His New Band (Video)

Check out this video of DJ Premier’s newly formed Live Band rehearsing out in ‘the land of the rising sun.’  Konichiwa from Japan for those of y’all that don’t know.  Preemo doesn’t have a name for the band as of yet, but he’s expressed on twitter how he wants the fans help in coming up with a good name that doesn’t involve any Gangstarr or DJ Premier references.  I think they should use the name ‘Robbin Hood Theory’ but that’s just my 2-cents.  Anyway…. Make sure you tweet to him directly at @REALDJPREMIER with #NamePreemosNewBand hastag, or head to and/or leave comments below the video posting. Good to see DJ Premier & the crew released this video of them practicing.  Most most rap groups & artists these days don’t take pride in their work & got it confused with the Allen Iverson practice theory.

DJ Dug Boogie + Children Benefit

dj dug boogie + fam - jayforce.comAs you may have heard, Atlanta based DJ Dug Boogie’s wife, Linett Wilder lost her battle with Lupus on Tuesday. The hip hop community is coming together to raise some funds to help Dug & his children through this difficult time.

On Tuesday December 23rd, there will be a benefit concert at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta

Performances by
Clan Destined
Boog Brown
DJ Nervex
DJ Gee Supreme
Hosted by Fort Knox

We are suggesting a minimum of $10 donation at the door, but any support at all is greatly appreciated.

“This fundraiser is on behalf of my friend and DJ comrade Dug Boogie. Dug Boogie has been a prominent figure amongst the hip hop DJs in Atlanta and needs our help. His beloved wife Linett passed away from complications of Lupus on the morning of 12/16/14. Now what you may not know is Linett and Dug adopted Linette’s niece and nephew a few years after their mother passed away.

Now that Linett is gone, our homie Dug Boogie needs assistance for the two children that he’s become a dad to. Fortunately, he has the burial costs covered but I figured we in the hip hop community can offer some extra help to relieve some financial stress while he segways into being a single parent.”

Thanks in advance,
Rashuri Rasyrious

There is also a Go Fund Me page set up here:

45 King & Kid Capri DJ’ing Out The Back Of A Car (Video)

Scored this 45 King ‘Making The Beat’ episode for you. DJ lifestyle to the extreme. Now… you know you can record that live DJ mix to CD (or MP3 or whatever you kids have nowadays) and boom out the back of the vehicle… BUT… What if you knew a DJ cool enough to have the live mix setup in the back of the vehicle? Well, DJ Mark The 45 King did that in the coolest way. And DJ Kid Capri was more than happy to jump on the new playset and take the thing for some spins!

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All Vinyl Everything: DJ Jaycee’s Birthday Edition (July 2014) by @KoolKila

DSC09515They rock your radios, festivals, weddings, and parties in the park and all types of venues after dark… and do we recognize them; esp. those at the heart of our life and art. We hope y’all do; because we do! Respect, Happy Birthday, and many happy returns to the homie DJ Jaycee. All Vinyl Everything (AVE) definitely recognized. Put the brother’s b-day in the event byline and made an event of it.

Traditionally, All Vinyl Everything is monthly event that has been showcasing DJs playing vinyl records in Atlanta, GA. Creators (and hosts) DJ Dibiase and Sean Falyon have presented the event for the past two years, FREE of charge to the public (that’s love). DJs each do a 30-minute set, playing whatever genre of music they desire (let ’em work). This one went down at Noni’s Bar & Deli, downtown.

The July party was a celebration for DJ Jaycee’s birthday, one of the very first DJs to help jump start AVE (that’s love shown). DJ Jaycee selected some of his veteran DJ friends to play, including DJ Applejac, DJ Big X, Supa Funkregulata Celo, DJ Babey Drew, DJ Wally Sparks, DJ Kerosene, DJ Ghost, and more. See the birthday boy focused above? He’s happy though, trust. A real DJ in his element at a worthwhile event. We have more spinners’ pics after the jump.

Hate you missed the festivities? Jaycee has another b-day coming. But no need to wait for that occasion to get down at an AVE. For upcoming events, follow All Vinyl Everything on the twitter account, @AllVinylATL. Be in the know and ready to go when you get info. Come out, support good music (Hip-Hop, R&B, and much more). Doing it for you.

(And this time, for DJ Jaycee!)

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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 12 ‘The Silent Disco’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Episode 12… something familiar about it… Oh! On this ep Jeff and the crew jump the big pond from LA to the UK to do a surprise show on the Graham Norton Show. London with DJ Jazzy Jeff putting the perfect spin on a performance by… longtime partner Will Smith! We posted the surprise treat they gave the crowd there here.

There is much more – LA to London to Vegas in record time. And they their way to Tennessee. Some true southern fried chicken plates?

And now Dayne Jordan is embedded with the crew? Cool, cool.

And … WTF … a ‘Silent Disco’? %Party I’m in! Where are my headphones? That looked like mad fun! So much wildin’ and little time for rest. But enough of my jibba-jabba, ride out to Vinyl Destination above!



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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 11 ‘Give The Drummer Some’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

In this episode of Vinyl Destination, DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew ‘have a Cali week’ in Los Angeles. Jeff links up with drummer Travis Barker to talk about the possibility of doing a show. They chat about gear and do a DJ/Drummer jam session. Got into a lot for what was to be a laid back time. Eventually got over to the grocery store to shop to make a ‘Magnificent Meal’ – and leave a full fridge (like Jeff says a good house guest should) – while staying at the home of comedian buddy Russell Peters (see him in this prior episode here)) while in town. A show in San Diego, then flying out to UK for a day, then back stateside for another show in Vegas the day after… whew! A chill week, then back on the grind like a mutha—-!

Nice soundtracking in the back[ground] in this episode (contributions from Dayne Jordan).



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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 10 ‘Lost Luggage’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

How good is the timing of this episode? DJ Jazzy Jeff and friends are wrapping the tour and heading stateside in a few days. Why’s that good timing? What… you didn’t know Skillz and Jeff have a gig at Center Stage (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) this weekend? Well, you do now (click here for info)!

In this episode of Vinyl Destination, the crew treks to Biel (Switzerland) before a bit of a baggage snag in Novgorod (Russia). Then… the last night of the tour before hopping the big pond to LA (USA) for the Do Over.


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 9 ‘Kid Cudi Bath Time Music’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Nasty Nas Milkshake…” “…This milkshake is CRAZY!”

RESPECT to Vinyl Destination’s production crew for dropping in that “Room Test” by Dayne Jordan (fi-yah!) into this Episode 9 soundtrack right from the jump!

(Oh, and don’t think we missed Episode 8… it’s after the jump, mickey fickeys!)

DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skillz and the crew on to the next one… on to the next one… on their European tour. Manchester. Brussels. Zurich. Several destinations for this episode of Vinyl Destination. Fine and good… but this travel situation is kinda eff’d up (good shake though). Truth: Touring is not always first class travel and 5 star meals. Work life on the road. But a warm bath while listening to some Kid Cudi makes it all better, of course (wait, what?).


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Mr. Sonny James (aka DJ Statik) – “Days Of Gray” [Mixtape]


Of course, our posting something means we think it is good and/or relevant… It’s an endorsement. And we don’t endorse just anything. But this endorsement of “Days Of Gray” – a mix by Mr. Sonny James – should be taken with a bit more weight because of who else says so. Turns out that Mr. Sonny James (aka DJ Statik) is #6 on DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Your Favorite DJ’s Favorite Deejays” list! For real. You may start partying, knowing that Jeff (and approves.



SONNY JAMES | DAYS OF GRAY by The Magnificent Dj Jazzy Jeff on Mixcloud

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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 7 ‘Letting Go in Amsterdam’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Sometimes you just need to let things go, especially when you’re in Amsterdam.

Episode Log – Episode 7, Season 2: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew catch up with DJ Shortkut in Amsterdam. First, heading to Rotterdam for a night at Corso, the guys realize they are in town for national 4/20 day.

Vinyl Destination. The guys are ‘Letting Go’ starting now!


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 6 ‘Days Off’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

They don’t fake or front on Vinyl Destination, at all. However, DJ Jazzy Jeff’s crew don’t spend days off like the average… Then again, they kinda do. Check out Episode 6 of Season 2. You’ll get it. Let’s start in London. O2 Arena. They take in a comedy show. Russell Peters, funny dude. Do they have backstage passes? Kinda. They roll up backstage WITH Peters going to rock the Arena!

Vinyl Destination‘Days Off’ … Don’t hate. Enjoy!


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 5 ‘Double Up’ In England, Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Now that we’re all caught up with the Vinyl Destinations, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew hit us Episode 5 of Season 2. 

Picking up and taking off from Sophia, Bulgaria (see Episode 4 here) to England, Jeff and the rest get through a challenging leg of their journey; starting in Coventry, then on to the next one … in ye ole London towne, two hours away. Getting some Mr. G’s soul food, getting it in at 411 Bar and Nightclub. This Vinyl Destination episode – dubbed the ‘Double Up’ – is embedded up top and ready for you to view. Enjoy!


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DJ Yella (of N.W.A.) Speaks on the Group’s Breakup, the Making Of The Upcoming Movie, & his Current Relationship with Former Members (Video)

One of two DJs (with Dr. Dre) for the seminal gangsta group NWA, DJ Yella, interviews with Montreality and answers the typical questions in the typical way… But there is some very interesting content that comes as a result: Like Yella directing nearly 300 porn films and how that banger “Fcuk Tha Police” almost didn’t make the album. He also speaks on the NWA break-up and the coming NWA movie. And he’s actually listened to joints from the neveryet-to-be-released “Detox” from Dr. Dre.

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