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State Of The Culture: Season 2, Episode 11 (Video)

You know what. There is some good, DOPE media being made out here nowadays. Not huge in scale, so some (read: many) might miss it. But I am watching, and highlighting it as I come across it. Much richer than a ‘Black Entertainment Tonight’… This episode of State Of The Culture is epic. Plus, the eye candy on the bookends (Eboni K. Williams & Remy Ma though… mm mm MM)!

On the 11th episode of Season 2, Joe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Jinx & Eboni K. Williams sound off on the following topics: Kobe Bryant’s Legacy (6:42), Wendy Williams (34:19), Community heroes (39:20), Oscar’s diversity (40:45), Janet Jackson (50:40), Lil Wayne’s album ‘Funeral’ (54:12), Drake (56:32), Quentin Miller (59:58), Lil Pump retiring (1:04:37), Jussie Smollett being indicted (1:05:11), Who Said That? (1:10:51), 20 Years Since Big Pun’s Passing (1:21:00).


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Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Premieres Thursday, April 4 On Freeform (Series Trailer)

I never like it when my shows take long hiatuses, esp. in the modern TV era when most networks’ shows break their seasons in half (like a series premiere, then a midseason finale, then a midseason premiere, then a season finale). Too much time away from the viewers. Out of sight, out of mind, out of a job.

But Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger had a pretty good premiere season. Hopefully, the long hiatus means a powerful second season is on the way. We will see next month!


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Season 2 Of ‘Future Man’ Debuts On Hulu (Series Trailer)

Looks HILARIOUS! Wonder how I slept on this… The trailer alone seems like something I would have checked out by now, but I am just coming across a trailer for Hulu’s (and Seth Rogen’s) “Future Man” (now in Season 2). What do you think? Worth trying out a subscription?

Of course, they’re in the future. The show’s not called Present Man. Future Man Season 2…
– JoBlo TV Show Trailers

They have to take credit cards. No man cards left (ba-doomp-boomp).


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Marvel’s “Iron Fist” Returns To Netflix For Season 2 Starting September 7th (Series Trailer)

The Iron Fist needs help ‘defending’ (you know, because he’s one of Marvel’s “Defenders”) New York City. Enter a newly ‘armed’ Misty Knight (you know, because *spoiler alert* she’s got a new ‘bionic arm’ now) to get Danny’s back. Looks like Season 2 of Marvel’s “Iron Fist” on Netflix is gonna be dope!

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New Episodes Of Marvel’s Luke Cage Dropping Soon (Trailer)

Yeah, you read right.

Ante up. Stream new episodes of Marvel’s Luke Cage June 22 on Netflix.
– Marvel’s Luke Cage


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“The Show Off” Teases Season 2 of Marvel’s “Luke Cage” (Trailer)

Absolutely, it’s still #WakandaForever around here and everywhere, but can we please get a heavy, heavy nod for a SECOND season of our Black hero-king on the small screens? Yep, Netflix is setting out another round of “Luke Cage” for us to binge on. Watch the trailer!

Luke Cage shows off his superhero strength by competing in the physical and mental tests of the combine event, similar to the one that college football players have gone through on their way to the NFL Draft… In this clip, Luke takes on the combine to show his true power to the world and to himself.
– Netflix

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The “Atlanta” Season 2 Premiere Is Almost Here (Trailer)

Feels like it has been a loooong minute. ‘Bout time “Atlanta” gets back going. Hope they build on that momentum [from an epic Season 1] and go to even higher heights of taking it ‘there’ while keeping it [sur]real.

Everybody gotta eat. Watch the OFFICIAL TRAILER for Atlanta: Robbin’ Season. Season premiere March 1st on FX.
– FX Networks

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Season 2 Of Donald Glover’s Hit Series “Atlanta” Is On Its Way (Trailer)

Question: Why is there a big azz GATOR in this clip?

“Atlanta” (Robbin’ Season), the next season of the acclaimed and award-winning comedy series, will premiere on FX on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 10 pm ET/PT. In “Atlanta” (Robbin’ Season), two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families.
– TV Promos

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Issa Rae Drops The Teaser For Season 2 Of Her HBO Series “Insecure” (Trailer)

You ready for more crazy, more dope, more awkward dopiness laced with coolness and quirkiness? All delivered by the Awkward Black Girl (but so cute) Issa Rae. Season 2 of “Insecure” starring Rae is on the way. If you are not caught up with Season 1, hurry up and binge watch today!

Insecure returns to HBO July 23 at 10:30 pm. Starring Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji and Jay Ellis; the hit comedy series follows three Los Angeles natives as they navigate the insecurities and all-too-real ups and downs of their personal and professional lives.
Issa Rae


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Master Of None (Season 2) [Series Trailer]

Heeee’s back… in the States! Aziz, with his Mom and Dad (awww). For real, his parents play his parents. Just in case you aren’t up on things, go binge season 1 of “Master Of None” on Netflix. Season 2 comes out on May 12, so you have a little bit of time.

After traveling abroad, Dev (Aziz Ansari) returns to New York to take on challenges in his personal and family life, a new career opportunity, and a complex, developing relationship with someone very meaningful to him.
– Netflix

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Ballers (Season 2 Trailer)

Everything about this trailer screams NEXT LEVEL! Dwayne Johnson, Rob Corddry, John David (Denzel Washington’s son)… the rest of the team… the off-field antics… the Honeyz and the HONEYZ! Wow, and o-m-g if that ain’t Trina’s sexy azz in there, she’s a hella good candidate for The Baddest Chick title!

Feast your eyes. Get ready for a hot Summer. “Ballers” comes back to HBO for Season 2 this July.

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Ballers (Season 2 Teaser Trailer)

Are you Vin Diesel?
Nooo… I’m bigger and better looking.

Another reason it’s not just TV. HBO original series “Ballers” (starring Dewayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) is coming back like it left the heist money! More highly-paid, frequently laid, off-field antics ahead this Summer to be certain. Looks like the fellas are still not going to act right. More money, more problems. And why not throw Andy Garcia into the mix for added Maybach-level mayhem? Check out the Season 2 teaser above.

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Daredevil (Season 2 Trailer, Part 2)

Whoa. Wait. WHAT? What do you mean that Daredevil Season 2 trailer we just posted on here was just Part 1… like there’s a Part 2? Oh there is? Daaaaaamn! And it’s rawer than the first. See for yourself above, and do what you gotta do to get ready for #NetFlixNoChill on March 18th!

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Daredevil (Season 2 Trailer)

Just when Matt thinks he is bringing order back to the city, new forces are rising in Hell’s Kitchen.

Season 2 of “Daredevil” is gonna make it Netflix with no chill! Look at the trailer maaaaan! Are you seeing The Punisher emerge in the Frank Castle character. Witness an Elektra so fine that Daredevil can ‘see’ her! Whew, life is a real roller-coaster for our man Matt.

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Survivor’s Remorse (Season 2 Trailer)

Season 1 was pretty funny, and Season 2 looks to top the silliness…and the sexy. Yep, Mike Epps asked if ol’ girl licked her belly button FROM THE INSIDE!!?? Wowwwwww. Oh, and there’s basketball. And um, Lebron James (executive producer) has something to do with the whole thing (hahaaaa).

“Survivor’s Remorse,” a six-episode half-hour comedy series, follows Cam Calloway played by Jessie T. Usher, a basketball phenom in his early 20’s who is suddenly thrust into the limelight after signing a multi-million dollar contract with a professional basketball team in Atlanta. Cam, along with his cousin, and confidant Reggie Vaughn, played by RonReaco Lee, move to Georgia to start Cam’s journey to success.

The two confront the challenges of carrying opportunistic family members and their strong ties to the impoverished community that they come from. Cam, Reggie, and an unforgettable group of characters wrestle with the rewards and pitfalls of stardom, love, and loyalty.

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Extant – (Season 2 Trailer)

Hey, Halle. Over here… We would NEVER wanna shut you up.

Oh, sorry, having a moment with Halle Berry. Now, let’s talk about her show Extant; with its 2nd season jumping off July 2015. The trailer (above) shows action and drama by the bucket load, but not really giving up much in the way of storyline. Good thing there are interviews and story leaks online. Berry returns as astronaut Molly Woods, realizing that humanity is in bigger trouble than ever. The story thus far supported and built to such, but Yahoo TV had an interview that shed light on a significant turn in the show’s direction.

(WARNING: The rest might spoil some of it for true fans of the show already. Watch the trailer now, and go with our blessing.)

“I think Season 2 is a little sexier, a little soapier…It’s a substantial reboot, in that we’re going to come in, in this time and place, several months [after the Season 1 finale], and that puts Molly in a completely different head space. Her mental stability is potentially in question, and we’re going to find out how that happens. There is a significant amount of new casting that changes the landscape of what we’re doing, and it’s less about Molly as mom, and more about Molly as warrior. Molly as a sexy warrior.”
Liz Kruger, Producer

Okay… so are we talking ‘sexy warrior’ like Storm of X-Men… or is she going to go all ‘Pope’ on us like that show on ABC that we will not mention because, well, we just won’t (but shout to sexy Kerry Washington). Well, the trailer doesn’t show the Woods character flexing any mutant powers. And given the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (playing J.B. Richter), known for his role on Grey’s Anatomy, CBS might be trying to win over some of ABC’s ‘Gladiator’ fan base with some romancing. Either way, check out the Season 2 trailer; and get ready for the Summer premier.

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The SamOffThaRecord Experience – “Musings With My Muse” (Season 2, Ep 2) [Video]

Hope you been a loyal listener of the Beatz & Lyrics Show on here. If so, you already know to get geeked about this treat. Our sexy sis from the Show, returning for a second season, with her video series (drum roll)… The SamOffThaRecord Experience! Here’s the latest episode of Season 2, “Musings With My Muse.”

Hello again my kickass friends and family!!

I have released episode 2 of Season 2 of my show (The Samofftharecord Experience) and, of course, I know you’re thrilled! As you know, I’m passionate about this project mainly because I live to inspire all my fellow dream chasers and crazy people who believe in the magic of their ambitions and goals. I know that one day we will reach the masses. Until then I hope you dig this episode, share it and keep on keeping on and being the cool ass human being you are.

live create inspire,


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 24 “Do Over – NZ” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff spins at one of his favorite events, The Do Over in Auckland, New Zealand, in this episode of Vinyl Destination. After a great party at the Do Over, the following day, the guys catch a ferry to Waiheke Island for a day out with the folks from Serato. While on the island, Cristopher and DJ Ferno air a disclaimer that potentially could have made for great TV. After some well deserved time off, the guys get back into the swing of things by making their way to Vietnam and no luggage.


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The SamOffThaRecord Experience – “When Dreamers Collide” (Season 2, Ep 1) [Video]

Hope you been a loyal listener of the Beatz & Lyrics Show on here. If so, you already know to get geeked about this vid’jo treat. Our sexy sis from the Show, returning for a second season, with her video series (drum roll)… The SamOffThaRecord Experience! Here’s the premiere of Season 2, “When Dreamers Collide.”


The SOTR Experience is back, and I wanted to share it with you!! Remember to live, create and Inspire!! Without further to do, I present to you my first episode of Season 2. I went to New York with my friend Justin of Hero The Band and we went on a few adventures. We connected with old friends, new friends and inhaled life and inspiration in the concrete jungle. The friends we connected with are amazing, talented musicians. Dmac – and one of my favorite NY bands of the moment The Freaky Baby Daddies-

Enough talking. Hit play!


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Erykah Badu Appears In ‘Black Dynamite’ (Video)

Crazy funny! From Cartoon Network and Adult SwimBlack Dynamite, Season 2, is underway; and Episode 4 (‘How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back’ or ‘Sexodus’ or ‘Night of the Living D!ckheads’) has not dropped the ball that Season 1 and Michael Jai White’s movie picked up and ran with. But this one has Erykah Badu AND ‘Bob Marley’ in it. Honeybee on ‘ho-vacation’ … that’s how the ep begins. But how does she meet up with Badu?

You’ll see.

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