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Common On ESPN’s First Take During NBA All-Star Weekend (Video)

I’m here in Houston, Texas for all of the NBA All-Star weekend activities & one of the primary things I didn’t want to miss was ESPN’s First Take doing a live taping on Friday morning in Houston. Needless to say, due to schedule conflicts, I didn’t make it in the building but it sure looked like fun as Common was the special guest on the show. In this special edition that aired live Common debated with Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith on everything from playing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and those annoying arguments about who would win in a game of one-on-one between LeBron James or Michael Jordan.
Update: Behind-The-Scenes Footage Added Below
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Pete Rock On ESPN First Take (Video)

One of the top 3 hip hop producers of all-time, the legendary Pete Rock appeared on ESPN’s First Take this morning to debate the key sports stories of the day with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless. When I heard Pete Rock was going to be on the show I knew I was gonna tune in to watch it, but I did have some reservations because over the years Pete Rock has never been a very vocal person even in hip hop related interviews. After watching the show this morning it did appear to be a little rough for Pete Rock as his relatively shy & laid back demeanor was indeed overshadowed by Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless who appeared to pick up the bulk of the debating. Check out the first segment above & more video from Pete Rock’s appearance on ESPN’s First Take below…..
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Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless Debate about the Popularity of Lebron James (Video)

I’m a Lebron James fan & if anyone follows me on twitter I’ve said it time & time again that Lebron needs to embrace the “Darkside” & stop trying to be liked by everyone. The reason he has so much hate on him from former fans, especially in Ohio, is because he allows it to happen. Today Stephen A. Smith said exactly what I’ve been saying for months about what Lebron James needs to be doing from a mental aspect of his game. Lebron is the most talented player in the NBA in my opinion, but he does need to develop that mental bad guy attitude….

Jalen Rose Says He Hated Duke Because They Only Recruited ‘Uncle Toms’ (Video)

I only have one black friend who is a Duke basketball fan…..I think most black athletes feel the same way about Duke as well. I’m just saying. It’s nothing I’ve never heard said before amongst fans of college basketball.