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Ebro Gives Props To Jalen Rose For His Wave Game & Off-Court Commentary On The Game (Video)

Daaaamn. Of course, we all knew… but Jalen actually spoke on the Lebron [hair]line situation.

(Oh, maybe they talk a bit of b-ball, too. Ha!)

Jalen Rose On LaVar Ball, Stephen A. Smith, Knicks & Colin Kaepernick
– HOT 97

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Jalen Rose & Jadakiss Talk About Artists’ Taking A Stand And Defending Their Music (Video)

Jada spoke on it: “All money isn’t good money.” It was good that Hip-Hop let EA Sports know that we stand with Kaep. Rappers can take a knee and take a stand, esp. when it comes to ‘mistaken’ censorship of their music.

(Hard to believe they called removing Kaep’s mentions in song lyrics a mistake.)

Jadakiss joins Jalen Rose to talk about the fact that Colin Kaepernick’s name was edited out of a verse in Madden 19 from a Big Sean song, and how the former San Francisco 49ers QB’s name was added back in after Big Sean’s complaints.

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Jalen Rose Vs. Jay Williams Debating Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James (Video)

C’mon! Are you kidding me?? It’s not even close! We know who’d win, head-up, one-on-one, right? Yeah, you already know… Alright then. That’s all I gotta say.

You cannot tell me in a one-on-one game though that LeBron James wouldn’t dominate Mike.
Jay Williams

Okay. And that’s all that Jay is gonna say. Hahaaa!


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NBA Commish Adam Silver Speaks On The League Taking On ‘Tanking’ (Video)

The cat’s out of the bag. The jig is up. The… aw… whatever cliche you wanna use, it appears that the League is on board with actually dealing with the trend of teams tanking seasons it knows has gone unchecked for quite a while. Taking away some incentive for wack teams’ losing, losing badly, and losing often to get favorable picks for next’s season’s rebuild. It’s a start Commish.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joins ‘Get Up!’ with Jalen Rose, Mike Greenberg and Michelle Beadle and discusses the NBA’s current issue of tanking, and Silver says he is “worried” it will continue.

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ESPN Teases New Morning Show With Jalen Rose, Michelle Beadle & Mike Greenberg (Series Trailer)

Think it’s about time Jalen gets truly spotlighted for what he brings to small screens. If you’ve seen him on something, you know he’ll shine. But this looks like he gets direct spotlight. Good look. Probably a good bet for a good show.

Get ready to “Get Up” with Jalen Rose, Michelle Beadle and Mike Greenberg. The morning show premieres April 2 at 7 a.m. ET.

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Jalen Rose Speaking On Trash Talking With Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Hahaaa! It’s like the ‘crack’ commandments… as in cracking jokes and talking trash to opponents. Somebody get word of this to Kristaps Porzingis. Word is, he has an interest in trash talk. Jalen Rose is hilarious; but he admits Gary Payton’s got skills, too.

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Story Time with Jalen Rose: Carjacked In Los Angeles (Video)

I ain’t proud of this story.
Jalen Rose

They tried to carjack J Rose, man! And they shot his dog, maaan. HIS DOG! Still got the bullet in him. WHAT?????!!

This is the story of our hero and his friend being carjacked while driving through Beverly Hills. For more great stories, pick up a copy of Jalen’s book, ‘Got to Give the People What They Want: True Stories and Flagrant Opinions From Center Court,’ at, available on October 6, 2015.

(Okay, it’s not what you think, but still…)

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Jalen Rose Speaks The Truth On College Recruiting (Video)

FINALLY! Someone who knows speaks on it! Everybody’s coming down on recruitment programs at colleges like Oklahoma State University as though no other Division I school does the exact same thing. Watch as Jalen Rose gives you the real deal on what goes down during college athletic recruiting visits. As a member of Michigan’s famed ‘Fab Five’ who went on to play in the NBA… let’s just say Rose knows.

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Jalen Rose On Partying With King James and the Miami Heat (Video)

This year, the Miami Heat started from the TOP and now they’re here… celebrate back-to-back championships. Check out the video with Jalen Rose as he talks about partying with Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Popping bottles and VIP everywhere (champagne campaign)… sure. Lebron, D. Wade, and Drake… they were there sure. But watch and listen as Jalen gives some ‘real’ party review gold here! Of course, ‘Bron was rocking the gold grill… OF COURSE! Hahaa.

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Jalen Rose Explains Why J.R. Smith Should Be At The Nightclub (Video)

Take a nap… Then champagne and campaign! Now, that’s hilarious (and true). Amen, Mr. Rose. Pay attention as Jalen Rose breaks down the ‘after-work’ life of those in NBA circles – like J. R. Smith (and himself) – in a way regular working folk can understand.

Jalen Rose explains to David Jacoby that in an NBA player’s lifestyle going to the nightclub late at night is no different than a 9 to 5 worker going to happy hour.’

– Grantland Channel

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Jalen Rose Explains How NBA Players Keep Wives & Girlfriends Separated At Games (Video)

Most of us have never lived the life of an NBA basketball star & its rare when you get some truly candid insight into the stuff that’s rarely ever talked about unless you speak to some of the players personally. (I’ve heard many interesting first-hand stories from NFL & NBA players I must say). While speaking with Bill Simmons on the Grantland podcast, former NBA star & current analyst Jalen Rose spoke on all the distractions that go on for NBA players. It goes without saying that some of the problems revolve around women. No matter the classification be it “wives”, “girlfriends”, “jump-offs”, or “road kill” they can all be uncomfortable distractions if you don’t know the rules & juggle them right. Hahaaaaa!
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Basketball Great Jalen Rose Reveals His “Dark Alley Fab Five” (Video)

Former NBA great Jalen Rose runs down the five guys he’d want with him if and when sh!t got real in a dark alley. As a member of Michigan’s Fab Five – one of the college basketball squads NOBODY was messing with back in the day – Jalen is ‘uniquely qualified’ to pick a team of five that no one is messing with in a myriad of areas… even a dark alley! Hilarious! Another great Jalen Rose Report’ for the Grantland Channel. Check it out.
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Jalen Rose Speaks On How Athletes Go Broke (Video)

Ever wonder how a multi-million-dollar-earning athlete goes broke by the end of a career? Sure you have. Well, Jalen Rose knows. For real… and he puts the usual suspects on blast (above): starting that record company, creating that clothing line, giving out personal loans (that will never be repaid), having too many kids, divorce… The list got long… and Rose admitted to couple of his own dollar-draining mistakes: copping a Mansion bracelet and a Vertu phone. Nice… but not that nice. Save your money. Take heed up-and-coming millionaires.
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Storytime With Jalen Rose: Stealing Patrick Ewing’s Television (Video)

I’m enjoying these little known NBA stories that Jalen Rose has been dropping! They’re downright hilarious for multiple reasons from the mischievous way he tells them to all the compounding & humorous elements that take place each step of the way. In this particular segment, the former NBA star & current basketball analyst speaks about a time he had a little beef with Patrick Ewing when his ‘Detroit Instincts’ kicked it to get the better of the New York Knicks big man. Purrrrre hilarity.

Jalen Rose and Patrick Ewing never liked each other, so Jalen stole Patrick Ewing’s television. Not just any television either – a television with a VCR attachment.” – Grantland
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Comedy: Jalen Rose Says He Was Hazed By Dikembe Mutombo (Video)

Another story from Jalen Rose: He explains (above) how NBA rookies get hazed. Sharing one of his own hazing stories, Rose recounts when he was sent to make a late night drugstore run for Dikembe Mutombo for “adult supplies.” Hahahaaaaa! That “cookie man” voice Rose uses in imitating Mutombo cracks me up!
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Storytime with Jalen Rose: Vince Carter Body Slams NBA Coach (Video)

Found this on ESPNs “Grantland” site. Jalen Rose tells a funny story about Vince Carters final days in Toronto.
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ESPN’s Chris Broussard Speaks On Black Culture & The ‘Uncle Tom’ Comments From ‘Fab 5’ Doc (Video)

Chris Broussard broke this down very very well from start to finish. I understand where Jalen Rose & the rest of the Fab 5 were coming from in the documentary but they may not have explained it as eloquently as they should have or the documentary may have edited their thoughts somewhat due to time constraints. Who knows. In case you missed the ‘Fab 5’ documentary, which just so happened to break some ratings records when it aired last Sunday, you can check out the link below…..



Jalen Rose Says He Hated Duke Because They Only Recruited ‘Uncle Toms’ (Video)

I only have one black friend who is a Duke basketball fan…..I think most black athletes feel the same way about Duke as well. I’m just saying. It’s nothing I’ve never heard said before amongst fans of college basketball.