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Yes, Her Name Is ABCDE… (Video)

Five-year-old Abcde Redford pronounces her name “ab-city.”

…and watch the above clip to the end, because she is not the only one. Wow.

Okay, sure, tsk-tsk to the employee who made the little girl feel bad. Would it have made a difference if it was made clear that the PARENT who named the child was the real target? Dunno. Ummm. No. Probably not.

But… well… Though parents can name their children whatever, should they???

(Gonna leave it there.)


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Snoop Dogg Speaks On His Success Thus Far, His Upcoming Play & How He Is No Longer ‘Playing’ With Trump (Video)

Snoop Dogg & Tamar Braxton in a ‘Redemption of a Dogg‘ play… ought to be worth the ticket price if you go to the theater for such. Support us doing us. Always a good look.

Good beginning. Talk from Snoop on faith fills it in; along with some Trumpster commentary and chat on Kanye.

In Houston for the premiere of his Redemption of a Dogg stage play, the West Coast icon stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show with Je’Caryous Johnson and Tamar Braxton to discuss the play, Snoop’s thoughts on Kanye, a wild story about B.B. King, Trump, how he’ll always love Houston, faith and more!

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TEE – “Bacc 2 Bacc” (Prod. By Teezo Touchdown)

YES! New music from TEE makes me happy. Getting to share it with you here, even happier! Check out this “Bacc 2 Bacc” joint off his “Free Jody Pt. 1” mixtape in the stream. More info on TEE after the jump, but just jump on this right now.

Forever grateful that TEE blessed a mixtape near-and-dear to me back in the day; the same one that BoneBreaker Jones, Big Piph, NatStar, PhoBro of GreaseKydz, and SkyBlew did (the ‘Livin Proof’ Re-Booth project linked on here a while back). I’m a fan stan of them all, TEE included!



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Sydney Hopes – “All I Need”

What is so incredibly dope about a real community of artists is that they look out for each other AND the art! I have been following emcee and viral sensation Keith ‘Full Klip’ Wallace for a couple of years now, because he is always about #BARZ (specifically ‘barz over bullsh!t’). Get to know Keith on Facebook definitely.

But I want you to check this new up-and-coming rapper going viral out of Houston, Texas, USA. Keith was out there shooting his video, handling his business, and this guy… let’s call him Sydney Hopes (because that’s what he goes by). Yeah, Keith pointed his phone cam at this guy and told him to ‘go’ and Sydney ‘went’… viral!! Off-top rhyming from the drop to a beat coming from the dash of the car he was standing next to.

Barely 15 minutes into the webcast and Sydney Hopes was well on his way to over 20,000 Facebook views. Keith’s followers (me included) were accustomed to tuning in and catching #BARZ when he’d post a video, but this new guy brought new energy and BUZZ to a barz-at-the-car show.

Sydney Hopes is DOPE! Cats like this is why I stay eff’n with Indie Hip-Hop, and it won’t stop. I sent a request and Sydney added me. We chopped it up, and he sent me some FIRE. Here’s one he agreed to put up on the Cloud entitled “All I Need.”

Just something to get yall ready for the stuff I’m about to put out!!! Prod by @AlawnMusic beat by @JAAYSN
Sydney Hopes

Hit the jump for more on Sydney Hopes and to see the Facebook live footage that went viral.



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Marshawn Lynch Goes To Houston (Scotland) Delivering Skittles & Good Cheer Before The Super Bowl (Video)

The Super Bowl festivities are taking place in Houston, Texas this week, but former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch took his bike and big bag of skittles on the road to Houston, Scotland to spread good cheer & kick it with the natives. Mashawn Lynch should have his own TV show. This dude is hilarious!! BEASTMODE!!!!!!

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ArtByOdell Welcomes Atu & Dpat of the ‘Soulection’ Crew To Atlanta (Audio)

ArtByOdell sat down with local Atlanta promoters HomeTown Heroes to discuss their first ATL event. On the bill they had Dexter Brandon of Kolossus Records along with Thrice Groove of WERC Crew.  To headline the event was Dpat & Atu of Soulection who made their Atlanta debut.  Like past Soulection DJ’s (LAKIM, Jo Def & Sango)making their first trip to ATL Dpat & Atu spoke with ArtByOdell. The discussion talks music what inspires them and their international backgrounds.  Odell also speaks with Dexter Brandon 7 Thrice Groove both DJ/Producers telling him what they have planned for listeners in 2015.


-ArtByOdell Twitter / SoundCloud
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Common On ESPN’s First Take During NBA All-Star Weekend (Video)

I’m here in Houston, Texas for all of the NBA All-Star weekend activities & one of the primary things I didn’t want to miss was ESPN’s First Take doing a live taping on Friday morning in Houston. Needless to say, due to schedule conflicts, I didn’t make it in the building but it sure looked like fun as Common was the special guest on the show. In this special edition that aired live Common debated with Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith on everything from playing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and those annoying arguments about who would win in a game of one-on-one between LeBron James or Michael Jordan.
Update: Behind-The-Scenes Footage Added Below
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H.I.S.D. – The Hue Remix (Preview)

Preview of a remix from H.I.S.D.’s last project The Weakend. Producer King Midas plays some of the track which is gong to be released soon.

King Furious – Gone Off Patron (Video)

This joint is one of the skits from H.I.S.D’s Summer Sessions EP. This joint gets me so. hype and its hilarious. Glad they shot a video for this joint.

Who to Check For: King Coz

King Coz is a production team residing in Houston, Tx. Their sound is the calling card for Peave Uv Mine Entertainment. The home of up and coming groups like H.I.S.D., Radio Galaxy, Spitten King, and solo acts like Krystal Hardwick and Michele Thibeaux. Their signature sound ranges from soulful to funky to pop many of hip hop’s elites are starting to take notice so hear is the head’s up on these guys. shouts to PIK
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H.I.S.D. “Rockin” aka “Space Up” Video (Live)

These guys have been in my playlist for a few years now. Group of Mc’s from Houston, Tx. Their first two projects “The District” and “Summer Sessions” are in credible pieces of work. The producers King Coz are the most slept on in music in my opinion. A lot of hip hop notables like Questlove and Bun B have given them the nod. There is a lot of material out there from these guys at Peace Uv Mine Entertainment so check em out!
H.I.S.D. – “Rockin”